Back from Tally…Strangest Game Day Ever!

This will be another quick hitter since its been a long weekend with lots of driving, lightning storms, and a crazy football game which went well past midnight on Saturday.

Saturday was one of the most insane football game days I’ve experienced in quite awhile.  The day started off really hot but then the storms arrived mid-day and brought the humidity with them.  And for the last few hours before the game, the sky cleared up and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.

But then the game starts and FSU and GT trade touchdown drives before the PA announcers tell everyone the game is being suspended for lightning.  Now…its important to understand that at this point noone had seen a hint of lightning or even felt a rain drop.  We’re all looking around with a “You’ve gotta be kidding!” look on our faces.

So off we go, into the bowels of Doak Campbell to wait out a little over an hour’s worth of a lightning delay.

Let me tell you, fellow GT fans, as bad as you think the restrooms are in Bobby Dodd…we’ve got nothing on FSU.  The “modern” restrooms in Doak are as bad or worse than the old dungeon we used to have below the East Stands.  I kid you not.

In the end, we all know what happened and how crazy the game itself was.  I’ll touch on those details in a blog later in the week.

What I’m interested in now are the recollections and experiences some of you may have had this past week during your own treks down to Tallahassee.  How was tailgating, what did you think about the FSU crowd, and what did you think about the show…both from Mother Nature and the GT offense?

Those of you who watched on TV, could you hear the GT band and faithful on the broadcast?  I thought Tech fans travelled really well and that our band really did a good job throughout a long exhausting night…

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Jim Grogan

October 12th, 2009
2:41 am

Alabama Jack

October 12th, 2009
2:46 am

Fans and band showed up well on TV – at the end, I think everyone, on and off the field was drained. I know most of us at home were.


October 12th, 2009
3:12 am

I thought the band was much louder than fsu’s. much louder. The look on the fsu fans’ faces was priceless in the second half.


October 12th, 2009
3:24 am

ESPN cued up their bumper music late and you got to hear the first few bars of “When You Say Bud”…


October 12th, 2009
3:28 am

Mississippi State bathrooms are the worse… Peeing on a wall with water shooting on your feet.


October 12th, 2009
3:48 am

Ditto on the MSU restrooms, but the digital megatron was great….

Band sounded very loud on TV


October 12th, 2009
3:49 am

I thought FSU fans were pretty obnoxious, especially for a team that grasped defeat from the jaws of victory last year. The worst were a bunch who yelled “go dawgs!” at us, apparently completely unaware that georgia had gotten drilled by Tennessee earlier that day. And then there were the fans that just sang the war chant at us, oh man was that intimidating.

These were mostly college-age fans though, the older fans were much better.


October 12th, 2009
4:37 am

Years ago I accepted some tickets from a friend of mine to go to the FSU / Tech game at Bobby Dodd, so my wife and I went. Unfortunately, he was a FSU season ticket holder, so the tickets were deep in FSU territory. We had to deal with a number of rude FSU fans, and I vowed to never do that again.


October 12th, 2009
5:25 am

I have to say, my wife and I enjoyed the trip down there but the best part was seeing so many Tech faithful fans in the stands. The band was louder than the FSU band almost the whole game although the Thriller performance by the FSU band was quite a surprise. The most surprising thing for me (other than the 400+ yards of offense allowed to FSU before halftime) was the fact that the penalty calls actually went for Tech and not against us like all the games with FSU in the past. It’s just amazing what Paul Johnson has done with this team that Gailey could never accomplish…it’s a whole different complexion. I agree with the other comments that there were a lot of obnoxious FSU fans (I heard the dang “Go Dawgs” comment, too) but after the game, it felt good to walk out proud with a win in Tallahassee! Let’s just go out there and beat the Hokies!


October 12th, 2009
6:19 am

The band was loud and playing great on the broadcast. The only thing missing was the steam whistle on the scoreboard every time we made a first down. What a game, but an even better effort by the team. They made everyone proud. Coach Johnson is a true leader and winning games at places nobody else was ever able to accomplish. Just an outstanding coach.

Go to for more Georgia Tech Football articles.


October 12th, 2009
7:45 am

It was great…. When I heard the “Gp Dawgs” comment… All I did was the Gator Chomp and that shut them up.


October 12th, 2009
11:49 am

I know this is a bit off subject from the blog, but I have to say that I was thrilled to see a coach make actual adjustments at halftime. How many times did we take the lead to the locker room under Chan only to get beat? (ND, UGA more than once, FSU, etx). I know the D gave up 500+ yards, but only a little more than 100 in the second half. That is coaching! And Josh Nesbitt is both intelligent and tough as nails. Kept the ball inbounds late instead of breaking outside to score. Would rather win than to pad his own stats. I love it.


