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Thoughts on The Gold Standard?

Just recently, the Georgia Tech Athletic Association announced the launch of a new fan initiative.

The program is called “The Gold Standard” and is an effort to gather good sportsmanship pledges from Georgia Tech fans.

The official site can be found at…or by clicking this link.

The “mission statement” follows:

The Gold Standard is a campus wide effort of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association to raise awareness of sportsmanship at all Georgia Tech Athletic events by increasing positive Yellow Jacket support; creating a sense of pride in Georgia Tech venues, events, and traditions; promoting appreciation for the spirit of competition and providing a safe, healthy and respectful game day environment for all.

In short, they’re asking Georgia Tech fans to cheer for the Jackets rather than against opposing teams.

This is a good common sense approach.  There seems to be a common thread that runs through athletic fandom at various levels, where “fans” …

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Season Tickets, the Home Schedule, & AP Poll

Like most collegiate season ticket holders, this past week included my own personal vigil for the FedEx delivery truck.

I was rewarded, on Tuesday, with my 2010 Georgia Tech season ticket package.   Tossing aside the various fillers and advertisements, I quickly found what I’d been waiting for…the tickets themselves.  The tickets showcase the helmets of both GT and the day’s opponent while also specifying the “theme” for the day.

  • September 4 - “Opening Day” against South Carolina State.  Another ubiquitous “bulldog” team and our first chance to see Al Groh’s 3-4 defense in action.
  • September 25 – “Family Weekend” against North Carolina State.   By the time we face the Wolfpack we’ll have already gone on the road against Kansas and North Carolina.  We’ll have a pretty good idea about how good this 2010 team will be.  NCSU will be coming off a Thursday night game against Cincinatti.
  • October 9 – “Homecoming” against Virginia.   The sixth game of the season will be both Homecoming …

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Images from Fan Day & Scrimmage Thoughts

The last two weekends have been pretty entertaining for Tech fans.

On the 7th, we had the 2010 Fan Day celebration.   There were easily seven or eight thousand fans there taking advantage of the chance to meet the team and coaches.   I was able to grab some video and still images from the event, which can be seen at the Youtube link below:

2010 Georgia Tech Fan Day

This morning, we had a chance to get at look at the offense and defense.  For most of us, it was the first real look at the Yellow Jacket team that will take the field in 2010.  Nesbitt didn’t participate in the Spring game and Groh hadn’t had time to really implement much of his defense at that point.  We also didn’t have all the new recruits on campus.

Before I get into any specifics, I need to make one statement.

Actually, you could consider it an apology of sorts.

So…here goes…

I’d like to apologize to all the fans of our opponents this season.  Josh Nesbitt and this Georgia Tech offense are going to run up and …

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Coaches Polls, Party Schools, and a Video of the Week!

Coaches’ Polls

As the AJC has reported, the USAToday Preseason Coaches’ Poll has been released:

The most important teams to focus can be found below:

3. Florida – Hosts UGA in Jacksonville on October 30

6. Virginia Tech – Hosts GT on November 4

10. Iowa – The team that defeated GT on the recent Orange Bowl

13. Miami (Fla.) – Visits GT on November 13

17. Georgia Tech – Clean Old Fashioned Hate…’nuff said…

18. North Carolina – Hosts GT on September 18

19. Arkansas – Visits UGA on September 18

21. Georgia - Clean Old Fashioned Hate…’nuff said…

23. Auburn- Hosts UGA November 13

A few things jump out at me pretty much immediately.

  1. The week of October 30 – November 4 pits UGA and GT against the #3 (UF) and #6 (VT) preseason teams.
  2. September 18 is huge for both Tech and UGA with games against UNC and Arkansas.
  3. November 13 is huge for both Tech and UGA with games against Miami and Auburn.
  4. Iowa is considered a Top 10 team.  GT’s BCS loss wasn’t against a push over.

The Jackets and …

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