New culture: Cruel joke on fatherless kids

For children, the week’s news could hardly have been worse. Growing numbers of them are born into a world where adults decide after the fact, as Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin did, that “we’ll just remain friends for now,” as he said on “Good Morning America,” and “we’re both cool with that decision.”

Johnston and Palin are the Murphy Browns of this age, celebrities whose highly publicized choices signal acceptance of lifestyle decisions that are devastating to children born down the economic and social ladder. Liberals cite them as evidence that the culture is permanently recentered around the family model of the out-of-wedlock birth.

If so, weep.

The new data from the National Center for Health Statistics reveals an across-the-board tragedy. “All measures of childbearing by unmarried women rose to historic levels in 2007, with the number of births, birth rate, and proportion of births to unmarried women increasing by 3 [percent] to 5 percent,” the center’s statisticians reported. Altogether, nearly 40 percent of all children born in 2007 entered the world without a married mother and father in the home.

Among whites, it was 27.8 percent, up from 26.6 in 2006. Among blacks, it was 71.6 percent, up from 70.7 percent the year before. Among Hispanics, it was 51.3 percent, up from 49.9 the year before. By every measure, what you know instinctively is confirmed by academic studies. Children suffer throughout their lives because of the decision two adults make that the incidental creation of human life should not rush them into maturity or commitments.

Charles Murray, an author and scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington, delivered the Irving Kristol Lecture almost two weeks ago. It’s a brilliant lecture on America’s drift — and now, push — toward Europe’s regulatory and social welfare system. The problem with the European model, he said, is that “it drains too much of the life from life, [a] statement that applies as much to the lives of janitors as … it does to the lives of CEOs.” Murray’s premise is that life has deeply satisfying meaning — or can — if what we’ve done with it is important, if it required a great deal of effort, and if we have been responsible for the consequences.

“There aren’t many activities in life that can satisfy those three requirements. Having been a good parent. That qualifies. A good marriage. That qualifies. Having been a good neighbor and a good friend to those whose lives intersected with yours. That qualifies. And having been really good at something — good at something that drew the most from your abilities. That qualifies.”

The institutions, therefore, that bring deep satisfactions are four: family, community, vocation and faith. There’s no hierarchy to the four, nor is it necessary to draw satisfactions from all, he said. Social policy should strengthen those institutions. “And that’s what’s wrong with the European model,” Murray said. “It doesn’t do that. It enfeebles every single one of them.”

The expansion of the welfare state here didn’t result in happier and healthier children. Instead, “we have seen growing legions of children raised in unimaginably awful circumstances, not because of marginal poverty but because of dysfunctional families.”

Meanwhile, the man who once drew deep satisfaction from his role as provider while working menial jobs and therefore “doing something authentically important” with his life is marginalized. “If that same man lives under a system that says that the children of the woman he sleeps with will be taken care of whether or not he contributes, then that status [as a good provider] goes away.”

Work to support a family, instead of being a foundation for a deeply satisfying life, becomes “something that interferes with the higher good of leisure.” If we come to believe, Murray said, that “human beings are a collection of chemicals that activate and, after a period of time, deactivate” then “the purpose of life is to while away the intervening time as pleasantly as possible.” Murray’s commentary is primarily to: “Do we want the United States to be like Europe?” Within that is, however, a warning: Government can displace men from the family, but it cannot replace them, no matter how vast its array of social programs. “It drains the life from life.”

I am of no doubt. We have a government, and now a culture, recentering on a dysfunctional family model that gives children material goods — and takes their daddies.

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Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
2:06 pm

So, CNN’s Larry King excuses Obama’s Special Olympic comment and says that it is “good” that his comment brought attention to the cause. No, you cannot make this up. Any bets on a Republican getting away with that in the DNC libDim media? Like HELL. Quick part of transcript:

LARRY KING, HOST: We begin with Tim Shriver, the chairman of the Special Olympics.

He joins us in Washington.

I was telling Tim that I remember when it began. I had his father and mother, who began all of this 41 years ago, on my shows back then in Miami. Tim is — he was just a little tyke then, going to Oriole games.

