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Owen Wilson, Bill Cosby have a thing for Kyma

owen-wilson-wedding-crashers-400a010807Celebrity hunting in Atlanta? Hie thee over to Kyma.

Executive chef Pano I. Karatassos called over the weekend to report that actor Owen Wilson, in town for the filming of “Hall Pass,” has taken such a shine to one of the cocktails that he asked for the recipe.

But that’s not even the coolest Kyma story the chef told us.

Seems Bill Cosby was in town recently and sent one of his folks over to fetch a to-go order of lamb chops, stuffed grape leaves and Greek fries.

The legendary comedian returned home with Georgia on his mind. Specifically,bill_cosby1 those Greek fries. Soon Karatassos was given his home phone number with instructions to call, and Cosby grilled him about the menu, even getting his own private chef on the line to get recipes.

“He really is a foodie,” Karatassos said of Cosby, who apparently likes ferreting out intel after enjoyable meals, but doesn’t always get the dish on the dishes. A vexatious woman in Pennsylvania refused to give up the goods after Cosby raved about her peanut butter and chocolate pie. Karatassos hypothesized that she might owe her magic to Reese’s cups and Cosby roared.

“He really enjoys being funny,” Karatassos said. “I was laughing the whole time. His enthusiasm for whatever we were talking about was almost childlike.”

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