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Jennifer Garner film to close streets in DeKalb

The folks working on a film starring Jennifer Garner want to be good neighbors while they’re working – and have alerted residents that the project will temporarily affect traffic near the now-closed Forrest Hills Elementary School in DeKalb County this week.

An advance notice sent out from Green House Pictures, Inc. said “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” will be filming in and around the school from Wednesday to Monday. No filming is planned for the weekend, but trucks and gear will remain in the area, guarded by security.

From the notice:

“We have requested from the DeKalb County authorities permission to temporarily re-route traffic around the Forrest Hills Elementary School, closing Forrest Blvd.  between N. Carter Road (south end) and Craigie Avenue at Livingston Place (north end) during the days we are at the school. Green House Pictures, Inc. will also hire off-duty DeKalb County Police officers to assist us with traffic control and security.”

No students will be affected. Forrest Hills closed a few years ago after DeKalb school officials decided it was too small to keep open.

Also from the notice, the film ” is about a 10- year old boy, Timothy Green, (played by C.J. Adams)   who mysteriously shows up one day in the small rural town of Stanleyville. Though he is young, small and somewhat “odd,” Timothy Green’s outlook on life injects feelings of hope and thoughts of possibilities into those around him, inspiring the people of Stanleyville to be the individuals they always dreamed of being.”

Garner and Affleck, who are here with their two children, seem to be enjoying the city. She and the kids were spotted at the Atlanta Botanical Garden over the weekend and the couple had dinner with friends at South City Kitchen in Midtown the other day.

- Jennifer Brett/The Buzz/

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anna barclay

February 3rd, 2011
8:30 pm

I noticed this production taking place on wednesday while playing in the park with our children. I warmly welcome the cast and crew and income for dekalb county school system and in the same moment struck by the fact that this school facility has remain empty of students and maintained by tax payer dollars for over 8 yrs. What is so striking is that Forest Hills has been highly sought after by at least two charter schools, with waiting lists, I might add, and these charter schools have repeatedly been denied leases for this school. It is time to lease it to a charter school and use the school for its intended purpose-a place to educate our children! My hope is that by leasing Forrest Hills for use in this film the door will open for lease by a school. If it is available for lease to a film crew most certainly it is available for lease by a charter school!? Successful community backed charter Schools like The Museum School or the International School are a win win situation. Dekalb co receives income and children thrive and succed in their learning environment. We must expect and demand cooperation from Dekalb Co. School Board. High quality community based schools must be supported and incorperated regardless of their status as charter, magnet, or traditional. We all are united in trying to best educate our children let us work together and get the job done.


February 4th, 2011
11:15 am

anna barclay- thanks for that information about Forrest Hills. I was at the Walmart on Memorial and saw a section of their parking lot reserved for “Cast and Crew” and was wondering who was doing film work in the area. With the state of the Dekalb school system, a charter I am sure would be a good thing for the old school.