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To Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Thrashers: Good is for losers

Editor’s note: This is Terence Moore’s last column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Terence has decided to take a voluntary buyout, ending a stellar 24 years as a sports columnist. Terence sums up his time this way: “My objective was to get people to think, not to agree or disagree, just to get people to think.” We thank him for making all of us think and wish him the best as he moves on to new endeavors.

Can we talk? There’s a question I’ve asked myself for 13 years and counting, especially with the Hawks becoming the latest Atlanta team to operate as a tease.

That question: Will anybody around here join the Braves as the only professional sports franchise with a world championship? I mean, will the Braves even do it again? And the 1968 Atlanta Chiefs don’t count. Well, unless you’re a little goofy and consider the famously wobbly North American Soccer League something worth mentioning.

I’m referring to whether the Hawks, the Falcons, the Thrashers or the Braves can …

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Dan Reeves to giddy ex-Bulldog: “It’s hard to change Detroit”

They’ve golfed together enough to develop a strong bond. In fact, although Dan Reeves preferred that Matthew Stafford remain at Georgia for his senior season, the former Falcons coach keeps praising the maturity level and the gifted ways of the former Bulldogs quarterback along the way to this weekend’s NFL draft.

“He’s a great person,” said Reeves, owner of a famously honest tongue.

Speaking of which, Reeves is correct to suggest that Stafford has lost his mind. He actually wants to play for the Detroit Lions, the worst pro football team of the past 50 years. The Lions are close to granting Stafford’s wish by selecting him with the first pick in the whole draft.

So why is this brutal?

“It’s hard to change Detroit,” said Reeves, without the hint of a chuckle.

“You can change coaches. You can change owners. I mean, there’s so little difference in winning and losing in the NFL, and one of the big things that teams that I’ve coached have had in Dallas, Denver, Atlanta — and …

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Cox becoming Shockley for Bulldogs, with help from Shockley

There was D.J. Shockley, and now there is Joe Cox. They communicate often. As a matter of fact, Georgia’s last quarterback to start during his fifth and final season with the Bulldogs probably is calling or texting the current one right now.

Avoid this. Do that.

Whip the Gators, and don’t get stung again by You Know Who on the Flats.

“We talk maybe once a week,” said Shockley, a Falcons backup these days, but he still bleeds red and black. As a result, he is doing everything he can to turn Cox into his 2005 clone at Georgia.

Let’s pause to give those in the Bulldog Nation time to bark loudly for somebody to whom they owe much anyway. Shockley should have transferred early in his Georgia career to start elsewhere. Instead, he tossed the Bulldogs a gift by spending four seasons as David Greene’s backup.

Then came Shockley’s moment for the ages four years ago, when he completed 55 percent of his passes for 24 touchdowns and five interceptions. He led Georgia to an SEC title. He …

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UK basketball folks should step into Mr. Blank’s office

  Those in charge of Kentucky basketball say Big Blue followers need constant love from their leader beyond courtside.

  Wait a minute. Hasn’t that been the case forever around Lexington?

  Yep, and everybody knows it.

  So why did those Kentucky officials lose their minds two years ago and hire who they just fired? Billy Gillispie is a decent strategist but a private guy who’d rather hug his X’s and O’s. That translates into a nasty fit for a school whose basketball coach must become the Dalai Lama of the commonwealth while winning SEC and national championships.

  They got John Calipari, who relished his fans so much at Memphis that all of his practices were open to the public. Still, those Kentucky officials took Gillispie over Calipari the last time around before this one.


  “It’s like when you were single, and you look at a pretty girl walking down the street, and it’s very enticing,” said Falcons owner Arthur Blank, an expert on hiring famously wrong …

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