October 12th, 2009
12:57 pm

D came up big in the second half….nice adjustments. I agree the band sounded LOUD on TV, especially in the second half. Nesbitt is a warrior…the kid knows what it takes to win.

GO JACKETS!! See you on the Flats Saturday!!!


October 12th, 2009
12:59 pm

I was watching on TV & was so into the game that I did not know that Tech a band down to the game. Can’t wait to see the replay.


October 12th, 2009
1:07 pm

The whole band was there. I think they actually did us a favor by putting us above and behind the F$U band and underneath an overhang. It helped the sound travel well.


October 12th, 2009
1:45 pm

Did anyone else notice that Bob Davie is a complete moron and the worst commentator in the history of television ?


October 12th, 2009
1:53 pm

I chuckled at Davie and the other announcer singing the praises of Florida State and going on and on and on while GT was already in the endzone. Idiots


October 12th, 2009
2:24 pm

Our 2000 fans and band produced more noise and spirit than FSUs 80000 fans and band. The pregame show and halftime show were great – especially the helicopter fly over. I was sitting in the University club and shook the hands of one of the helicopter gunners – they were almost that low!! The FSU fans were terrific and very complimentary of our band, fans, and our offense.

Great job by the fans, the band, and the TEAM! That was a great win considering all of the emotional influence that FSU had on their side. Living in Florida, this was definitely a win one for the “Gipper” type of game and our team was able to overcome that.

THWG and bring on the Hokies!


October 12th, 2009
2:28 pm

Overall, weather and tailgate was great – except for 2 occasions which rained, once in the afternoon and the one at the game. We were tailgating with the people from The Hive behind a church/school only about 0.5 mi from the stadium. For the most part, FSU fans were nice to us, except for a few, but that’s to be expected, I suppose. What really got me were the fans who screamed F-U to us and said that our football team sucks and that we’re over-rated. I wonder what that makes them to be beaten by a team that apparently sucks and being over-rated when we were ranked only at 22nd/23rd before the game.


October 12th, 2009
2:32 pm

Yes, another thing to note, our band was pretty loud and FSU’s Thriller at half time was one of the best thing I’ve ever seen at half time. Got to admit, seeing 80k people do the chop and seeing the wave of hands go up and down gave me chills.


October 12th, 2009
2:35 pm

I think Bobby Bowden’s interview at half time where he was lost for words to describe our offense is really all the endorsement we need about the triple option.


October 12th, 2009
2:36 pm

Good seeing you at the Chapel Rd GT tailgate, Chris. The wife and I had a great time in Florida – 3 days at the beach followed by a great day of tailgating with GT fans, and capped off by an amazing game for the ages. Could be the last one I see in person coached by ole Bobby. The band was awesome. During the delay, the drum corps played under our seats in the breezeway for the last 45+ minutes of the delay. Simply awesome.

Re: the FSU fans, it really appears to be a house divided. Most all of them seem to love their coach, but lots of them are ready to see him move on. Had several welcome handshakes with some FSU fans prior to the game, but then watched as a couple of FSU fans broke into a fight with one another while entering the stadium. Sign of the times, I suppose.

Can’t say enough about the GT offense and their amazing leader under center. He simply would not allow us to lose. The O is really hitting its stride right now. Bring on the hokies!

GT Fan...

October 12th, 2009
2:36 pm

Hot, muggy day – made worse by the midday down pour – from the Civic Center parking lot. I wasn’t real impressed by the tailgaiting atmosphere, but I’m thinking we were in the wrong area for good tailgaiting. Still though, walking around nearby areas, we didn’t notice any notable tailgating atmospheres. I think, b/c of the oppressive heat, that most people get “game ready” inside sportsbars. Noticed lots of people in our parking lot who stayed inside their A/C’d RVs. But was suprised that it only cost $7 to park!

We were not overly impressed. Maybe they are a bit confused based on the current situation surrounding the program. Yeah, there we quite a few obnoxious FSU fans who obviously think the current Noles are the Noles of the 90’s ….. NOT! Uniform seating – can see easily how loud & intimidating it could be.

Yeah, we were all saying the same thing about the PA announcement “lightening in the area” …. where is it, the sky is clear?

It appeared that PJ and the boys were litterally pushing buttons in dialing up whatever kind of drive they wanted, i.e. 1 play, 3 plays, 16 plays, etc. They couldn’t be stopped!

