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Looking back on a decade of GT football…

While driving around today, I heard the local radio pundits talking about the biggest stories, highs, and lows of the past decade in sports.

Of course, most of their comments were about UGA accomplishments.

The best thing about having this blog is the fact that I don’t have to call those guys and sit on hold.

So here goes…the biggest and best highlights that jump immediately to mind from the past 10 years of GT football…

2000 @ Clemson – George Godsey to Kerry Watkins with 7 seconds left, to beat a Clemson team that was in the national title hunt.  Tech fans still call this one “The Catch”.

2000 @ UGA – Godsey and Darryl Smith lead Tech to a 27-15 win, making it Three In A Row.  I still have my “Tech Fans for Donnan” shirt.  This was the first (and last) time my wife went to a game in Athens.

2003 vs Auburn – The first game at newly renovated Bobby Dodd Stadium saw a freshman (Reggie Ball) lead the Jackets to a 17-3 win over Auburn.  This ticket stub is framed and hanging …

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Happy Holidays Tech Fans

Greetings from sunny Tampa.  Just spent a few days at Disney with the kids and in-laws.  While chilly, it wasn’t nearly as cold as back in Atlanta.

The blog may be slow until we get closer to the bowl game.  There just isn’t much to write about since Coach Hewitt and the hoops team still haven’t seemed to turn the corner.  The overtime loss to the Noles recently was tough to take, since I’m in the midst of all my FSU in-laws.  Luckily for me, they don’t really pay attention to basketball.

But then…I can’t say too much.  I’ve pretty much lost interest in hoops as well.  Its a sad commentary from a person who used to actually have season tickets and lived and died with this team through the 2004 NCAA run.  My oldest daughter was born right at the beginning of that year’s tourney and I spent all those games holding her in my lap while rubbing her head for good luck.

I haven’t watched a single minute of GT hoops this season…and I don’t miss it.  That’s sad.  I chalk it …

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Idle Ramblings While Watching Army / Navy

I’m watching Army vs Navy and I’m pulling for the guys from West Point.  I know Coach Johnson came to us from Navy, but I have to pull for Army due to family connections now.

All in all, its fun to watch a couple of teams run the triple option against each other.  Unfortunately its looking like Army is running out of steam.  The Middies are pulling ahead now after trailing Army for most of the game.  Ricky Dobbs just set the NCAA quarterback rushing TD record.  That’s pretty impressive.

Quick thoughts on a few things…

The Heisman Trophy

I think Suh and Gerhart are obviously the two best players in the country.  They should lead the voting if the people casting ballots stick to the spirit of the award and don’t let it turn into the popularity contest that has tarnished the award over the past 5-10 years.

Lets look at a snippet of the Mission Statement on the Heisman Trophy website…

The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player …

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2009 ACC Conference Champions!

Well fellow Tech fans…we’re Orange Bowl bound!

The Jackets prevailed in a tough, hard fought game against the Tigers tonight.

It was a game typical of many of our past experiences playing Clemson. These things always come down to the end…its rarely an easy win for either team.   Both teams went down swinging.   No lack of effort on either sideline.

Scott Blair and Josh Nesbitt were the heroes for the Jackets tonight, but the real star was CJ Spiller in a losing effort.

Spiller cranked out 301 all purpose yards against a defense that quite honestly stunk it up for most of the game.  (But that’s a topic for another blog.)

Right now…lets just bask in the glow of the ACC Title, which was the team’s #1 goal all season long.

This was a program boosting victory tonight…and a signal that with a few improvements (on defense) the Jackets are more than capable of playing for all the marbles under Paul Johnson’s leadership.

Go Jackets!

2009 ACC …

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Biggest Game of the Year Coming Up!

ACC Title Game is the Biggest of the Season

Make no mistake GT fans…the #1 goal of the team this season is the win the ACC title game.

A win there would propel the Jackets into their first BCS bowl game and their first major bowl since  the Citrus when we secured a share of the 1990 National Title.   A win would give us a chance to finish the season with a BCS win that would propel us to a potential Top 5 finish as the owners of a 12-2 record.

A win in the next two games would be a national statement heard well beyond Georgia’s state borders.

Let the UGA fans bark and chase their tails all they want.  They have no impact on our chances for a conference title and Orange Bowl bid.  They’re simply not relevant now that our game with them is behind us.  We control our own destiny and path…not UGA.

As Paul Johnson has said more than once since he arrived on campus, “Good teams don’t lose two games in a row.”  We have the chance to prove that tomorrow.

Speaking of Paul …

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