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Spring Game & the Draft

Spring Game

I loaded up my oldest daughter and headed down to campus this morning for our annual spring game ritual. Its become a tradition of sorts. She enjoys seeing Buzz and the cheerleaders and I enjoy the opportunity to keep my GT brainwashing plan on track. (My wife will be happy to hear that she still plans to go to school at Florida State…so I still have work left to do…)

The weather had dampened the crowd both literally and figuratively but there were still a few thousand folks on hand. I suspect they were all curious about the Groh 3-4 defense and how different things might look this season.

The biggest thing that jumped out at me was the fact that this defensive shift in philosophy may really help out Brad Jefferson, Anthony Egbuniwe, and AT Barnes.

Barnes has always been a tweener of sorts, not really fitting at the DE or LB position under Tenuta or Wommack.

Egbuniwe always seemed a little light for a defensive end and seemed to play with his pads too high …

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