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Mike Tyson arrested for fight with paparazzi

Well, maybe it wasn’t a fight, since we hear that Mike Tyson essentially landed the photographer on the floor. Police are investigating conflicting accounts of an airport scuffle between the former heavyweight champ and photographer Tony Echevarria that landed both men in jail, according to the AP (they’ve both been released).

Both say they will press battery charges against each other.

Paparazzo said: He told police that Tyson struck him once, airport police spokesman Sgt. Jim Holcomb said. The photographer fell to the ground and was treated for a cut to his forehead at a hospital. Video: Photog talks

Mike said: Tyson’s spokeswoman Tammy Brook said the boxer was traveling with his wife and 10-month-old child when he was attacked by an overly aggressive paparazzo. “Mike acted in self defense as a father protecting his child.”

Police said: “There’s a lot of different versions to this story and that’s all going to come out later,” Holcomb said. “Some witness statements support Tyson’s version, others support the photographer’s.”

We say: Like everyone else, we don’t know all the details. But Mike just lost his 10-year-old daughter and we do know how hyper-active the paparazzi can be at LAX. NOT saying anyone should result to unwarranted violence, but …

What do you say?

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