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Making “Sense” of Expansion…

So I return from a family cruise in the Caribbean and all hades is breaking loose in college football.

Colorado bolts to the Pac 10, Boise State joins the Mountain West, and Nebraska jumps to the Big Ten(?).

The most interesting move there may actually be Boise State to the MWC.  Why?  Because that gives the MWC ten teams and shores up a conference that includes TCU, Utah, and BYU.  All three of those schools would have been potential Pac 10 or Big 12 targets…but the addition of Boise State to that league gives them a core of teams that can easily lobby for a BCS bid.  That reduces the likelihood that TCU, Utah, or BYU look elsewhere.

So if TCU and Utah are off the table as Big 12 replacements for Colorado and Nebraska what do the Texas and Oklahoma schools do?

This thing is getting to be a mess…and ironically, Notre Dame doesn’t really figure into the equation right now.  They may have sat idly by for too long, stroking their NBC contract and muttering “My Precious” under …

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