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Kim the Housewife and her new Falcons honey

From the site

From the site

Well, here we go again, with the latest chatter about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak.

The most recent rumor: she and Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann apparently are an item.

We have this on good authority, but it’s also the subject of speculation on various celeb gossip sites. We really love the headline on’s story: “Kroy Biermann: Dating Kim Zolciak for Some Reason.” Ouch!

The 24-year-old Biermann was selected as a fifth round draft choice by the Atlanta Falcons in 2008. In his first two seasons in Atlanta, has totaled 60 tackles (51 solo), seven sacks, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. A Montana native, he is ranked third among Falcons players in sacks and recorded his first career touchdown on a fumble recovery against New Orleans last year.

Thanks to our sports department colleagues for that last bit of information. Our question: will they play “Tardy for the Party” at the Georgia Dome …

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A presidential lovefest on “The View”

121463_18President Barack Obama’s visit to the view had all the heft of a cotton candy making contest.

But hey, what did we expect?

The headlines: He is not going to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (wasn’t even invited!) He has Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra on his iPod but no Justin Bieber. He knew Lindsay Lohan was in jail but had no idea who Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame is. He dodged a question about whether Mel Gibson needs anger management counseling.

Aside from a few slightly probing questions from resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “The View,” with its wildly applauding audience, gave the president the friendliest of welcomes. (See photos from the show’s episode here.)

The Shirley Sherrod controversy entered the discussion briefly, with Obama praising her as a “wonderful woman” whose personal story demonstrates the nation’s progress with race relations. The president had harsh words for the 24-7 media cycle (he didn’t mention Fox News but may as well have) but also for his own …

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Will you watch Obama on “The View” today?

425.the.view.102808President Barack Obama sits down with the ladies of “The View” this morning at 11 a.m. on Channel 2.

Will you be watching?

The visit has already been taped, and details are under wraps. Not everyone is thrilled about the leader of the free world joining a daytime coffee klatch. None other than former View co-host Rosie O’Donnell criticized the decision.

“I have mixed feelings about that. I don’t really think sitting presidents should go do fluffy daytime TV shows,” she said in comments quoted on a number of Web sites. “Maybe an hour on ‘Oprah’ or something…I don’t really want to see him on ‘The View’.”

What do you think?

C-host Joy Behar told CNN that Obama was “charming as usual” and added “We had some laughs with him.”

Behar also has a show on CNN’s spinoff channel HLN.

Obama said he chose to appear in the program because First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan. He has appeared on the show before.

“Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched, and so I …

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Kevin Gillespie still searching for perfect BBQ location

Kevin Gillespie does his thing Sunday at Dunaway Gardens in Newnan, at For Food's Sake fundraiser

Kevin Gillespie does his thing Sunday at Dunaway Gardens in Newnan, at For Food's Sake fundraiser

Former Top Chef finalist Kevin Gillespie hasn’t given up on his plan to open a barbecue restaurant. He just hasn’t found the right spot.

Not that there isn’t plenty of vacant restaurant real estate in Atlanta, but locations he has seen so far all tend to be too big. He wants to find a place that seats about 40 people.

“It’s not about making tons of money,” he said. “It’s about doing it right.”

Gillespie served pork both sliced and chopped

Gillespie served pork both sliced and chopped

Buzz can attest that it’ll be worth the wait. Gillespie was the featured chef at Sunday’s For Food’s Sake benefit at Dunaway Gardens in Newnan. Gillespie cooked a whole pig, donated by Buckhead Beef, overnight, and served it both sliced and NC-style, chopped and vinegary, with sides of fresh slaw, potato salad and slices of white bread from Holeman & Finch.

The feast was paired with beers selected by brewmaster Crawford Moran of 5 Seasons …

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T.I. and Tiny to wed in Miami?

Rumors have been swirling about the upcoming nuptials of Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and the prevailing chatter indicates the blessed event is imminent.

A number of Web sites including this one, YBF, are reporting that the two will tie the knot this coming weekend in Miami.

In fact, YBF is running a photo of what appears to be the couple’s wedding invitation, tightly cropped to remove details such as the location. The report says the two are in Hawaii right now for a pre-wedding family trip, and will be returning to Atlanta this week before heading down to Miami.

It wouldn’t shock us if they plan some sort of post-wedding, post-honeymoon bash here, perhaps at Opera? Earlier this year, the Midtown hot spot is where they made their first appearance together following T.I.’s stint in prison on a weapons charge.

