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Talking about “Expecting”

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Casting call: June Carter Cash TV movie needs a baby Johnny Cash and fiddle player

JC5115“Ring of Fire,” the Lifetime movie about June Carter Cash, needs a baby to play Johnny Cash at the beginning.

If your 2 to 6-month-old young’un has blond, light brown or reddish/brown hair and was born to play The Man In Black As a Baby, this could be a great way to jump start his or her college fund. We added “her” because at 2 months, babies often look sort of unisex, especially when they are wearing cowboy hats and playing the guitar.

By the way if you have 2 to 6-month old twins with the above specs, the casting folks would love to hear from you. Twin babies are highly prized by movie and television folks casting for infants. If the first one has a meltdown, the identical Plan B is right there ready to go.

And if you just want your baby wearing this awesome onesie, order it at this website. I once bought one of these for a friend who was expecting. I don’t know if they ever dressed the kid in it but I thought it rocked.

“Ring of Fire” also needs a fiddle playing woman ages …

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Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson headed back to Atlanta for new film

vince-vaughn-owen-wilson-wedding-crashersVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, each of whom has worked on separate movies in Atlanta, apparently are about to return to work on a movie together.

The two actors, who both appeared in “Wedding Crashers,” and are shown at right in a still from that movie, are reportedly going to star in “The Internship,” about guys who get downsized and then start over. OLV reports the movie will film here this summer.

Vaughn was here last year working on the movie co-starring Ben Stiller that originally was known as “Neighborhood Watch” but is being released this summer as merely “The Watch.” The studio, acting in an abundance of caution, sought to excise even the tiniest subliminal hint of a connection between their alien-adventure/bromantic comedy and the Travyon Martin case, where a Florida teenager was shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who said he acted out in self defense.

Wilson also filmed a movie here, the gross-out comedy “Hall Pass” co-starring Jason Sudeikis, …

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Melissa McCarthy at the Georgia Aquarium

Courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium

Courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium

Melissa McCarthy, the Oscar-nominated star of “Bridesmaids,” is now in Atlanta filming “ID Theft.”

The comedy also starring Jason Bateman and Amanda Peet involves a guy who has his identity stolen by a woman. Hilarious!

Anyway, in her downtime Melissa has gotten to take in Atlanta’s sights. She and husband Ben Falcone cheered on the Braves at Turner Field the other day. They were spotted brunching at South City Kitchen Midtown, too.

Most recently Melissa made some new friends at the Georgia Aquarium. She’s shown here with Jennifer Odell, the Aquarium’s associate curator of mammals and birds, and one of the facility’s residents.

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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Latest in John Travolta case: lawyer vs. lawyer

AP photo

AP photo

Sorry for the delay in John Travolta updates. I went on vacation for a few days and returned to discover the case has taken yet more twists and turns. The latest chapter: Lawyer vs. Lawyer.

To recap: Los Angeles attorney Okorie Okorocha filed suit against Travolta on behalf of a “John Doe” in Beverly Hills and a “John Doe #2″ in Atlanta, each alleging that Travolta made untoward, unwanted sexual advances during massages. Both Does are massage therapists who were seeking $2 million.

Things fizzled quickly for Doe #1 after photos, a restaurant receipt and flight records surfaced indicating the actor was in New York on the date that the incident in question was alleged to have occurred. The original Doe also posted a long message on the Radar web site, asking everyone to withhold judgement against all parties involved, and actually wishing Travolta well. That was about the time that Doe #1 and his original attorney parted ways.

Turns out Doe #1 was down but not out. …

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Jewel headed to Atlanta for June Carter Cash movie

The originals. 1985 AP file photo

The originals. 1985 AP file photo

Singer songwriter Jewel is headed to Atlanta to portray June Carter Cash in “Ring of Fire,” a Lifetime movie about the country star.

“Five days until we move to Atlanta to film the June Carter Cash story,” Jewel tweeted Tuesday. “Now on to the business of learning how tune my autoharp…”

CBS reported that Matt Ross will portray Johnny Cash in the movie based on John Carter Cash’s book about his mother.

June and Johnny were memorably portrayed by Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix in the 2005 movie about the couple, “Walk the Line.”

The Lifetime project cranks up soon and needs lots of young extras. Casting folks need several sets of twins of various ages including 3 to 6-month-old twins with brownish hair with a touch of red. They also need kids ages 3, 7, 11-13 and 18-year-olds. Sounds like the movie will portray the Carter Family from the very beginning.

Email photos of your young’uns to with “Cash Family” in the …

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Usher and ex-wife battling in court

The Raymonds, in happier days.

The Raymonds, in happier days.

R&B star Usher and his former wife Tameka are in court battling over custody issues of their two sons. The proceedings have provided plenty of fireworks, with TMZ reporting that Usher testified about Tameka spitting on his girlfriend amid a rage-filled encounter.

Previously he grew emotional on the stand amid allegations he isn’t as good a father as he could be, TMZ reported.

Usher isn’t mentioning the case on his Twitter account but Tameka is.

“God and the truth are my publicists,” she posted. “Who shall I fear? I’m armed with the truth, but sadly you may never hear it. As long as my family and I know.”

Previously she posted, “Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. Its just ME against a major ‘machine’. So things will appear one sided. Oh the power of the pr “teams”.”

We’ll keep an eye on this and post updates when we learn more.

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Reality show seeks brides with breast cancer stories

imagesA major cable network is casting for a new reality show and seeking brides with a breast cancer story.

Casting folks are looking for brides who are fighting breast cancer themselves or who are survivors, or who have a close friend or family member who has been affected by breast cancer. They further stipulate that they’re looking for ladies “looking for a wedding dress in June.” Planning a wedding + dealing with breast cancer = entertainment, apparently.

The network and show aren’t being disclosed. That’s right, a reality show that plans to aim cameras at cancer patients seeks privacy for itself. Absorb that dichotomous message for a moment. But, that’s show biz.

If you’re interested email and include your name, contact information, photo of yourself and a few words about your experience with breast cancer.

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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Will Smith introduces kissing reporter to the back of his hand

By Christopher Seward

Actor Will Smith didn’t take too kindly to a Ukrainian reporter who the actor said tried to kiss him on the mouth after he arrived for the Moscow premiere of “Men in Black 3.”

TMZ video of the encounter showed Smith is visibly perturbed at the tall “man in white.”

Although the video doesn’t indicate when the incident occurred, the actor is shown greeting well-wishers when he approached the reporter dressed in a white jacket. The unidentified reporter grabbed Smith around the neck with one arm, while holding a red microphone in his other hand.

Smith obliged, and even patted the frisky reporter on the back as if to say, “OK, that’s enough.”

As the man proceeded to press cheek to cheek and kiss Smith on not one but both sides of his face, the actor clearly had had enough. With a scowl, Smith forcefully pushed the man away.

“Come on, what the hell is your problem, buddy?,” the actor said to the man and quickly gave him a …

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Necessary Roughness needs “nerds”

revenge-of-the-nerds“Necessary Roughness,” the football-themed USA show that films in Atlanta, is shooting a spelling bee scene and casting folks need a bunch of poindexters to serve as extras.

“The nerdier, the better!” the notice reads.

They’re looking for nerds of all backgrounds and ethnicities, ages 16 or 17, possibly younger.

Submit three pictures, including a full length, medium length, and close up shot, with your height, weight, age, and contact number to

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