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Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her publicity-seeking stunts have finally achieved the attention she deserves: One- or two-paragraph stories that run with those that warn us that sheep on the remote Scottish island of Hirta are gradually shrinking because of global warming. Global warming’s shrunk our interest in her, too.

Are pickups prejudiced? Two Dalton people were killed when the motorcycle they were riding was sideswiped by a motorist who apparently crossed the center lane. A motorist driving a car could have done the same thing. Yet pickup drivers — I am one — are presumed to be aggressive and when a lesser vehicle is involved, it’s always noted that the offending vehicle was a pickup.

Not surprising that among the big cities with the lowest unemployment rates is Washington, D.C., with 6.2 percent. Atlanta ranks 18th, at 9.6 percent. The stimulus creates jobs. For government workers.

Atlanta businesses about to be hit with a sharp increase in city property taxes fall into two camps: those who pass on the entire levy and the mom-and-pop operators who can’t, and therefore take it out of salaries and services. The latter are the kinds that get taxed out of existence.

The cheating by officials at four elementary schools on the CRCT is so dishonest to children and their parents that nobody found to be involved should ever be allowed to set foot on public school property again. The schools are Deerwood Academy in Atlanta, Atherton Elementary in DeKalb, Parklane Elementary in Fulton and Burroughs-Molette in Glynn County. It is simply appalling that despite the evidence Atlanta Public Schools officials still pretend otherwise. “They’re taking the position that there’s no confession, so it didn’t happen,” a state official told the state school board.

A study finds that Georgia ranks 14th nationally in percentage of fat adults and third nationally in fat 10- to 17-year-olds. Georgia is criticized in the report by the Trust for America’s Health for not having strict nutrition standards for school lunches and vending machines. It ain’t the school’s fault. Children eat at the same tables with fat mommas and daddies. The place to start reforming America’s health care system is at the TV snack tray.

Fat Georgians are in training to reclaim a title lost last week. Three circus elephants defeated three humans in an eating contest, downing 505 hot dog buns in six minutes. Humans downed 143.

Take the dog, you take the fleas. The Securities and Exchange Commission votes unanimously to require companies requiring a bail-out to allow shareholders to vote on executive compensation. I agree with the principle. It is, however, an instance of regulators using the bail-out to meddle in management’s business.

Run, Sarah, run. Actually, all candidates should resign to run for higher office. All four of the presidential and vice presidential candidates last year, including Palin, held onto their jobs until they got something better.

If North Korea launches a cyberattack on Thinking Right, I’m drafting every fierce liberal who camps out on my blog and assigning them to Kim Jong II’s blog, Thinking Nutty.

Vice President Joe Biden announced that hospitals have agreed to forgo $155 billion in future government payments so the nonexistent money can be diverted to partially “finance” a new health care entitlement that Democrats want to ram through Congress this year. First of all, the money is an illusion. Secondly, Biden is not authorized to speak for the administration.

The pot smokers have the same solution to California’s budget woes that the Underground Atlanta gambling interests have for Georgia’s: Legalize something objectionable. Surely somebody’s convinced that prostitution is some state’s budget savior.

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Palin in 2012 Make Our Day!

July 13th, 2009
10:31 pm

The Ricci case has nothing to do with any unfair benefit to minorities. No minority firefighter received a promotion in place of a white firefighter because of this case. Faced with an impossible situation, the City of New Haven avoided certifying the results of an exam that disproportionately affected minority candidates—which if certified could have resulted in a series of discrimination lawsuits by minority candidates—and decided to make everybody—white, black and Hispanic—take a new test. That’s the story. Or as Justice Souter recently put it at the oral argument of the Ricci case before the Supreme Court, the City was “in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.” Justice Souter went on to suggest that the “most reasonable reading of this set of facts” was consistent with allowing the City of New Haven the opportunity to do-over the test.

Furthermore, Judge Sotomayor’s role in this case is not one of an “activist” jurist. Judge Sotomayor was one of the three judges on a panel reviewing the plaintiffs’ case that unanimously affirmed the trial court’s 48 page opinion denying the white firefighters’ case. The trial court opinion found that nothing in the record suggested that the City of New Haven had invalidated the test scores because of any discriminatory animus against the white firefighters and relied on established court cases to reach that conclusion. The three-judge panel on which Judge Sotomayor sat simply upheld the trial court’s decision— something that appellate court panels do most of the time – hardly the mark of a “radical,” “left-wing extremist,” “activist” judge

A very important point is that the trial judge relied on a case called Hayden v. County of Nassau, a panel which included a Bush I appointed judge, in reaching her decision. Hayden teaches that municipalities have the discretion to determine whether an exam discriminates against the test-takers and that “the intent to remedy the disparate impact of [the tests] is not equivalent to an intent to discriminate against non-minority applicants.” One more point: the judge found that the decision not to certify the results was “race neutral” because all the test results from black, white and Hispanic firefighters were discarded. The end result was that no one got a promotion and firefighters of every race had to participate in a new test to be considered for promotion.