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Atlanta tops lists of “most irritated cities”


Atlanta is the crankiest city in the nation.

That’s according to a new poll conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces and was based on a measurement of 11 irritation factors, including pest control, traffic congestion, and heat index, among others.

(We just walked across the street for lunch and can attest that the heat index is indeed pretty irritating today.)

The survey was commissioned by Edge Shave Zone, who has signed on comedian John Caparulo to help get the word out. Because of his, ahem, sharp wit. Heh.

Here’s the whole list.

50 Most Irritated U.S. Cities:

Atlanta, GA

Houston, TX

Washington, DC

Baltimore, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Tampa, FL

Birmingham, AL

New York, NY

Phoenix, AZ

Orlando, FL

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

Miami, FL

Detroit, MI

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

San Diego, CA

Nashville, TN

Jacksonville, FL

Cincinnati, OH

Memphis, TN

Louisville, KY

San Francisco, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Columbus, OH

Raleigh, NC

St. Louis, MO

San Antonio, TX

Indianapolis, IN

New …

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Boo! Ghost hunters in Midtown, Stone Mountain

Could Rhodes Hall be haunted?

Could Rhodes Hall be haunted?

The Syfy Channel has been in town, tracking down spooks and haints.

(Can you tell Buzz is from the South?)

The Ghost Hunters show was taping this week  at Stone Mountain Park’s Antebellum Plantation, and Rhodes Hall in Midtown. They won’t tell us what they found, since that could ruin the surprise. And the Ghost Hunters are all about suspense, right?

The episode is scheduled to air this fall. We’ll let you know when we have more specific details.

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SCAD grad to compete on “Project Runway”

38420_1464911495373_1011078506_1357805_3376763_nAfter watching Mychael Knight and Anthony Williams make fashion happen on deadline during past seasons of “Project Runway,” we will have another Georgia competitor to cheer for during the next season of the Lifetime reality show.

April Johnston, right, a 2010 graduate of the SCAD School of Fashion, will be among the hopefuls snipping and clipping under the watchful eye of Michael KorsNina GarciaTim Gunn and Heidi Klum.

By the way it looks like Klum has gone from blonde to a light honey brown for this season, judging from this photo, below, from the show’s Web site.

How do you like Heidi's new hair color?

How do you like Heidi's new hair color?

The season kicks off at 9 p.m. July 29.

Johnston, 21, will be the youngest of the 17 contestants and is the only contestant from the South. She lives in Savannah, which Buzz declares is close enough to claim her as one of our own, especially given SCAD’s presence in Atlanta. Her senior collection was inspired by deconstructed halls, old asylums and abandoned morgues, the …

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You (and your car!) oughta be in pictures…

the_fast__furiousBuzz will not rest until all of you are famous.

Our latest opportunity is for you and, potentially, your car!

“The Fast and The Furious V” will be doing some filming in Atlanta. Specifically, the film will shoot some party scenes near the Georgia Dome.

That’s where you and your wheels come in. From 5 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 20, at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center off I-85 near Clairmont Road, casting crews will be on the hunt for extras.

(The hotel’s address and phone number: 2000 Century Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30345; 404-325-0000.)

Because the film, which will once again star Vin Diesel, is to be set in Brazil, the casting folks will be looking for people who appear to be from there. They’re interested in “good looking” folks ages 18 to 30.

They’re also looking for cars to star as automotive extras. “Custom street racers,” whatever that means, are especially welcome.

But the bottom line is this: hot looking people and hot looking cars, come on.

If you’re interested …

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Dwight Howard makes a splash

38101_1462035103465_1011078506_1349099_481309_nIt’s been a long, hot week at Six Flags White Water.

First, there was a fire that caused the park to close for a couple of days.

Then NBA star Dwight Howard showed up.

Now that you’re getting ready for the weekend, how about some sizzling photos?

The Atlanta native has his annual basketball camp for kids here and took time out of the off-season to cool off at the Cobb County water park.

38361_1462036903510_1011078506_1349103_5472408_nWe hear he loved a towering slide called “The Cliffhanger,” took a relaxing “river” raft tour and visited the new “Wiggles World” section of the park. And he was a good enough sport to let the Six Flags publicity people photograph him doing it!

Thanks, by the way to our Twitter buddy who hypothesized that “Howard’s hotness caused the fire.” A valid theory, but his visit and the storage unit blaze happened on different days.

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