He’s now chairman of the Special Olympics. President Obama, as we all know, made a controversial offhand remark about the Olympics last night while on “The Tonight Show.”

KING: In a sense, then, a bad occurrence — or an occurrence that was in poor taste — can turn out good because it now focuses attention on what you do.

SHRIVER: I think that’s right. I think, you know, if you look to even today, Larry, we saw a huge spectrum of responses. We had a lot of people writing to us saying how offended they were by these remarks. We had an equal number of people writing to us saying, what was the problem?

Why don’t we have a sense of humor?

Get over it.


GET OVER IT. Okay. I’ll remember that.

I’m SO sure you libDims would be so apologetic had Bush or Cheney or McCain said that. Damn what disgusting hypocrites. Oh but we have another Shriver comment about the slam on the disabled, and this time, it comes from Gov. AHnold’s wife. But she was nice about it, more or less:

“California First Lady Maria Shriver, whose mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founded the Special Olympics, said she doesn’t think Obama meant to offend anyone, but that this incident shows that “there is still much work to be done.” Shriver’s brother, Tim, is the current chairman of the organization.”

“Often times we don’t realize that when we laugh at comments like this it hurts millions of people throughout the world,” Shriver said in a statement. “People with special needs are great athletes and productive citizens, and I look forward to working with the President to knock down myths and stereotypes about this community.”


March 22nd, 2009
2:35 pm

@ Chris Matthews’ Tingling Leg

Every day, the same thing–OH MY GOD I cannot BELIEVE what THEY are doing to US now. You climb up on your pity pedestal and scream to the world “LOOK AT ME-VALIDATE MY VICTIMHOOD.” These cries for attention are truly a pathetic regression to prepubescence. Again I suggest that you abandon this mindset that still has you playing cowboys and indians.

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
2:53 pm

Kamhack the mindless liberal: has anyone ever told you that you argue like a 5 year old?

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
2:56 pm

Further, I didn’t know anyone was DOING anything to me. Funny, all that SCREAMING from the libDims for the past EIGHT FREAKING YEARS under Bush rule (2 of which were Nannycrat rule in congress) must not have been the Bush administration doing anything to THEM.

Okay, ‘muff said. Next…

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:00 pm

Why thank you, me, I’ll take the next…

You just cannot make up stuff like this. The Euroweenie press has already acknowledged that the Teleprompter In Chief is the hardest administration ever to access. So much for change we can believe in, huh? This is from the LA Times, you know, that far right wing Faux News lapdog and all that. Liberalism is idiocy. Idiocy is liberalism:


Barack Obama was elected commander in chief promising to run the most transparent presidential administration in American history.

This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him “Newsmaker of the Year.”

The president is to receive the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony this afternoon.

The Obama White House has closed the press award ceremony to the press.

From the president’s official schedule:

“Later in the afternoon, the President and the First Lady will attend a reception with the National Newspaper Publisher Association in the State Dining Room, where they will be presented the Newsmaker of the Year award. This event is closed press.”

Maybe they’ll let the newspaper people pass the award through the fence.

– Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press


March 22nd, 2009
3:13 pm

“Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go: lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:15 pm

The very fact that you mindless libDims won’t acknowlege the hypocrisy of the AIG issue and just spin off into such diatribe towards those calling out this libDim engineered train wreck like “LOOK AT ME-VALIDATE MY VICTIMHOOD” speaks volumes. Maybe you idiots like the taste of a sh!t sandwich, but I don’t.

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:16 pm

Oh yes! We can’t have a libDim debate without the “angry” comment! Being “angry” is only a trait that left wing hyenas are allowed to own. Like I was saying, five year old….