How miserable would it have been weather wise had the game been at 3:30 or 1:00 ?????


October 12th, 2009
3:34 pm

We had a great time in Talle……The Nole fans we encountered were very nice. Loved the town and campus…..One of the craziest games I have ever seen. I have never seen our offense that good and defense that bad! To CPJ and the teams’ credit, they found a way to win. I thought the FSU fans and team were very much behind Bobby and assumed we were going to be in for one hell of a battle. I love our fight to the end attitude. We just have to find some defense!!

Good crowd of Tech folks at the game. We sat very near the Tech band. They were awesome! Great day with a Ugag loss thrown in for good measure! Got to get ready for the Hokies!!

Go Jackets and THWG!!!!


October 12th, 2009
3:41 pm

The band sounded great!
Couldn’t believe the comparison to the game at Mississippi State. The band at MSU wasn’t even near the Tech fans, it was ACROSS the field all by itself!
What can you say about this Tech-FSU game, it was UNBELIEVABLE.
I say “It’ great to be a YELLOW JACKET!!!” And we are so thankful for Paul Johnson!
Josh Nesbitt for the HEISMAN!

North Florida Jacket

October 12th, 2009
4:20 pm

I attended the game with a friend who is a FSU season ticket holder. We both went to the Tech-FSU game in Atlanta last year. I sat on the home side about the 20 yard line 60 rows up on the end of the stadium with the bands. I have watched GT play FSU about 6 times now at Tallahassee and I personally think that Saturday night was the best showing of Jacket fans and support at Doak. I thought the band did a great job. I could hear them easily from my seat. The bathrooms are bad there.

I sat by a bunch of older FSU fans with some younger ones mixed in there. Most of them were nice to me. A few of them would always look at me with disgust when I would stand up and cheer when we made a good play. The mutt fans are the worse though. I’m proud of my Jackets and their composure on the road in a hostile environment. People can say what they want to, but FSU did show up and gave it their all. Their fans showed up and supported them well.

North Florida Jacket

October 12th, 2009
4:24 pm

I did have a lady approach me before the game at the restaurant I ate at to tell me she was going to apologize for the beating they were about to give us. I just smiled and replied saying “that’s ok, but will see about that at the end of the game.” I wish I could of found her at the end of the game to accept that apology…LOL!


October 12th, 2009
5:20 pm

I thought the FSU fans were fine. Not rude at all. Our fans were great during the game. The play where Nesbitt took the ball back was the play of the game and one I will remember forever. His personal tenacity reminded me of Jerry Mays in his last game versus UGA when he ran for 200 yards. Just complete determination to win the game. I am proud to be a fuzzy bee.


October 12th, 2009
5:34 pm

My brother is a Nole, so we sat together at the game. The pregame show made in Noles look unbeatable. If hype and Hoopla would win football games We would not have had a chance! But great fun. If that horse, Renagade, had had to run around after every touchdown that game would have killed him.

After 30 years of getting beat by FSU I finally get to see him the Jackets win in Tallahassee!

If we can win there we can beat Virginia Tech at Grant Field!!

EE ‘63


October 12th, 2009
6:18 pm

The Jacket fans showed up loud and proud. The band did very well. The FSU fans were all very nice (40 yard line, visitor side) but are SHOCKED that they are not in the top 10. They love Bobby and supported their team well. They are having a hard time taking the fall. This is really a mentally tough team. They may loose, but they never quit. Glad to be a Jacket. Beat the Turkeys!


October 12th, 2009
6:53 pm

I will actually stand up for some of the FSU fans.. I had tickets from a season ticket holder/booster of FSU and me and a few friends were supporting our team in a classy manner (aka not insulting fans or players) and an FSU fan started cursing at us. Immediately aa group of boosters yelled at them for being jerks and threatened to get them kicked out since they were not in their seats…

I guess it depends on your seating location…

BTW it is awesome to do the Budweiser Song in a group of FSU boosters…


October 12th, 2009
8:39 pm

I agree for the most part is was a great day in Tally but it was a strange day all around. We had what sounds like the experience of most people, some very nice fans and some extremely rude fans.


October 12th, 2009
10:28 pm

from the opposition…

GAME: Went as I expected, thought it would us take 40 to win, turns out it would’ve took 50. The only D in the country worse than GT’s is probably FSU’s… both D’s got absolutely ripped and have major holes.

TAILGATE: After already hosting Miami and USF, this pre-game was pretty tame.

GT CROWD: Had no probs with anyone but I’m very surprised to read yall consider that travelling well. Visitors allotment was 3/4ths empty.

