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Usher and ex-wife battling in court

The Raymonds, in happier days.

The Raymonds, in happier days.

R&B star Usher and his former wife Tameka are in court battling over custody issues of their two sons. The proceedings have provided plenty of fireworks, with TMZ reporting that Usher testified about Tameka spitting on his girlfriend amid a rage-filled encounter.

Previously he grew emotional on the stand amid allegations he isn’t as good a father as he could be, TMZ reported.

Usher isn’t mentioning the case on his Twitter account but Tameka is.

“God and the truth are my publicists,” she posted. “Who shall I fear? I’m armed with the truth, but sadly you may never hear it. As long as my family and I know.”

Previously she posted, “Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. Its just ME against a major ‘machine’. So things will appear one sided. Oh the power of the pr “teams”.”

We’ll keep an eye on this and post updates when we learn more.

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May 22nd, 2012
2:13 pm

This is sad, if only he had listened to his Mother, none of this would be happening. They are both being selfish and need to get a grip, it should be about the kids. Usher wants to spend more time with them, she should be happy to have a father that wants to be around. And Usher needs to stop parading his new GF’s infront of the kids. Hopefully they get it together for the sake of those little boys.


May 23rd, 2012
12:54 am

Usher’s MOM told him not to marry this skeezer. They in fact stopped speaking to each other over it. He called off the huge extravagant wedding..hours before the ceremony. That was an early warning sign. Later he decided to marry her in a small private ceremony.
EVERYONE kept saying dont marry this THUG. It was the buzz of the internet.
2 kids later, no one is surprised, that this skeezer, who left her husband and kids to have an affair with the R & B star, is causing havoc. 11 Nannies later, we see she is an awful awful awful parent. Doesnt she have 3 kids by her first husband? we dont see her fighting for custody of those kids! a HOT MESS..that could have been avoided, if he would have listened to his MOMA.

she is holding out

May 23rd, 2012
12:34 pm

Sorry but she is holding out for more money. He should have listened to his mother but he did not. Coulda, woulda, shoulda does Usher no good. What a shame she is doing this because in the ends the only ones who suffer are the children.

Marlo's new name...

May 25th, 2012
1:05 pm

If only more people listened to sound advice when given, there would be fewer issues to clean up. Usher has no one to blame but himself for the mess he has found himself and his kids in. Tameka is only doing what everybody else on the planet knew she would do!