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:22 pm

Hey I’ve got a quote too, libDim! But this one is just a tad more important to the bloggers instead of some typical argumentum ad hominem TO a blogger:

“I’m not a liberal – I’ll pay for my policies.” — Sen. Barack Obama, 2007


March 22nd, 2009
3:27 pm

“Speak not to the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:38 pm

Oh my! The five year old mentality of libDimism has now called me a “fool” in a quote. OH the humanity! I guess I’m in a pickle now and have been put in my corner and shut up by the brilliance of liberalism. My GOD I wish I was that intelligent…

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
3:44 pm

Oh hell no I’m not going to shut up. Yes, this WILL be the end of America if we continue to allow the rape, pillage, and plunder of our economic foundations by the libDims running Washington to be rebuilt in their Stalinist collectivist “fairness for all” Utopia:

Terence Corcoran: Is this the end of America?
Posted: March 19, 2009, 7:38 PM by NP Editor

U.S. law-making is riddled with slapdash, incompetence and gamesmanship

By Terence Corcoran

Helicopter Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve is dropping trillions of fresh paper dollars on the world economy, the President of the United States is cracking jokes on late night comedy shows, his energy minister is threatening a trade war over carbon emissions, his treasury secretary is dithering over a banking reform program amid rising concerns over his competence and a monumentally dysfunctional U.S. Congress is launching another public jihad against corporations and bankers.

As an aghast world — from China to Chicago and Chihuahua — watches, the circus-like U.S. political system seems to be declining into near chaos. Through it all, stock and financial markets are paralyzed. The more the policy regime does, the worse the outlook gets. The multi-ringed spectacle raises a disturbing question in many minds: Is this the end of America?

Reform of health care, environmental policy, education, energy, banking, regulation — every nook and cranny of the U.S. economy has been put on alert for major change. Expansion of government spending, plunging the U.S. into unprecedented deficits, is without parallel. In economic policy, through regulation and control of energy output, financial services and monetary expansion, the U.S. government has embarked on a fundamental reshaping of America. It is designed, in short, to bring on the end of America.

Mr. Bernanke is sometimes known as “Helicopter Ben” because he once in an academic paper referred to the use of “helicopters” full of money to rescue an economy from deflation. In comments Wednesday to explain the Fed’s new policy of buying $300-billion in U.S. treasury bills, Mr. Bernanke noted that the Fed is now more worried about inflation being too low than about it getting too high in the future.

For the rest of the world, however, the worry is that America is at risk of becoming the fountainhead of a new inflationary outburst. The U.S. dollar is now in decline, gold is moving sharply higher, and new global currency turmoil is on the horizon.


March 22nd, 2009
3:44 pm

“Deceit is the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counselor of peace is joy.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
4:12 pm

So now it’s “Deceit” in the mindlessness of liberalism. I see.

Note how not one libDim has called out any LIES from me here. EVER.

Then we have the “evil” accusation. I see again.

This is the mentality of liberalism folks. Good stuff, no?


March 22nd, 2009
4:16 pm

“He that refuseth instruction despithest his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
4:18 pm

Now on to more adult oriented blog topics, that libDim Sunday flier, Parade, lists the top 10 worst dictators. Actually Parade reminds me of the DNC libDim media Sunday talk shows like Meet The Depressed and This Week with Democrat George Snafulapolous. Anyway back to this subject, absent of course, will be Jimmy Carter’s role in one of these dictators:


“Today’s Parade Magazine names “The World’s 10 Worst Dictators.” Topping the list is Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe”:

–Inflation in Zimbabwe is so bad that in January the government released a $50 billion note — enough to buy two loaves of bread. The unemployment rate has risen to more than 85%. In 2008, Mugabe agreed to hold an election, but it became clear that he would accept the result only if he won. His supporters launched attacks on the opposition, killing 163 and torturing or beating 5000. He ultimately signed a power-sharing agreement with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but since then Mugabe has broken its terms and installed his own people at the head of every ministry. Meanwhile, health conditions have reached crisis levels. More than 3800 Zimbabweans have died from cholera since August. U.S. link: Although U.S. leaders have called for Mugabe’s resignation, imports from Zimbabwe (primarily nickel and ferrochromium, both used in stainless steel) rose in 2008.–

“There’s actually much more of a U.S. link than that. Unmentioned is the role played by former president Jimmy Carter and other liberals. The Boston Globe reported in December, 1979 that “Carter Administration officials feel they have scored a major foreign policy success in Rhodesia.” (Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia). The purported success was a settlement that set the stage for Mugabe’s rise to power. This was months after the Washington Post described him as a “scholarly, avowed Marxist.”


