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Want to be in a fashion show hosted by Tim Gunn?

pr_005_440x516_9Ready to make it work?

Tim Gunn, the nurturing mentor beloved by “Project Runway” viewers and contestants alike, is headed our way to help Atlanta get its fall look together.

The author of fashion titles including “Gunn’s Golden Rules,” he also serves as chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne Inc., and will be coming for a event at Perimeter Mall promoting Lucky Brand, part of the Liz Claiborne portfolio.

The event, a Lucky fashion show followed by a Q&A, is planned for 1 p.m. Nov. 12 in the lower level of the Perimeter Mall Dillard’s. Want to be in the show? Organizers are holding a casting call from 4 to 8 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Lucky Brand Jeans Shop.

We interviewed Gunn by phone this week. Here’s what we talked about.

AJC: What’s it like for you when you meet folks who see you on “Project Runway?”

TG: I’m the luckiest guy in the world. The great thing is I don’t have to get ‘in character.’ When people meet me, they already know me.

AJC: What’s your advice for people who want to update their look without spending a lot?

TG: The first place you should go shopping is in your closet. Find those items that are languishing, with the tags still on. You don’t have to chase the trends if you have staples in your closet.

AJC: What’s one investment piece you’d advise people to consider adding to their wardrobe?

TG: A classic but fitted blazer. It’s the best way to dress up separates.

AJC: What trend would you like to see go away?

TG: Cropped pants. I think I’ve figured it out. The reason women gravitate to cropped pants is they only have to worry about one measurement: the waist. But it makes you look short and wide.

AJC: What about jeans?

TG: Jeans are the most difficult item to get right. Before I even joined Liz Claiborne I was enamored of Lucky Brand – because of the quality of the associates. I’ve never had a better fitting pair of jeans than my Lucky Brand jeans. I always recommend a darker wash. It’s more serviceable.

AJC: What handbag trend do you like for fall?

TG: The smaller the bag, the closer to evening. For daytime I always defer to a woman’s lifestyle. Where I draw the line is the price tag. I see no reason to exceed the double digits. A $10,000 bag? I say if you have to have luxury (and have that sort of money), spend $2,000 and give the rest to charity.

AJC: What are we going to see on the next season of ‘Project Runway?’

TG: I don’t know what we’re going to see. I never know!

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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October 27th, 2011
3:16 pm

Make it work.

Grady Gram no more

October 27th, 2011
4:32 pm

Ah, Tim Gunn. you are one of my favorite ‘characters’, lol. Seriously, your nurturing spirit, and the way you can make a comment with just a look, is the reason you are a major part of the show, and I love it. Make it work…of course!


October 27th, 2011
4:51 pm

Tim Gunn is the gentleman I strive to become.

Emmanuel Gabriel Scott

October 27th, 2011
5:45 pm

Another great event! See you there Tim!

Emmanuel Gabriel Scott

October 27th, 2011
5:48 pm

Sounds like another “must see” event! Looking forward to it… See you there Mr. Tim Gunn


October 27th, 2011
5:57 pm

I luv Tim..I am an aspiring designer and I love the truthfulness in how he views design and styling. I always look forward to when he comes into the designer showroom on PJR..and the expression on his face says it it or hate..he always tell you to make it work…..I need to tell my modeling friends about this event..Good Luck to all who audition.

Wake up, folks

October 27th, 2011
10:39 pm

This guy and (apparently) the other posters here are superficial beyond belief. Who cares about clothes and shoes when the frigging world is falling apart? You might consdier spending 5 fewer minutes obsessing over which pair of heans to wear and use that time to read up on what is going on.

Probably won’t make a difference. You are going to vote for Obama, anyway.


October 27th, 2011
10:54 pm

I read this entire post in Tim Gunn’s voice. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!

carla roqs

October 28th, 2011
8:09 am

everyone has an opinion. i do like his persona on the show though, he has that down pat!!


October 28th, 2011
9:04 am

Tim Gunn is the guy that everyone wants as a gay uncle. He’s sweet, genuinely concerned about you, helpful, smart … I think he’s just as real in real life as he is on the various shows he’s been on.