The panel affirmed and complimented the trial judge’s opinion as “thorough, thoughtful, and well-reasoned.” The panel also understood that the City found itself in a tough spot, having to either uphold test results which would have disproportionately affected minority firefighters potentially violating Title VII or, alternatively, call for a new test which would also likely pose legal and practical challenges. The panel also sympathized with Mr. Ricci’s plight, recognizing that he made intensive efforts to pass the exam and succeeded in scoring highly. That said, the panel agreed with the trial judge’s opinion upholding the City’s decision to invalidate the exams and start over. The City’s actions did not amount to racial discrimination under Title VII and, in fact, were protected under that law because the City acted to meet its obligations under Title VII to avoid a disproportionate racial impact against minorities.

Ricci then asked for a rehearing “en banc.” This procedure allows for a three-judge panel decision to be reviewed by all the active judges in the Second Circuit. Ricci’s petition for en banc review was denied by a vote of 7-6, with Judge Sotomayor joining the majority in denying rehearing.

Please run Palin in 2012!s

July 13th, 2009
10:48 pm

Meet Jeff Sessions the ranking minority bigot on Senate Judidiary or as we call him Loser Sour Grapes Sessions–the Judge wannabe who never made it because of testimony that he was a bigot at his Senate Judiciary Hearing. Want to know why he’s so embittered and obsessed with projecting bios onto Sotamayor? Simple.

In 1986 he was nominated by one of the worst Presidents in history, Ron Reagan to be a district court judge in Alabama. His nomination was kicked to the curb by Senate Judiciary because of his many racist statements in the past.
Senator Kennedy led the questioning of black Assistant US Attorneys from Alabama who quoted bigoted statement after bigoted statement and cited the investigation of Sessions by the DOJ Civil Rights division for unsuccesfully trying to kill civil rights cases in Alabama.

This makes the controversy surroundinghis failed attempt to be appointed to a federal judgeship nearly 23 years ago all the more interesting.

Having served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama
since 1981, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was nominated for a seat
on the United States District Court in Alabama in the Fall of 1985.
Months later, amidst accusations of racial insensitivity, his
nomination was defeated.

At the time, Sessions had recently prosecuted three civil rights
workers for voter fraud, alleging that 14 ballots had been tampered
with. Known as the Marion Three, the civil rights workers were
acquitted and cited by civil rights groups opposing Sessions’
nomination as evidence of his alleged racial animus.

The most headline-grabbing charges against Sessions, however, were
made by Thomas Figures, an assistant United States Attorney for seven
years and an African-American. Figures had been appointed to the US
Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Alabama during the
presidency of President Carter.

During Sessions’ confirmation hearings in 1986, Figures alleged that
Sessions repeatedly displayed racial insensitivity around him.

‘I was regularly called ‘boy,’” Figures said. When asked by Sen. Ted
Kennedy, D-Mass., who called him “boy,” Figures said, ”Mr. Sessions
did, one or two of the other assistants.”

Once after he’d been in a dispute with a white secretary in the US
Attorney’s office, Figures said in his testimony, Sessions “called me
into his office and indicated he felt I had been unduly harsh with the
secretary. Mr. Sessions admonished me to ‘be careful what you say to
white folks.’…Had Mr. Sessions merely urged me to be careful about
what I said to ‘folks,’ that admonition would have been quite
reasonable. But that was not the language that he used.”

In another incident, recently reported by Brian Beutler and Eric
Kleefeld Figures recalls the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division
sending their office instructions to investigate a civil rights case
that Sessions had tried to close:

“We had a very spirited discussion regarding how the Hodge case should
then be handled; in the course of that argument, Mr. Sessions threw
the file on a table, and remarked, ‘I wish I could decline on all of
them,’” Figures said, suggesting that Sessions wanted to close all
civil rights cases, saying ‘the statement, the manner in which it was
delivered, the impression on his face, the manner in which his face
blushed, I believe it represented a hostility to investigating and
pursuing those types of matters.”

Kennedy asked Figures: “Did you ever say anything to them? Did you
ever say, knock it off, or quit it?”

Responded Figures: “Senator, I felt that if I had said anything or
reacted in a manner in which I thought appropriate, I would be fired.
I always felt that my position was very tentative around Mr.

Michael H. Smith

July 13th, 2009
11:17 pm

Yeah, yeah, all that manure and a buck might buy a small cup of coffee. Ricci is a landmark case despite all the claptrap coming from the liberal left-wing-nuts who think they are real lawyas. The Supreme Court has spoken, 5 Justices voted against Sotomayor whether anyone likes that fact are not. Because politics being what they are presently Sotomayor will be confirmed but that confirmation will not change the present balance of the court, it will be just one liberal replacing another liberal. It is not likely any of the cases the liberals have lost more recently will be reversed by the court, they will remain the settled law of the land. No doubt after the Supreme Court decision the New Haven Firefighters will get “their earned” promotions, the rest as they say, will just be legal formality. It is very doubtful after reading the opinions of the Supreme Court majority any further litigation will be pursued to opposes the decision of this reverse discrimination case that sets a new legal precedent heretofore that has not been tested, wherein fearing the possibility of a lawsuit from ethnic minorities is not a lawful justification for any employer to discriminate against anyone considered as being from an ethnic majority.