March 22nd, 2009
4:24 pm

“Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea strife and reproach shall cease.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
4:26 pm

(Pardon me, but I just find a mindless libDim sheeplecrat preaching Christian to a neocon on this blog is just stunningly hilarious. Yeah, keep on preaching, ya false prophet hypocrite!).

Moving on in the world of reality, Wal Mart is giving away $2B (yeah, that be BILLION) to its employees in pay, perks, and benefits. This would be the same Wal Mart that the mindless libDims hate so much and say greedy capitalism is making slave labor out of their employees.

Here, just follow this simple rule: whatever a liberal Dimocrat is for, go against it. Whatever a liberal Dimocrat is against, go for it. You can’t go wrong. Every. Single. Time.

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc is awarding approximately $2 billion to its U.S. hourly employees through financial incentives, including handing out $933.6 million in bonuses on Thursday, after the world’s largest retailer gained market share amid a recession.

In a memo to Wal-Mart employees obtained by Reuters, Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke said the retailer is awarding roughly $2 billion to U.S. hourly employees, which includes $933.6 million in bonuses, $788.8 million in profit sharing and 401(k) contributions, millions of dollars in merchandise discounts, and contributions to its employee stock purchase plan.

“While economic challenges forced others to step back, we moved forward,” Duke stated in the memo.

Duke said Wal-Mart now needs to “accelerate and broaden all of our efforts.”


March 22nd, 2009
4:31 pm

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.”

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
4:31 pm

About $1 Trillion says the worthless/useless/toothless UN wants the US to pay for the majority of this (with who’s money numbnuts since half of it is gone???):

OSLO (Reuters) – Investments of $750 billion could create a “Green New Deal” to revive the world economy and protect the environment, perhaps aided by a tax on oil, the head of the U.N. environment agency said on Thursday.

Achim Steiner said spending should focus on five environmental sectors including improved energy efficiency for buildings and solar or wind power to create jobs, curb poverty and fight climate change.

“The opportunity must not be lost,” Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP), told Reuters of a UNEP study that will be put to world leaders meeting in London on April 2 to work out how to spur the ailing economy.

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
4:36 pm

Chevez, Jimmy Carter’s good pal, called the Teleprompter iin Chief an “ignoramus.” Now that’s not very nice to call our president, you communist flatulent pig! By the way Hugo The Horrible, how are your grocery stores doing? Stocked full of goodies are they? Maybe Sean Penn or some other mindless Hollywood hysteric libDim will go down there and do some more appeasing!

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama was at best an “ignoramus” for saying the socialist leader exported terrorism and obstructed progress in Latin America.

“He goes and accuses me of exporting terrorism: the least I can say is that he’s a poor ignoramus; he should read and study a little to understand reality,” said Chavez, who heads a group of left-wing Latin American leaders opposed to the U.S. influence in the region.

Eleanor Rigby

March 22nd, 2009
4:53 pm

If Hugo Chavez said it, it must be BS.


March 22nd, 2009
5:12 pm

It certainly doesn’t happen very often (thank gawd) but occasionally one of the more deranged faithful goes off the deep end and hijacks the blog. Then Nelly bar the door! Get ready to watch as the long winded loon engages in a fascinating, albeit endless, circle jerk of one.

To wit, the inmate TrickleDown apparently thinks he’s running the asylum today…

I’ll check back in a couple of hours to see if his scintillating vagina monologues are still running…


March 22nd, 2009
5:34 pm

Glenn @ 12:41:

Jim is not defending young Bristol; he’s dumping on her, and using her blatantly as a scapegoat.

I don’t know what Jim was thinking, that’s why I offered the Consider this…. before I continued. You can’t say, with all certainly, that he was using them as a scapegoat. Only Jim can tell us what his intentions were.

