Yellow Jackets Out of the Top 25

Well, the latest AP Top 25 rankings are out and the Jackets aren’t on the list.

Its funny how quickly you can go from knocking on the door of the Top 10 to being an also-ran that doesn’t get a mention on the list at all.

If Tech had defeated Miami we’d be discussing a Top 10 ranking right now.  If Tech had played Miami competitively and not gotten shoved all over the field we’d still be talking about a Top 25 rating.

Instead…Tech isn’t ranked…

And why is that?

A combination of things, in my opinion:

  • The Jackets defensive line has been dominated and rendered a non-factor for six quarters of football now.  Only Derrick Morgan’s first half against Clemson prevents me from giving the squad a poor review for the entirety of the past two games.
  • The new “wolf defense” looks ineffective overall.  With pitiful defensive line performances, the Jackets need another linebacker on the field making plays instead of a hybrid defensive back that is less than useful and stout in short yardage situations.  Can Tech go back to a base 4-3 defense where we can blitz linebackers and defensive backs in order to get some pressure?
  • The Jackets offense has sputtered since the second half against Clemson, with Dwyer being shut down and Nesbitt looking tentative and ineffective.
  • The Jackets passing game consists almost entirely of vertical passes down field that are highly inefficient and unreliable in an offense that only has one viable receiving threat.  Until Melton, Hill, Cone, or someone else other than Thomas starts catching balls, this won’t change.

So what’s going right for the Jackets?  I can rustle up a few things off the top of my head that might end this blog on a high note…

  • Orwin Smith and Jerrard Tarrant look great on kick returns.  We just need to make sure Tarrant is getting more touches than Smith…more punts than kickoffs please!
  • Thomas is looking really polished and dangerous at the wide receiver position.  We just need to get him the ball on some shorter or quicker routes so that he can make something happen with his feet in open space rather than compete for jump balls 40 yards down field.
  • Coach Johnson isn’t the type of guy to accept the performance and effort from the past two games.  That much is evident from the fact that the team doesn’t appear to have given up and quit in the Miami debacle.  As long as they keep playing hard, we need to keep cheering hard.
  • As bad as the Jackets defense has been the past six quarters, Tech isn’t saddled with Willie Martinez…things COULD be worse..

Go Jackets!

Beat UNC!

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September 20th, 2009
4:01 pm

Enter your comments hereWhat? No comment on your hilarious list on
your previous blog? Tech is ranked just about where they deserved
to be. Maybe you should worry about your own defensive coach instead
of GA.’s. Cant wait to see this weeks Top 10.


September 20th, 2009
4:19 pm

The bigger problem that no one will question and or ask is can we win a national championship with that type of offense and will we get top recruits over the long haul with such a concept on offense.

I would note that none of the top high school quarterbacks are even listing GT on their list of schools to attend


September 20th, 2009
4:32 pm

Enter your comments here
For the redneck Uga fans on this blog laughing about Tech’s ranking, remember last November Tech was ranked 22 and Uga was 11 before we played each other. Now say something.
Ugay barely beat an unranked SC team and an unranked Petrino coached Arkansas team. Not to mention they got drummed by an over-ranked Ok St. team that got hammered by Houston. All of a sudden ugay fans are excited again.
So, please stay on your own board and you can talk about how good Calen King, Samuel, Cox and Martinez are.
I hate uga !

"Toe Meets Leather"

September 20th, 2009
4:40 pm

The recent setback is temporary. We’ll be back in the polls before too long. One day soon, we will get back to the top spot in the polls…like we were in one poll at the end of the 1990 season, partly because of our 41-38 last-second victory over Virginia. THE artistic depiction of Scott Sisson’s kick is now available at !


September 20th, 2009
4:42 pm

How many top QB recruits had Tech on their list when Gailey was here?
If you don’t know then I’ll tell you. Zero.
You’re next question, can Tech win a NC with this offense?
Maybe not. But I like our chances a million times better with PJ’s spread than Gailey’s predictable, boring, stubborn non-scoring system.
So from now on anytime any of you question what we have, just think back to what we use to have with Gailey.


September 20th, 2009
4:53 pm

polls are no big…if we take care of business against north carolina on saturday, we’ll probably re-enter the polls…and if we don’t beat the tarheels, we’ll be 2-2 and obviously don’t belong in the top 25. i believe in coach johnson, and his offensive schemes. see you on the Flats on saturday!

Ga Tech Old Timer

September 20th, 2009
4:57 pm

I don’t mean to second guess Coach – BUT – no Offense no matter how diverse, no matter how many studs in the backfield, no matter how good a running quarterback who can mostly read the defense, no matter how much speed at WR – will EVER be successful until 1) the offensive line does it’s job on every play 2) the quarterback can look for and hit alternate receivers on occasion, 3) short passes are integrated into the playbook, 4) the WHOLE offense plays every down like the game is on the line with fire in their gut and a determination win at all cost – no let up. And, no Defense no matter how young and inexperienced will ever be successful without 1) a defensive coach who can coach with imagination using the players in the best position to stop the run or pass based on given down and distance – 2) the defensive coach to change personnel around on the line and secondary to keep the offense off balance while mixing up coverages and having formations flexible enough to recover when the unexpected comes at them. We say our team is young and inexperienced on defense – what have the defensive coaches done to provide support other than say “we hope someone steps up and gives Morgan some help”? The team isn’t comprised only of those between the lines during a game – we need leadership both in the huddle and on the sidelines. Someone needs to step up and take that role and take ownership other just Coach Johnson.