FSU CROWD: We are a mixed bunch right now between BB supporters and denouncers, we are still trying to support our players. Sadly, every game now has a silver lining to losing. BB is going to have a much harder time coming back if we go 4-8 than 8-4. I was happy to see our O and HCIW do well and the coaches we want replaced continue to struggle.

Overall, I had as good of a time losing as I ever have… I thought FSU’s best play of the game was prob ‘Thriller’ at half time by the Marching Chiefs and albeit tame, GT bought a respectable and classy bunch so that was a nice change after Miami and USF.

Good luck to yall the rest the way out!

Not Disappointed

October 13th, 2009
1:08 pm

I wish I could’ve went. I attend most games regardless of home or away. Just have so much work with the bridge repairs, flooding etc. My wife wish we had gone.

I got in the bed after 11 and listen to Wes on the Radio. She kicked me and Wes/Radio out of the bed at 11:55pm! She scream “turn the Damn TV back on you Putz!” You should have went. I would have received more rest in the RV! Look at the fun we are missing!

Needless to say, I want miss anymore. “It nothing like blogging while tailgating.” I enjoyed Miss St, but Hate the restroom. It’s like something out of movie “Deliverance”

Sounds like our Fans had a blast! Ramblin Wreck!

Copy Editor

October 13th, 2009
8:22 pm

Not Disappointed– I am very disappointed in whatever you just tried to type.

band nerd

October 14th, 2009
3:47 am

Hey, I’m in the GT band, and I wanted to thank all you guys for the compliments. I’m sure the rest of the band would be appreciative too, if they read AJC blogs. We really do make an effort to make our presence be known (especially on the road), and its great that apparently we did so. I’ll have to watch the replay after reading all those comments. For those who were wondering why we weren’t as loud at Miss St, it’s because we only brought a pep band (about 1/3 of the full band), and we weren’t towering over the stadium like we were in Tallahassee.

As for the game day experience, we got there 3 hours before the game and had a quick practice. Our truck broke down on the way, so we had to rearrange everything to fit all the tubas and pit equipment under the buses with all the luggage. When we got there, the storms had passed, but it was pretty hot, and the humidity was the worst I’ve ever seen (and I’ve lived in GA my whole life). Wasn’t too impressed with the campus, and the only FSU people I talked to were FSU band people, so they kind of have to be nice. After the great game, we didn’t leave the stadium till like 2am (on the way out, we stopped to applaud the players with some fans as they went to there buses, so that slowed us down) and then we got a 6 hour bus ride home with a bunch of sweaty band kids and no showers. So overall, great win, good weekend, long day.

Trade School Junkie

October 14th, 2009
2:04 pm


Here’s why I have ALWAYS seen F$U was nothing but a bunch of thugs. Check out the play-by-play description on the right hand side.

This type of crap was MUCH MUCH worse when GT played F$U back in the 1990’s.

Hey, theyre not called FELONY STATE UNIVERSITY for nothing.

Sea Island

October 14th, 2009
4:23 pm

Glorified high school stadium not sold out for game vs #4. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …………………………


October 14th, 2009
8:07 pm

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. – Sophomore Irina Falconi of the Georgia Tech Women’s Tennis Team defeated Georgia’s Chelsey Gullickson in straight sets Sunday to capture the 2009 Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American Championships singles title at the Riviera Tennis Club.


October 15th, 2009
12:29 am

I hold FSU and GT season tickets. Totally different experiences. The game faces on the Seminoles this time – definitely mad about their poor performance, and with low expectations. Tailgating in booster lots is a totally different experience from the Civic Center. And I have found most FSU fans to be classy except when you encounter drunks, and they are the same everywhere. Weather was typical – this is Florida.
And it is sad to see a fine program slip so far so fast.
My opinion on the team problem is Mickey Andrews doesn’t have the defensive stars like he once could draw. The D used to keep them in the game and the O finally came through. Now the D is not contributing.
And the stadium – looks great in the seats but very old and rough in the bowels.


October 15th, 2009
2:27 pm

I went to Tech for undergrad and FSU for grad school. To get the good tailgating atmosphere you’ve got to be in sight of the stadium. The Civic Center lot is just way too far away.

The FSU fans made some good natured jokes about my Tech apparel, but for the most part the fans down there already had their spirits broken. None of them expected to win before the game and weren’t going to talk any trash.

Given, I was around an older crowd and didn’t encounter many current students, but you have to expect the students to be obnoxious. We can’t really say our young fans aren’t just as bad on a lot of occasions. I was really ashamed of the stories my friends from BC brought back after they attended their game in Atlanta a few years ago.