I was drawing on personal experience. I can be a very hard taskmaster when it comes to working with kids. My heart aches when I have to push them so hard to accomplish a goal but I know my intentions are good. Every six weeks, we rotate kids. New teachers, new kids.

We’ve had teachers where I work that didn’t last very long. They were short on cash and short on patience. Their lack of an emotional connection justified, in their mind, what I perceived as bullying tactics. My job, as I see it, is to step in between the bullies and the children.

Should I apologize for that, Glenn?

Jackie @ 1:59:

You continue your thesis by stating we have lost our instinct to survive! Just a cursory review of that statement proves to be fallacious. You and those around you are still alive, I take it?

Care to make a more compelling argument?

Beyond the technicalities? Sure Jackie! I’d like to think that humans want something more that just to merely survive. The opportunity to rise above the animal kingdom is what I’m talkin’ about. If you’re of the opinion that merely exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide is the way to go, then who am I to occupy that 2X2 space you cherish so…

I happen to think our offspring are entitled to better and should be given that opportunity by their parents. All government can offer are the bare necessities.

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
5:42 pm

It is rather humorous to watch a libDim hatepigs on the left get upset at a neocon posting on a neocon blog, isn’t it? I thought we neocons were irrelevant anyway? GEE I’ve never said that before…………..

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
5:44 pm

Oops, I meant to say “It is rather humorous to watch libDim hatepigs on the left get upset at a neocon posting on a neocon blog, isn’t it?” Oh well, getting said libDims who have shown so much hatred towards Wooten and the regular Conservative posters here all upset and panty wrinkled means I must be doing, gee, idunno, something RIGHT???

Chris Matthews' Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
6:08 pm

I surmise the best irony that can be had is that liberals on this blog feel that can freely espouse their hatred here for Wooten and Conservative bloggers here, and that is just fine. But if someone fires back, he should be shut up/down. I must say, it is not surprising in the least in the mindset of liberalism. They outshout you (or try to) in the real world, and attempt to shut you up in the blog world and then have the audacity to call you “irrelevant.” Touche.

Andy the welcher

March 22nd, 2009
8:05 pm

Wooty won’t discuss the conservative court system that created “no fault” divorces and basically allows a woman to just up and throw a man out of the house, collect 40% of his income, and reduce his role in his children’s lives to 20% of thier time with no legal rights whatsoever.

Yeah Jimbo, just keep railin about unwed mothers, and keep wondering why men aren’t inclined to marry thier baby mommas. Here’s a clue to the clueless: if you don’t marry her, you get the same parental rights and monetary liability without the risk of being thrown out of your house and having half of everything you’ve worked for being taken for no discernable reason other than “irreconcilable differences”. This is the legacy of the conservative courts in GA.

PoFo the felcher

March 22nd, 2009
8:46 pm

“This is the legacy of the conservative courts in GA.”

And the legacy of liberal courts in the US is dead cops and more dead citizens.

I’ll take the former, thanks.

Chris Matthew's Tingling Leg

March 22nd, 2009
8:52 pm

Looks like the libDims at the Huff & Puffington Post have voted Rep. Aaron Schock, (R-IL), as the hottest new Congressman. Nice to reinforce what’s important to the moonbats in a representative, isn’t it? This kind of mindlessness is what put Obama in office.


March 22nd, 2009
9:12 pm

Haven’t you heard JW? Children are a burden. At least that is what President Obama says so it must be true. When they become too much of a burden, they are expendable.


March 22nd, 2009
9:45 pm

@ @@

How do we as one of the highest animals in the animal kingdom rise above the animal kingdom?

Secondly, don’t all animals have the will to survive, consequently the will continue to perpetuate the species?

Would you care to elaborate on the 2×2 spaces that I am so fond of? Have no clue what you are talking about and what point you were making in trying to substantiate your argument.

A vast majority of parents want their offspring to “go further” than the current status of the parents. Government can offer some things in our lives but does not provide the means and methods required to raise and parent a child.

