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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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A musical, Seussical night at the Breman Museum


A happy crowd Saturday packed the Breman Museum. It’s full of Seuss things and folks want to see ‘em.

This great, nifty show, “Dr. Seuss Goes to War,” features news clips and drawings and letters and more.

But the star of the show, if you really must know, was Elinor Breman, that gal on the go, who once upon a time, a generation ago, was a war bride who served at the local USO.

She sold paintings and houses but year after year, she always found time to volunteer. She and late husband Bill Breman, in 1996, opened the Breman Museum the year of the Atlanta Olympics.

Saturday’s gala at the Breman was a wonderful night, with tributes like Rabbi Alvin Sugarman’s: “Elinor, you bring joy. You bring light.”

She was joined by family including sons John, Phillip and Jerry, and “Souper” Jenny Levison’s troupe sang and made merry. Just before it was time to go tour the Seuss art, singers sang Breman’s favorite, “Young At Heart.”

At the end of the show, with her eyes all aglow, Breman said how her husband would have just loved it so. “Tonight he would have been so proud,” she said aloud.

But then it was time for Seuss’ Lorax and Sneetches. “If any of you are crying, blow your nose,” she said. “We’ve made enough speeches!”

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