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“Neighborhood Watch” needs lots of extras next week

“Neighborhood Watch,” the comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill that’s been filming all over metro Atlanta, plans a two-night shoot at Campbell High School in Smyrna next week and needs lots of folks to fill up the background.

Email if you’re interested. They need a photo of you and your contact information.

Shooting is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 2 and 3. It’s going to be taking place in the football stadium. They need folks to fill the stands.

Unlike an official “extras” gig there is no pay for this but organizers will be raffling prizes. The principal actors are scheduled to be on hand so you may get a glimpse.

Do keep in mind that casting folks generally frown upon people bringing their phones or cameras onto a set. Don’t plan on getting Vince Vaughn to pose for a picture with you for your Facebook page. And there is lots of standing, or in this case, sitting around.

But it can be fun to watch!

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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October 25th, 2011
10:24 am

The shoot is from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM (not pm) and you must stay the ENTIRE time. When you complete your release and arrive for the shoot tell them you are there for Campbell High School. The film company is donating $7.50 per person that says they are there for CHS to the school’s PTSA!!!!


October 25th, 2011
10:38 am

No pay, no food and “casting folks generally frown upon people bringing their phones or cameras onto a set”

Sounds like a dream job…

Dr. Stephen Falken

October 25th, 2011
11:16 am

Occupy Campbell High School.


October 25th, 2011
11:34 am

Please be sure to tell them you are there for Campbell High School so the PTSA can get the donation from the film company. This school needs all the money it can get!!


October 25th, 2011
11:49 am

@Livvy – Agree, it sounds wonderful.

Bodybuilder Granny

October 25th, 2011
12:25 pm

Like you will even be seen sitting in stands, this doesn’t sound like a fun extras thing to do. Remember, actors/actresses are normal people just like anyone else, so don’t go haywire when you see them.


October 25th, 2011
12:50 pm

Sounds like fun – I live in Smyrna!

No thanks

October 25th, 2011
1:42 pm

9 hours, no food, no pay, no video games? No thanks


October 25th, 2011
2:09 pm

@no thanks I agree

Papa Pink

October 25th, 2011
2:15 pm

9 hours, no pay, no food, no pictures, What is the incentive? Think I’ll stay home and watch TV.


October 25th, 2011
2:25 pm

We were extras for a baseball movie. No one saw us and no one fed us, but we had a great time. It’s so much fun just to watch how they film a movie. You get to see it for what is really is and not for how it looks on the screen. You ought to try it.


October 25th, 2011
2:58 pm

My daughter was a cheerleader (for the Titans) in Remember The Titans and during takes, Denzel Washington gave them gum & talked about how hard it is to make movies. She also had a picture taken with him when they filmed the championship game. This was Disney movie and they gave away trips to Disney World and other gifts to the “extras” in the stands and I had a great time talking with various technical people and learned a lot about how movies are made. They do use cardboard cut-outs that look “life like” to fill in certain shots and from my experience, most people had a great time.


October 27th, 2011
7:11 am

Seriously, I’m tired of all of the shooting in the Atlanta area. The productions are rude inconsiderate peeps who should go back to Hollywood and shoot. The productions are taking advantage of a right to work state, like Georgia to shoot on the cheap. We should all be compensated for the inconvenience. In California or NY, all of the people in the stands would have to be compensated with in the form of a check and would be considered an employee. Folks, don’t fall for this crap. Who really wants a picture with Vince Vaughn anyway? He’s a fat ass.