Again, what point were you trying to make with that statement? It appears to be one of those statements that I refer to as “ellipses.” Full of nonsensical words that have no mean relative to the conversation.

Chris Broe

March 22nd, 2009
10:11 pm

The right is still fumbling around trying to form the language from which they can build a platform for 2010 and 2012. In sheer numbers, White babies form the vast majority of single mom children. And to think I never did get around to actually wrapping a fish with the AJC. Wooten must be dyslexic, because he wraps his ideas with the stench of his own red herrings about the intersection of population subsets. Wooten’s data supports the same presumptions about character that are used to rate financial derivatives. He is the editorial fruition the self-fulfilling legal prophesy that the chains would stay on the slaves and their descendants. Wooten’s data is designed to warp social awareness to conform to the language of the still-enforced clauses of the old contract law protecting slave owners.

Andy the welcher

March 23rd, 2009
7:16 am

Of course, this Palin was entirely predictable. Oh yeah, I predicted it right here on wooty’s blog 6 months ago while the wingbutternuts were whipping themselves into a frenzy over Palin the baby grandmomma, it’s actually scary how accurate a post I made in jest turned out to be, crystal meth and all… Am I clairvoyant, or are wingnuts just that predictable???

Also, what do dead cops have to do with the Jim’s column today? Unless they are dead divorced dad cops with no parental rights… what a moron.


March 23rd, 2009
8:55 am

Too many children don’t know their fathers? Way to point out the obvious.

How about a solution?

I have one, but few will follow it. If every man would just make it his responsibility to be a father for one of these children, then we could break the cycle in one generation. There is a kid in YOUR neighborhood RIGHT NOW that could use you. Rather than sit around and moan about the ails of the world, how about taking that kid under your wing and teaching him to be a man?

I have one kid who I am actively and directly involved with. Many others who I take at least a casual role in their lives. How are your grades? Have you kept up with your studies? Where will you work this summer? Are you treating your girl friend with respect? Are you using condoms?

Get involved and stop bitching.


March 23rd, 2009
9:16 am

Further, I find it odd that you feel so badly for the children yet have so much hatred for these parents who split. Heres a clue; the parents ARE the children you for which you feel sorry.

Its a cycle. Fatherless children beget fatherless children.

The kid is 15 and you feel so badly for him because his dad left him alone. At 16 he has a child and leaves him alone and you hate him and feel for his child.


March 23rd, 2009
9:56 am

Hey Jim, I guess ex education is useless after all….at least according to the Republican’s !

Also is is a great thing that poor people got allot poorer during the Republican Reign, thus they have less money to help their children out.

Great job by the Republican’s !

Ms. Tified

March 23rd, 2009
11:14 am

I am a young, black female and to the black community, stop making excuses. There is NO reason that the number should be that high. It is crazy that the number of single women is also at 70%. This starts and ends with women and the way that they allow their bodies to be thrown around. It is simple. If a man has not married you or even spoken of marraige, leave him alone. Stop sleeping with men and having babies thinking that having a babsy will make him stay with you. It didn’t work yesterday and that won’t work today. Stop having babies without fathers and then crying when your baby gets arrested for killing someone. BLACK WOMEN – FATHERS ARE IMPORTANT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILDS GROWTH. Please don’t give me the born in these conditions. I am 29, born and raised in SW Atlanta, college grad, graduate student, bought a house at 25, and I have an ok job – NO KIDS. And my father wasn’t there either – There are NO excuses – seek God and change your behavior.

Ms. Tified

March 23rd, 2009
11:16 am

P.S. Men stop trying to find your manhood by sleeping with a lot of women. That is NOT how you claim your manhood!


March 23rd, 2009
11:48 am

Don’t know about the hispanic pop, Mr. Wooten but I sure as hell know about the black pop because I live in Atlanta’s southside. A 17y.o. (not attending school) struts his manhood claiming 3 kids by 3 different girls. WTF! How long are we going to turn a blind eye to kids having kids? Mandatory sterilization or targeted abortion. It’s the only answer.

