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City of Atlanta’s statement on Mayor Reed’s visit with Prince Charles

The City of Atlanta just issued this press release about Mayor Kasim Reed’s visit with Prince Charles. Here it is:

Mayor Kasim Reed arrived in London this morning and journeyed directly to Poundbury, Dorchester to meet with HRH The Prince of Wales for a half-day tour of Poundbury, a community which contains a wide range of high density, mixed use housing intermingled with economic activity.

“The tour of Poundbury with HRH The Prince of Wales was an extraordinary experience,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. “It was inspiring to meet with some of the residents of Poundbury and learn about their experiences living in a pedestrian and environmentally-friendly community. The quality of design, workmanship and attention paid to ensuring that both market-rate and affordable housing are built to the same high standards is remarkable.”

Mayor Reed added, “I am excited to return home to Atlanta and work with our residents, city and business leaders on actionable plans for urban and cultural renewal in neighborhoods throughout the City of Atlanta.”

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment has been invited to advise Atlanta city officials and business leaders on the regeneration of several of Atlanta’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment has been working with community residents, developers, Atlanta City Council members and other community leaders on an action plan for the regeneration of communities such as the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods. The Foundation seeks to rebuild social and community capital and train young people.

“After this trip, I hope to bring invaluable information back to the residents of Atlanta,” said Councilman Ivory Lee Young, who joined Mayor Reed for the tour. “I want them to know that this is a team of leaders who they can trust. I, along with my fellow council members and Mayor Kasim Reed, will work to protect and push economic development throughout the city’s most underserved neighborhoods, but not at the expense of the residents.”

Mayor Reed’s visit to Poundbury began with a short briefing from HRH The Prince of Wales on the history and development of the community. Afterwards, Mayor Reed joined HRH The Prince of Wales for a 30-minute walking tour. The party reconvened at Brownsword Hall in the heart of Poundbury’s Pummery Square for casual conversation and a buffet luncheon with HRH The Prince of Wales, Hank Dittmar, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment and other special invited guests.

Brownsword Hall hosts the town center’s Farmers Market and is used for occasional public and theatrical events.

After lunch, Mayor Reed and HRH The Prince of Wales visited one of several minimal carbon emission eco-homes in Poundbury. The day concluded with a private meeting between Mayor Reed and HRH The Prince of Wales, in which they discussed possible opportunities to partner on sustainable development in the City of Atlanta.

Mayor Reed extended his congratulations to HRH The Prince of Wales and the Royal Family on the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton.

In addition to his tour of Poundbury, Mayor Reed’s visit to the United Kingdom, hosted by Consul General Annabelle Malins, includes a packed agenda that includes meetings with members of Parliament, a conversation with Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes, a briefing at Scotland Yard, and tours of both the Olympic Site and Heathrow Airport.

About Poundbury

Poundbury was designed as an extension to Dorchester by Leon Krier on Duchy of Cornwall land. Its plan carefully integrates uses: recreation, educational and shopping opportunities are integrated with housing, and placed within walking distance of one another. In addition over 650 people work in factories and shops in the development, while over 1,000 people live there. Social or affordable housing now represents 35 percent of new residential development and is integrated with private housing so that there is no visible distinction. Cars are fully accommodated, but pedestrian and cycle movements are favored and townscape quality is a high priority. In a UK Government review released in 2008 about living and working in the countryside, Poundbury was described as “the best example of master-planning in the country.”

About The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

The Prince’s Foundation, one of The Prince’s Charities, was established to teach a broad range of stakeholders in the built environment the principles of integrated, harmonious place making. With the UK facing high levels of construction activity – particularly in housing and commercial sectors – the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment seeks to influence positive change in the design and planning of these new communities, as well as the regeneration of existing towns and cities for the long term.

Through projects and education, the Foundation has already reached a broad range of stakeholders, including planning officers, architects, urban designers, community representatives, policy makers, government agencies and others. The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Foundation continues to engage with a wide variety of both professional and non-professional organizations and individuals, with whom it attempts to resolve often complex urban design briefs.

The Foundation has four core areas of activity. The Education Programme teaches skills in successful place-making through seminars and workshops. The Projects & Practice department is engaged on a series of live developments in partnership with the private sector and public agencies. The Chief Executive Team runs strategic initiatives with several major policy partners. The Design Theory & Networks department develops and disseminates new examples of practice by our global network that evidences innovation and tested tools for building successful communities.

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