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Erik Estrada filming flick in Atlanta

A very hair Erik Estrada is filming a project in Atlanta.

A very hairy Erik Estrada is filming a project in Atlanta.

Erik Estrada, best known as one half of the “CHiPs” duo back in the day, has been staying busy in recent years as an infomerical pitchman and reality television participant. According to his Web site it looks like he is also hawking Butterfingers candy bars.

He’s here in Atlanta right now, filming what’s been described to Buzz as “a B-movie.”

Imagine that!

Filming took place at The Pool Hall in Buckhead

Filming took place at The Pool Hall in Buckhead

Since posting this earlier today we’ve since heard that this project is called “Hillbilly Highway,” but haven’t been able to shake loose any details. (Thanks to the blog responders and e-mailers for this detail!)

We’re trying to figure out what the deal is, but for now please enjoy these hilarious photos.

Estrada was filming Wednesday at The Pool Hall in Buckhead.

These photos come to us courtesy of Joel Darby, a partner at The Fur Bus, which is sort of fitting, given the shaggy stuff stuck to Estrada’s …

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Celeb chef teams up with Michelle Obama

MarvinCoverMarvin Woods has cooked for famous people before.

(You know, like Oprah Winfrey? People like that.)

But when the call came from the White House, the chef-author-television personality was momentarily taken aback. He even canceled a scheduled appearance so he could fly up to Washington to take part in a healthy-eating project championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I’m not big on canceling appointments,” Woods told us during an interview this week. “But it’s the White House! Apart from cooking for Oprah, this was the pinnacle.”

Woods, who got to meet Michelle Obama but not her husband (yet!) shot a “Webisode” for the new Let’s Move site, which stresses healthy eating. The roughly five-minute long clip, during which he demonstrates turkey, pork and tofu dishes with vegetables, is online now at

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Wedding gown giveaway to military brides today

Planning a military wedding? Your gown could be free! Photo from

Planning a military wedding? Your gown could be free! Photo from

Brides Across America, a nationwide charity that gives free wedding gowns to military brides, is teaming up with Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique, 45 Park Square Ct. in Roswell, for a local event.

Today and Wednesday, military brides may select the gown of their dreams from sample gowns donated by various designers for the event.

To qualify, brides must be on active duty in the military, or have a fiancé on active duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

All military brides must show ID, copies of deployment papers, orders or other qualifying proof. Brides do not have to reside in the area where the giveaway is taking place. It’s first come, first served and quantities are limited.

“We are so grateful for the servicemen and women who are showing their commitment to our country,” said Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique owner Jacqueline Westney. “What better way is there to thank them than to help them …

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Tim Hudson pitches while his foundation parties

The Hudson family; photo from

The Hudson family; photo from

Braves pitcher Tim Hudson’s foundation held a bash Saturday night at the Loews Hotel in Midtown. The event featured a swank location, glamorous spread – everything, really, except Hudson himself.

He had a pretty valid excuse for missing his own party, though. He was on the mound that night in New York, where the Braves beat the Mets 4-0.

The party went on, with about 200 people attending, including young people who have benefited from the Hudson Family Foundation’s scholarship programs.

Next up for the foundation, started by Hudson and his wife, Kim, is the second annual ”Hudson’s Honky Tonk Benefit Weekend,” planned for Nov. 19 and 20 and featuring a concert at the Gwinnett Arena with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

We hear a mechanical bull will be part of the festivities, and that Huddy himself will be there this time. For information see the Hudson foundation Web site.

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NeNe Leakes’ TV news debut

neneReal Housewives of Atlanta cast member NeNe Leakes is getting a new dose of exposure starting this week, as a WXIA-TV contributor.

The NBC affiliate stressed to Buzz a while back that Leakes is not to be considered a “journalist” but rather, an addition to the station’s entertainment offerings. NBC’s Bravo airs the “Housewives” shows, making this project something of a family affair.

The partnership gets off the ground this week with Leakes’ encounter with artist Jermaine Dupri. In a clip on the WXIA Web site the two shoot hoops while talking about…shooting hoops.

“I am a good basketball player,” Leakes announces, slipping out of her heels to demonstrate. The clip runs a little over two minutes and she does appear to sink one.

“Too bad I have on a dress,” she laments after missing some shots. “If I didn’t have on a dress, I’d make it happen for y’all.”