"Charles", The Original

March 23rd, 2009
12:11 pm

Marcus Garvey said that the integrationist leader is not fit to serve the masses of black people. Garvey’s findings are true today. The integrationist leaders think it’s wise to teach black people to support abortion, gay marriage, and interracial marriage. Supporting such causes only get perks for mongrels in the political system as it did during the life and times of Marcus Garvey, but supporting those causes contributes to the genocidal conditions in the black community too. Here is an example of the aptitude of an integrationist leader today. Enter Judge Penny Brown Reynolds:

“Let me tell you what I see happening with this issue form both a legal standpoint and also a moral standpoint as an ordained Baptist Preacher who is African-American. Overwhelmingly, statistics show that African-Americans do not support gay marriages. It is appalling to me in many respects that the African-American community could stand and protest anyone being oppressed — and this is what the real issue is. It’s not an issue of being right or wrong or whether or not you believe the Bible or if God sanctioned unions between same sex; it’s an issue of oppression as I see it, both legally and morally. Whenever you take a right away from someone, you are oppressing them. We were told we couldn’t marry outside of our race, who gets to be the arbitrary of what we can and cannot do? We have to decide to stay out of it”.

Integrationist Negroes, mongrels, and their minions are not fit to serve the interest of black people. The masses of black people should get ready. In the final analyses, we may have to run these sell-out integrationist criminal Negroes and mongrels out of town on a rail.


March 23rd, 2009
1:02 pm

Charles, you are a sick person.


March 23rd, 2009
1:14 pm

Now the government under Obama is going to send condom manufacturing jobs overseas. Let’s just assume this is the same “stimulus” proposal equipment that Nancy Pelosi wanted in part of the bill that later was pulled out, if you will”

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2009

“Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs

Call it a condom conundrum.

At a time when the federal government is spending billions of stimulus dollars to stem the tide of U.S. layoffs, should that same government put even more Americans out of work by buying cheaper foreign products?

In this case, Chinese condoms.

That’s the dilemma for the folks at the U.S. Agency for International Development, which has distributed an estimated 10 billion U.S.-made AIDS-preventing condoms in poor countries around the world.

But not anymore.

In a move expected to cost 300 American jobs, the government is switching to cheaper off-shore condoms, including some made in China.”

Oh the irony here. I’m sure there’s a joke here too, but to a few hundred Americans, it’s no joke. Of course, we know how the liberals in Washington think: this is just an expendable Red state. Who cares about Alabama? They didn’t vote for The Chosen One.It took the freest people on earth only 232 years to vote themselves into desperate economic calamity and national collapse at the hand of people who have never held an honest job, employed a single soul, produced a single thing, turned a penny’s profit or met a single payroll. Someone got it right:

A Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

A Depression is when you lose your job.

A Recovery is when Obama loses his in 2012

It’s just like the left in the “Green” movement for energy [not all "Green" is bad]. Anyone who thinks that we can get rid of coal fired power plants and just replace them with wind farms is living in some sort of convoluted liberal fantasy world. “Progressives” my backside. If these people were really “progressive” they’d adopt nuclear power like the French they love so much and want to be like (except with the nuclear power of course – can’t have that!). Ask any leftists how many square miles it would take a wind farm to produce the same energy as one nuclear plant (or coal plant for that matter) and I guarantee you he or she will have no clue. Ask how many homes can be powered with one nuclear plant and you’ll really get a blank stare. In fact, every liberal reading this right now will have to Google the answers. But in the spirit of bipartisanship, I’ll give the answer to one: about 250 square miles of land for a wind farm to equal power output of a nuclear plant – and that’s a best case scenario if the winds will be blowing at 100% capacity 24×7. Sure, more Red state land that can be expendable for this. But, how many know the costs of transporting the power from the remote areas of the wind farms and to metropolis areas? Yet another question these fantasy land dwellers haven’t addressed to be sure. But you have to remember, these are the same people who jumped up and down in excitement on the Stimulus Bill that was ramrodded through Congress so fast nobody had time to read it – Chris Dodd/AIG bonuses anyone???