Question: Why are some court cases called Landmark cases?

Answer: It means that this particular case has never been adjudicated in the law prior to this time OR, it breaks new legal ground that has heretofore not been tested, and that from this time forth, it will always be referred to as the foundation of all further legal opinions regarding this subject.


July 13th, 2009
11:52 pm

What kind of questions would a black fireman not be able to answer that a white fireman could answer?

Wouldn’t it be wise for the minority firefighters to to formulate a plan not to pass a test en masse in order to skew results their way?

If the minority firemen cannt truely pass the test,how did they get their job in the first place?Affirmative action?

John Judge

July 14th, 2009
1:17 am

You can hardly call being illegally boarded and captured at sea by the Israeli Navy and kidnapped into an Israeli prison in a boat carrying humanitarian aid to people in Gaza that had already been inspected and cleared at the departure point a “publicity” stunt on the part of Cynthia McKinney or any others aboard the Spirit of Humanity from the Free Gaza Movement, which had previously sent many other aid missions to Gaza without incident. Had the ship not been detained, there would have been no news items at all. Yet, both times Cynthia McKinney was aboard these humanitarian missions, the Israelis attacked her ship, in the first instance ramming it and leaving it foundering at sea with lives at risk. There was little enough publicity of those two outrages in any case, and most of the mainstream press avoided the topic. Had any other former Congress Member or even the other US citizens that accompanied her been dealt with in this way by any other country in international waters on a humanitarian and peaceful mission, headlines would have screamed it, the White House and State Department would have condemned it, and military carriers and Navy Seals might have been sent in to release the captives of such piracy. Yet, despite his own stated opposition to the illegal Israeli blockade on aid to the victims of their Operation Cast Lead against Gaza, which did massive destruction and led to more than a hundred fold the casualties caused in Israel by Hamas missile attacks, Obama was silent on the imprisonment and deportation of the Free Gaza 21 from a country they never intended to enter. The reduction of the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and the crime against humanity of collective punishment being carried out by the Israeli government to some snide comment about a “publicity stunt” shames the author, not the courageous aid workers and humanitarians who were attacked, including a Nobel Laureate from Ireland. To find out the real story, not this gratuitous smear job, see Ms McKinney has returned to Egypt to assist the Viva Palestine group and George Galloway in their effort to bring aid to Gaza overland instead. The inhuman indifference of many so-called journalists speaks to the demise of real reporting and the reason printed media is becoming obsolete. Prejudice and xenophobia and smarmy dismissals pass as journalism when they are clearly just racist propaganda.


July 14th, 2009
6:10 am

As far as I’m concerned,Cynthia McKinney got what she was looking for,free publicity.Odd that her’s was almost the only name mentioned.She’ll be a candidate for President for the Green Party in 2012 and somehow she feels this publicity for trying to run the blockade on Gaza will help the Green Cause.

Now least I forget,who is it that’s in charge in Gaza?Is it Hamas?Is this the group Cynthia is trying to assist?The next time Israel gets her I hope they keep her detained for a period of time.

Now quickly tell me that it isn’t Hamas that McKinney is tryimg to help,but the People of Gaza is her only concern,the people that voted to put Hamas in power.

Robin Morris

July 14th, 2009
10:28 pm

Palin is in DENIAL of her own ability. she still thinks she is trying out for cheer leader.

The woman has a problem, she loves the attention, GOP used her for a gimick which backfired on them and her also.

She does not have the ability to listen, or learn and resents anyone telling her what to do.

GOP has created this bobble head, now they are wondering how they can get rid of it. LOLOLOL

They really have a problem, McCain the old man he does not dare say things about her, but those around him sure can. He has mush in his month and now he cannot swallow.

I do not think anyone that asks her to speak at their money fund drives will allow her to just speak.

Controlling her will be a hard undertaking.

If she thinks she is going to change Washington, she is really in denial, she does not have the brains to cope with them and they eat her up alive.

She is not even good fish bait. I have read that she does not take being rejected to well, she was loosing her hair and having some problems. Well Sarah get ready to have more for you will have created all your money problems yourself.

HER BIG BOOK DEAL IS REALLY A JOKE, please ask yourself what can she write about or I should say who is writing the book? Sarah is not

She hired some man who is known for his writing skills.

What is there to write about, we all know her history, which is one big joke, she lies, cover ups, all she does when she is on stage is wink and flirt her way thru the speaking time.

Oh yes winky for President Get a life Sarah, and accept what you are a FAILURE, you can never face the heat nor can you take the heat.

Whine all you want, you want to play the big time game with all those dirty old men, be our guest, but do not cry to anyone but maybe Todd will console you. LOLOLOL Money is your game, its not about changing government you do not have the ability or the wisdom to even think what the first thing you would do.

You are not queen nor are you or ever will be.

Stay in Alaska and take care of your family. You sure cannot be doing that on the road again making all those great big speeches of baloney.

[...] Run, Sarah, run (set the pace, too) [...]


March 10th, 2010
6:50 pm

And this is why I like Shocking posts.


March 13th, 2010
10:25 am


March 13th, 2010
9:39 pm