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Cox becoming Shockley for Bulldogs, with help from Shockley

There was D.J. Shockley, and now there is Joe Cox. They communicate often. As a matter of fact, Georgia’s last quarterback to start during his fifth and final season with the Bulldogs probably is calling or texting the current one right now.

Avoid this. Do that.

Whip the Gators, and don’t get stung again by You Know Who on the Flats.

“We talk maybe once a week,” said Shockley, a Falcons backup these days, but he still bleeds red and black. As a result, he is doing everything he can to turn Cox into his 2005 clone at Georgia.

Let’s pause to give those in the Bulldog Nation time to bark loudly for somebody to whom they owe much anyway. Shockley should have transferred early in his Georgia career to start elsewhere. Instead, he tossed the Bulldogs a gift by spending four seasons as David Greene’s backup.

Then came Shockley’s moment for the ages four years ago, when he completed 55 percent of his passes for 24 touchdowns and five interceptions. He led Georgia to an SEC title. He …

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So why not Tubby, and what’s taking so long to call him?

   Goodness knows, Damon Evans is splendid as the athletics director at the University of Georgia. He’s bright. He’s engaging. He’s also persistent. In other words, he knows what he’s doing. But I’m here to help.

  With Evans and his search committee having trouble closing the deal on a replacement for fired basketball coach Dennis Felton, I have a suggestion. In fact, I have two suggestions.

  They are suggestions I’ve mentioned before in this space, and are suggestions that would match everything that Evans needs to turn his basketball program from less than mediocre into consistently good. He wants somebody who can coach. He wants somebody who can recruit. He wants somebody who is into developing the “student” as well as the “athlete” in student-athlete. He wants somebody with charisma.

  All together now . . . Tubby Smith. Remember that guy? He’s the former Georgia coach who did wonderful things at Tulsa before doing the same during his two seasons with the Bulldogs. …

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