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A Final Ramblin’ for 2010?

Its been a quiet month for Ramblin’ On.

I’ve admittedly neglected things here the past few weeks.

But then, in my defense, December was a crazily busy time in our family with birthdays,  a new puppy, a trip to Vegas, deadlines in the office, and two kids who are still young enough to enjoy the magic and wonder associated with all things Christmas.

We’ll load up the Jeep and hit the road headed towards Tampa tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping to make good enough time to be plopped in front my my father-in-law’s new disgustingly large 3D plasma TV in time for kick off against Air Force.  Say a prayer for me if you get a chance…the odds that we’ll make it to Tampa by 5pm are extremely long since the kids and the puppy will require extra stops.  But hey…it gives me something to aim for right?  And there’s always the DVR!

Just in case I’m not able to post again until after New Year’s, I’ll leave you gentle readers with a few thoughts here in the waning days of 2010…

  • How would Tech’s …

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