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Ending state corporate tax would be right move

Faced with a national government that’s on a forced march to socialism, it is encouraging to note that the Georgia General Assembly has begun to stake a different course — one that could actually provide economic stimulus.

An example is a bill introduced last week by state Rep. Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell) that would charge a one-time tax of up to $1,500 on the purchase of an automobile. The kicker is, however, that once the tax is paid, there’s no property tax levied on the vehicle. Ever.

It’s incentive, certainly, to buy a new car. In Cobb County, where the sales tax is 6 percent, the purchaser of a $30,000 vehicle would owe $1,800 just in sales taxes. Thereafter, the car’s owner would pay property taxes with tag renewals.

Incentive to buy a new car? Absolutely.

As introduced by Geisinger, the changeover would be phased in, starting next Jan. 1.

The new system, which applies to both new and used cars, would take effect for individuals when they first register a …

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Imitate FDR? That could be a grave error

For a Southern boy who walked into every living room expecting to see a picture of Jesus and FDR, it is a shocker. Heresy, really, disrespect to the unquestioned faith of my Depression-era Georgia ancestors that FDR had saved us from economic ruin. Comes now economic historian Burton Folsom Jr., a part-time Atlanta resident, professor at Hillsdale College in Michigan, an institution beloved by conservatives for offering a superior education while refusing to take federal money or other taxpayer subsidies for any of its operations, to suggest that my Southern ancestors were… uh, how to put this delicately? Were, on the subject of FDR, a generous and charitable people who saw President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a most favorable light. They were wrong, utterly and completely wrong, by the economic analysis of Professor Folsom, author of “New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America.”

Rather than salvaging prosperity, FDR’s policies damaged the economy and …

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