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First Lady Michelle Obama works out with Dr. Oz

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz on the set of his show.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz on the set of his show.

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Dr. Oz show to discuss healthy eating and wound up challenging him to a jump rope competition. (Actually they pointedly did not compete.)

Mrs. Obama called obesity and its related medical issues a national health crisis and said her interested in combatting childhood obesity started at home.

“It was really a personal issue for me,” she said. “As a mother with little kids when we were coming to the White House … I found we were eating out more than we probably should have… I wasn’t paying as much attention as I needed to to portion sizes and all the things that get out of hand.”

The family’s pediatrician alerted Mrs. Obama to possible changes in her daughters’ weight. Eliminating processed foods, adding more vegetables and keeping the girls active turned things around quickly, she said.

The First Lady said that at the White House the First Family eats a lot of fish and broccoli with the occasional steak or pizza dinner as a treat.

She saluted Dr. Oz for his fit and trim appearance.

“I’m trying to keep up with the Obamas,” he said.

Here is a link to the Dr. Oz site. You can watch the clip there.

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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dikome boy

September 13th, 2012
8:24 pm

This people never stop campaigning.


September 14th, 2012
11:42 am

If she is so health conscious why doesn’t she make her husband stop smoking? Oh that’s right it doesn’t fit the narrative.

uncle ruckus

September 14th, 2012
12:40 pm

Agreed with previous comments. So tired of seeing this piranha-faced hypocrite, and so are my kids (she tends to pop up in school videos, on the teen choice awards, etc).

Shantiqua Moniqua D'Eshia Jones Johnson

September 14th, 2012
12:43 pm



September 14th, 2012
12:59 pm

Michelle is really out campaigning. Unfortunately, her going around tryin to being Miss Fabulous does not change the fact that her husband is destroying our country and keeps on doing it even though people are suffering. By the way, don’t be fooled about Michelle either. I have friends who know her and they say she is a beotch… acts like she is better than everyone.


September 14th, 2012
1:03 pm

Wow–nice try guy’s! I’m certain “Shantiqua Moniqua D’Eshia Jones Johnson” is not a black woman of this post! LOL!

Billy Joe Bob Tommy Boy Red Smith

September 14th, 2012
2:37 pm

If I woun’t married to my sis, I sho would like to git wit that prutty woman!!!


September 14th, 2012
3:19 pm

Meanwhile, unemployment, gas prices, and inflation on the rise (with another QE in the words), and no end in sight. Our involvement in the middle east grows (while our soldiers are committing suicide in afghanistan faster than they’re being shot) with more deployments along with drone attacks (cuz hey – gotta cross names off the ‘kill list’), gov’t agencies arming themselves to the teeth, the tsa is out of control, as well as the deficit and the nat’l debt (now over 16 TRILLION), the repubs and our esteemed prez increase the debt ceiling, and pass NDAA (with a signing on new year’s eve – the mundanes party as their rights are stripped), the ‘patriot’ act is renewed..and guantanamo is still going strong, while fema camps are built right here at home…


September 14th, 2012
3:47 pm

Who are these friends Wes? Zip it!


September 14th, 2012
4:16 pm

It amazes me how people express their dissatifactions on the events of the day. Celebate success and life my fellow Americans.


September 14th, 2012
4:30 pm

She’s the FLOTUS. Her platform is dual: health and fitness; and aiding military families.It’s been that way since Day 1. You people and your sour grapes … If you don’t like her, just don’t like her. I’m sure you’re all busy savng the world from evil … no, wait … you’re just busy blogging your discontent with yourselves!


September 14th, 2012
4:32 pm

No matter what the President and the first lady do you HATER’S always have a negative comment about everything they do you she be glad that a women as powerful as the first lady cares about your kids and there eating habits because kids don’t get enough exerise because they are too busy on there smart phones texting and doing what ever they want to….so yes to the first lady….yes I am a sister……

Lil Birdie

September 14th, 2012
5:13 pm

She’s the FLOUS, that’s why “she keeps popping up”. Before taking a critique stance on current events, some of you need a grammar lesson starting with the first post.


September 14th, 2012
8:02 pm


September 14th, 2012
9:20 pm

All of you are “haters”


September 15th, 2012
1:23 am


Hot Dog

September 15th, 2012
5:43 am

Hey Haters of the First Family:

GET A LIFE! You have taught the WORLD how STUPID you are. Why don’t you go and get a real life instead of the HONEY BOO BOO CHILD life you continue to have! It’s TOUGH BEING REDNECK AND STUPID. You would hope by now you educate yourself about the issues. Oh well, REDNECK AND STUPID TODAY, REDNECK AND STUPID TOMORROW, REDNECK AND STUPID FOREVER!

OBAMA 2012

James Brown

September 15th, 2012
11:59 am

Actually for all the educated people on this post. This country was actually in trillions of Dollars of debt before the Obama Admin took office. This debt actually dates back to the 1800’s that have never been paid. So before we start blaming Obama lets contact the HOuse Of Representatives Budget Committee and do our research. Everyone is to blame Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Sr. Also the First Lady has been the most vocal out front, relatable First lady we have had in 20 years. Her ability to relate to the people of this nation is awesome. Her job is to take on issues that make a difference and that important to her. Never in the history of this country have we had such a hatred for the President. Even when Bush was fighting 2 wars at the same time, borrowing billions from the chinese ever year of his Presidency. SO……..lets get the facts straight. We all are to blame!!! Rich people want tax cuts, port people want health care….blah blah blah!!!….lol

uncle ruckus

September 15th, 2012
1:07 pm

Not a ‘hater’ here – just open-minded enough to see through the fog. Bush ballooned the deficit, no doubt, by around 5 trillion during his eight years. Under Obama, it’s increased yet another five trillion – in less than FOUR years. Neither way is good. Bush started the wars, Obama has escalated them. Oh sure, less troops in Iraq, but now 100,000 in Afghanistan, drone strikes all around, backs those who oust our long time ally in Egypt (and we see how that’s turning out), and Libya. [Why was that again? No excuse. Bush lied about WMD, we supposedly 'got Bin Laden' but still in Afghanistan, so what was the reason for Libya, or the bombings in Pakistan? Oh yes, that nice umbrella: "terrorism." Uh-huh.] Now Obama sends Marines to Yemen and Libya. We’re going broke, spilling blood, suffering blowback. But the first lady puts on a dog and pony show about she cares about children and it’s all peachy, amirite? Bitch, please.
You suckers who defend these soulless puppets make me sick. Our rulers are sending us up the river, on both sides of the aisle. Wake up and stop defending these miscreants!


September 15th, 2012
8:00 pm

If all else fails, trot out the wife.

Carol nicks

September 15th, 2012
8:42 pm

As a pastor’s wife, white woman, grandmother, and former registered republican, I am so blessed by our first lady. She is a woman of class and inspiration. I’ve learned to respect the office and treat others the way we want to be treated. That is the true way to bring lasting change to our country. Use your vote not your negative disparaging words.


September 15th, 2012
8:44 pm

President Obama quit smoking. Guess you didn’t watch the interview.


September 17th, 2012
2:01 pm