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Jackets Facing the Hokies in Greensboro…

Mark Fox should send the ACC offices a Thank You note after Marcus Thornton’s recent commitment.  He’d be a Yellow Jacket if the ACC had a bit of sense about how to handle recruits who get hosed when the coach that recruited them gets fired.  I figure Fox is a good enough coach without that sort of assistance from our conference.

Losing out on Knox after missing out on Thornton really puts Paul Hewitt in a bind.  Looks like we’ll be running a guard heavy offense this coming hoops season.  On the bright side, at least we won’t be confused about who is supposed to be playing what position in the post for the Jackets.  Lets hope the players and coaches aren’t confused either…

Rumors of conference expansion continue to swirl around and  I remain convinced that Tech is a better fit for the Big Ten (than the SEC) for a variety of reasons.  The biggest reason would be the money, honestly.  How would UGA fans react if GT were suddenly a member of the top power conference in …

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Big Ten Expansion and Georgia Tech

Blogs and message boards have been lit up this past week with reports that the Big Ten was going to invite Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri, and Rutgers.  Most of the interest and debate on the GT boards has revolved around a couple of topics…

The Potential Impact on the ACC

The general concensus seems to be that the SEC will not stand by idly while the Big Ten expands and becomes a new super conference complete with its own television network.  While the SEC will always have a strangle hold on southern football, an expanded Big Ten, with its own TV outlet, would very likely eclipse the SEC on the national level…especially when you consider the available TV and print media markets involved.

So who would the SEC grab in order to get to 16 teams and compete?

Many people throw out Texas, TAMU, Clemson, and Florida State.  The problem there is that its very unlikely that the Longhorns would be willing to leave the pro-rated revenue sharing of the Big 12 in order to get an even …

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Alabama, Ticket Sales, and Jack Leggett

Pushing Bama Back?
Now…I’ll admit that I don’t like Nick Saban and I don’t like Alabama. (No GT fan should like Bama honestly…we should still be holding a grudge after the Chick Granning incident and Bear Bryant’s back stabbing of Bobby Dodd with regards to the SEC…)

So I was a little miffed when the schedule was changed to push the game back. Like many other GT fans, I want to see that game played…as soon as possible. Tech has a habit of knocking Bama down when they are riding high.

I respect Dan Radakovich immensely and think we’ve very lucky to have him running the show down on The Flats right now, but I think his explanation of the postponement may not be 100% forthcoming. Doug Roberson quotes Radakovich as saying that Tech needs to balance out its schedule. Umm…having Bama come to GT in 2014 would have gone a LONG way towards that end since our home schedules have become notoriously weak in even years.

It just doesn’t make sense.

The Hive rumor that I tend to put the …

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