Stay out of the way, folks, and let Glavine be Glavine

If we weren’t talking about Tom Glavine, it wouldn’t be worth it. 

He’s ancient. He’s hurting. Mostly, he’s not Tommy Hanson, the Braves’ 22-year-old pitching sensation who could bring his roaring fastballs in a flash from the Class AAA likes of Gwinnett Stadium to the big time at Turner Field.

So, if we weren’t talking about Tom Glavine, it’s like this: Out with the old, in with the new — like now.

It’s also like this: When you’re the Braves, and you’ve missed the playoffs for the past three seasons, sentimentality deserves a firm handshake along the way to the door and your version of a gold watch. That’s especially true if sentimentality has a strained 43-year-old rotator cuff after missing much of last season with a damaged elbow that needed surgery.

We are talking about Tom Glavine, though. As a result, those in charge of such things with the Braves should wait slightly longer than forever before saying so long to their future Hall of Fame pitcher and his increasingly creaky body.

Glavine deserves nothing less. In fact, he has spent more than two decades in the major leagues — mostly with the Braves — earning the right to leave the playing field whenever he chooses.

Under such a scenario, neither Braves officials nor the choppers and the chanters would fret. Glavine would choose the right thing. He is a splendid combination of wisdom and pride. For instance: After he discovered recently that this latest shoulder issues will require two weeks rest before the need of another evaluation, Glavine said, “Right now, for me, the glass is probably half-empty, simply because I’m frustrated and tired with this whole rehab thing. But at the same time, being as close as I am — or was — I’m not willing to just say, ‘OK, that’s it.’ I’m willing to put in a little bit more time.”

Sounds reasonable. We are talking about Tom Glavine, the guy who remained the classy face of the Braves from their wretched days in the1980s through their wonderful days in the 1990s.

He’s the guy who threw that shutout for eight innings to help secure the only world championship for an Atlanta professional sports franchise.

He’s the guy who stood up the most to the Evil Owners during the Mother of All Baseball Strikes in 1994.

He’s the guy who always has been involved in a slew of charities and operated as the perfect representative for baseball in general and Braves baseball in particular.

He’s the guy who should be allowed to exit the home clubhouse at Turner Field as a player without being shoved.

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Often Disappointed/Never Surprised!

April 15th, 2009
5:27 pm

Hey Terrence, remember these sentiments when you condemn other players for being over-the-hill. Truly you speak with forked tongue (Indian reference, you know, the Braves?) Well at any rate, I have read quite a few of your articles and to this date I still don’t know your stance. Wishy-washy is what we call it! Clearly Glavine’s best days are behind him. Granted, he is awesome off-the-field. Kudos for that much, however, he should sit down and look at Oscar DeLahoya’s retirement announcement at his news conference. Enough is enough!


April 15th, 2009
5:23 pm

The Braves get what they deserve with Glavine. They backed the player that did two things:
1. Already abandoned the team and organization, when the fans did not want him to… over peanuts vs. a “lifetime” position with the team.
2. One who already said once that “if the rehab was going to be too extensive he would retire…” (now he’s said it twice)

Here’s the problem, Glavine has never been hurt. He doesn’t know what it takes to get back to the mound. With his comments about rehab & retirement, he was already done and the Braves blew it by re-signing him.

I said it the day the Braves let Smoltz go to another team over a small amount of money (relative to baseball salaries) that the Braves made a HUGE mistake! I didn’t think I would be proven right so quickly, but I can’t wait to see John Smoltz have great success with Boston.

The Braves lost a lot of my respect with their decisions with Smoltz & Glavine. Sorry I can’t feel sorry for Mr. Glavine when he has “made his bed” with the fans of the Braves. Now, he has to lye in it. Let’s see if he is more interested in getting the 1 million dollars for be activated on the major league roster or just retire. My bet says he will attempt a small amount of starts (pick up the million $$) and shut it down shortly there after. If that’s the case, Mr Wren and the Braves deserve what they get.


April 15th, 2009
5:18 pm

Wasn’t Glavine the loud-mouthed union boy who helped end the ‘94 season. Let him go already. Good riddance.

Tom Davis

April 15th, 2009
5:12 pm

TM I understand you were fired from the AJC. Also, Tom Glavine said he was going on strike.

A Hope

April 15th, 2009
4:47 pm

Screw Glavine. He bailed on us for the Mets when we needed him. He’ll never be anything but a traitor to me.


April 15th, 2009
4:43 pm

Most of you are mad at the wrong person. Tom Glavin isn’t the problem. We know that Glavin won’t be ready for his first start. Braves management could have brought up Hanson instead of Jo Jo Reyes. Why didn’t they? Simple. The braves management knows that Hanson is good enough that he will cost them plenty to keep him in a braves uniform so they are trying to put off Hanson’s arbitration clock as long as they can. They know he’s good, they know he’s ready, they just aren’t sure they can pay for him in the end. You guys can scream and yell all you want but it comes down to our cheap owners. Ted Turner, where are you?


April 15th, 2009
4:39 pm

Take that bailout and run Terence, with your racist diatribe that the AJC (and Channel 2) has been forcing us to swallow for years we can’t wait for you to hit the road. On your resume make sure your primary objective remains racism just as it was with the AJC.

You are single-handledly the reason I canceled my AJC subscription – hope you’re happy now that you are all taking the bailout.

Good riddance.


April 15th, 2009
4:38 pm

Tom Glavine: He’s the guy (hat left the Braves for the fattest contract he could find,
He’s the guy that contributed to the strike season.
He’s the guy that thinks only about him and not the team or his teammates.
He’s the guy my bu++.
Where’s John Smoltz? He’s the guy!


April 15th, 2009
4:35 pm

The Braves should definitely allow Glavine to determine when he’s done. However, it would seem he will also need to be honest with himself at some point and recognize his body simply can’t do it anymore.

What the Braves SHOULD NOT do is rush their star-to-be up. Let him learn and develop so that he ends up being a 10 year productive player rather than a 10 month productive player.


April 15th, 2009
4:30 pm

Glavin is a class act, and he won’t hang around for a paycheck if he can’t help the team, but let’s not give up on him yet.