The action takes place at Dupri’s studio, and he explains that artists who need to take a break from recording can play …

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More details about Carrie Underwood’s wedding

The Radar Online site lists a number of new details about country star Carrie Underwood’s wedding to pro hockey player Mike Fisher, happening this weekend at the Ritz Carlton, Reynolds Plantation a little more than an hour east of Atlanta.

The event’s supposed price tag hits the half-million mark, for example, and Underwood is expected to arrive by helicopter today. Because the Underwood-Fisher wedding has booked the entire resort, guests who had been staying there were gently asked to vacate by noon today. The Radar site posted a photo of the elegantly worded letter to guests politely requesting that they scram.

A source told the AJC that Underwood was on site this week, scoping the place out, and we hear that when selecting a makeup artist, the performer stated a preference for using her own products. Another source spotted the wedding entourage arriving. Here’s a link to our previous coverage. The AJC’s American Idol blog also has been reporting on the wedding. Here’s a …

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Atlanta bartender in Playboy

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Ashley Krystle serves ‘em strong at the Havana Club in Atlanta, and bares her secrets (and more) in the July edition of Playboy magazine. She was selected for the feature as part of Playboy’s “Hottest Bartender Search.”

In a Q&A with the magazine (since we know you read it for the articles) she reveals that club owners prefer to keep her front and center so patrons see her as soon as they arrive, and that she’s pretty friendly with the paying guests.

“It’s really cool,” she says in the article. “Most of the clientele are regulars and have become friends, so basically I get paid to hang out and do shots with my friends.”

Here’s her secret recipe for what she calls an A.M. shot, so named, she explained, because after you slam one, “you’ll want to party into the a.m.”

1 part Cîroc Red Berry

1 part Cîroc Coconut

Splash of simple syrup

Splash of sour mix

Splash of 7Up

Mix and serve in a …

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Carrie Underwood wedding party arrives in Georgia

A couple of sources have tipped us about the upcoming wedding between country star Carrie Underwood and pro hockey player Mike Fisher.

The latest scoop whispered in our ear suggests the party is getting started over at The Ritz-Carlton, Reynolds Plantation, in Greensboro.

A source who is there now says Underwood’s entourage has begun showing up at the exclusive resort.

The Life & Style magazine Web site includes comments from the couple about the ceremony:

“It’s going to be a good size wedding with plenty of good food and an open bar,” Fisher said. “But nothing too overblown. It’s still in the planning stages, so a lot of the details haven’t been finalized.”

He added that, ”As you might expect, Carrie’s involved in a lot of the details,” and joked, “I’ll just be showing up.”

The magazine quoted Underwood explaining, ”I’m Southern. I like big hair and eyeliner. I want my wedding to be me, so I’ll probably be rocking some big hair and eyeliner… I want [the dress] to be pretty …

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Liza sends her regrets

She wanted to be here. She really, really did.

But Liza Minnelli was following doctors’ orders when she scrapped Friday night’s planned concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre. Her representative sent us this statement on her behalf:

“I am having a lot of trouble with this ol’ knee of mine and as soon as I get it straightened out I’ll be back to see everybody in Atlanta.”

Previously, Team Liza had sent the following statement to explain why the concert didn’t happen.

“Minnelli has been on tour in recent weeks to promote her forthcoming CD and the constant traveling has resulted in a very painful and swollen knee. There is concern that her knee may have become infected which is not uncommon after this type of surgery. Such infections are very dangerous and doctors have ordered her to return to New York for further evaluation.”

The Chastain site bills Friday’s scotched performance as a postponed, not a canceled show. We’ll be on alert for news of a new …

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Tyler Perry on “Boondocks” rumors

The Straight from the A web site nabbed a few minutes with Tyler Perry at the Essence Music Festival in Louisiana over the weekend, and posed questions about that recent “Boondocks” episode that satirized Perry and his “Madea” character.

Perry didn’t want to go into details but did tell Straight from the A, “there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’m suing The Boondocks. Those are all lies. I’m not suing anybody over that.”

Perry also said he hasn’t fired anyone on his staff over the numerous rumors floating around since the episode aired.

” I don’t know where all that came from,” he told Straight from the A.

“Boondocks,” created by Aaron McGruder, airs on Adult Swim, while Perry projects “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns” air on TBS.

Following the episode, titled “Pause,” Turner execs reportedly were busy trying to smooth things over with …

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