March 23rd, 2009
1:50 pm

Hey Rick…..what do we do with the nuclear waste from the power plants ?


March 23rd, 2009
2:45 pm

Peta, Peta, Peta, why geological (underground) storage is the accepted goal in european countries. Certainly you know how far advanced those countries are when it comes to progressive ideas. The greatest risk comes with transport to the facilities. You probably don’t realize it but it’s happening on our roadways each and every day.


March 23rd, 2009
2:47 pm


You needn’t run interference for Jim on my account (I mean, unless that’s not what you’re doing), as I’m one of his biggest fans. I just thought it was an off day, singing the praises of Chas. Murray while dissing Miss Palin.

When he dubs Bristol another “Murphy Brown” and reduces her to a signifier of these sorry times, that, to me, makes her a scapegrace. She carried the baby to term and is caring for him with the aid of her family. Jim is, I concede, careful to distinguish relatively privileged families such as the Palin’s from other, less fortunate families less poised to absorb these challenges.

But he does something that’s a signature of this last, probably final instantiation of the AJC: he designates her a “celebrity”, meaning in journalistic terms a “public figure” who’s fair game, in open season. Shades of the AJC’s ruination of the late and noble Richard Jewell, who was never anything approaching a public figure until the AJC (and, as a result, the NYT) made him one they could pillory with impunity.

Like Miss Palin, Mr. Jewell was an attendee of history, of news, made by others. Had Bristol’s mother not decided on a political career of wide import, we’d never have heard of the daughter. Had Mr. Jewell not taken employment as a protector of attendees at the Atlanta Olympics, we’d never have heard such foul, erroneous, lazy, impulsive, vindictive things about him.

You ask whether you should apologize for being a hard taskmistress at school. Of course not; any more than you should apologize for defending the defenseless against fellow teachers who act as toughs. I doubt that should take anything but pride in your pedagogical decisions, really.

But why, incidentally, are the teachers at your school rotated so often? What does this practice say about the school’s notion of what a teacher of children really is?

I once knew an educator, Ted Sizer, who cited research that convinced one of the efficacy of having a two-person teaching team take a single cohort through an entire team. This approach was, he said, not only more effective, and satisfying for all involved, but also was impressively cost-efficient.

But, as an Eisenhower, a Lombardi or a Wooden might say, you have to play as a team.

norman ravitch

March 23rd, 2009
3:17 pm

Not only is it bad to grow up with no father. It is awful to grow up a mother who allowed this to happen.

norman ravitch

March 23rd, 2009
3:18 pm

I mean, to grow up WITH a mother who would have a child without a father in tow.


March 23rd, 2009
3:42 pm

@ Charles The Original

Back at your ultra-extreme non-sense again?

Your concept is that all people are not created equal unless they meet the criteria you have set forth.

What is you want anyone other than yourself to do with the situation as it exists today?

Please provide some specific examples as to what and how to do to meet your criteria to solve your problem?


March 23rd, 2009
3:51 pm

I’ll try to rewrite my immediately previous draft post, as it seems that the server ate my term paper again…

First, to @@, a correction:

In an attempt to recommend Sizer’s advocacy of two-person team-teaching through an entire school term, I rolled out the word “team” prematurely, when I’d intended “term”.

Next, to norman ravitch:

That’s quite so, but “father in…tow?” Anyway, our correspondent @@ and I have been trying for awhile to imagine something like a hierarchy of desirable conditions for optimal child rearing short of the ideal of a loving, stable, two-parent household of biological parents. For example, earlier this month we wondered in fairly clinical terms whether a parentless child might not be better off parented by a loving and stable lesbian household, say, than endlessly palmed off through our largely broken and tragic system of Foster Care.

It seems that we might be able to develop a kind of pyramidal schematic that could help lay persons of good will to sense how well off a child might be, in a given proposed circumstance, than he is at present. Does such an effort seem worthwhile? Naive? Misguided? Morally wanting? Culturally destructive? Helpful?