Sautee Dawg

September 20th, 2009
5:12 pm

Enter your comments here

Boggs, so much for Morgan molesting Jacory Harris. Why do you take so long to blog after a game?
Just another example of fan base.

Coral Gables

September 20th, 2009
5:39 pm

(((((((33-17)))))) hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Real Dawg Fan

September 20th, 2009
6:33 pm

Crack’s me up……. the polls meant everything until Tech was not in them anymore. Then it should not be until …. maybe after the 4th game. You Tech fans are so funny. Time for me to leave this nerd site and go to the dawg blog where real fans are. Feel free to come see some football talk by REAL and not Fairweather fans! See you!!!


September 20th, 2009
7:56 pm

The problems on offense are correctable. The problems on defense much less so.

We’ll have to rely on our offense to win games and hope our defense can scrape by. Just make sure our wide receivers and a-backs make the tackles they’re supposed to make and our running game is back in business.


September 20th, 2009
8:20 pm

Don’t forget the O-line…which must make it happen for protection and run execution. In general, we need a major tune-up if not overhaul in most areas. The newer players have to perform. Forget the rankings and get to the basics. Go Buzz!


September 20th, 2009
8:26 pm

Tech deserved to drop out of the top 25. The team has taken a step back from last year. The defense worse, both lines are worse, and the QB Nesbit is unimproved. Some one said it would take 2 years before everyone adjusted to the “spread” offense. Looks like it was only 1 year.

That being said, the Georgia Institute of Technology is about academics. The rest is just fluff.

saint simons

September 20th, 2009
8:34 pm

((((((((((((((((33-17)))))))))))))))))))))) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

UNRANKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GT dropped more than 12 spots!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saint Simons is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


September 20th, 2009
8:44 pm

There should be no polls until after the 4th game of the season. Get most of the COC and cupcakes out of the way then start the polls. Why is USC west still in the poll. They lost to a team that didn’t win a game last year. Tech has not showed enough Offense and UGA has shown no Defense. The game is played on the field not in some writers mind.

Who is GT??

September 20th, 2009
9:45 pm

Enter your comments hereGT IS IRRLEVANT!!!!


September 20th, 2009
11:36 pm

Couple of things. First, the only thing this weekend did is to confirm that neither in state team has much of a D. UGA has nothing to gloat about. I am proud of Joe Cox. Deep down, I think the reasonable GT folks are as well.

No one should be surprised about GT’s defense. The d line was being masked by the new 4-2-5 alignment. The d line and the o line are undersized. Fault Gailey all you want to but he could recruit linemen. Johnson’s “speed first” philosophy might not be the answer.

Everyone knew that Tech was going to be forced to pass. I said in order for Tech to get to the next level, the offense was going to have to diversify.

The season is far from over for both schools. The main thing for the tech folks to realize is winning the ACC is still very possible. We need to find some defensive players who can cover a receiver and a coach who can teach them.


September 21st, 2009
12:49 am

Real Dawg Fan, would you be talking about the ‘real fans’ on the mutt blogs that are yelling at each other (mutt fan vs. mutt fan) about whether or not cmr can get the job done?! Whether or not Martinez should be fired or not?! How about all those crotch sniffers that were calling Joe Cox all kinds of complimentory things…NOT! I mean, seriously, with fans like ya’lls….who needs enemies!

DawginLex, again, thank you for sharing your wisdom….I’d buy you a beer anyday! You’re a reasonable and good man in my book… for a Dawg fan, that is! ;o)

Who is GT??, we’re the team that beat ya’ll last season…I thought Saint Simon had been doing a thorough job on THAT reminder.

Saint Simon (The fake), at least Saint Simon uses his/her own ‘name’ when they post.



September 21st, 2009
5:21 am

Jon Tenuta,

Where is Jon Tenuta, Tech fans ? Can you say you let him go with Paul Johnson coming in.

You come running to our blog to tell us we will LOSE to Arkansas and DROP from the rankings. Yet, in the AP Polll only UGA has been ranked in the Final AP Poll every year starting 1997, Tech is not ranked and UGA Number 21.

In the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, Tech is not ranked and UGA Number 17.

While UGA has Joe Cox winning National Awards obviously, Josh Nesbitt goes 6 of 15 with now 9 interceptions to only 5 TD passes as he loses again with 29 yards on 14 rushes.

And, then we come in here and read with your 1 wide receiver on your whole team who hasn’t quit and left the program that we have Willie Martinez when Tech’s pass defense is Number 85 and your turnover margin is number 80. Your Scoring Defense at Tech is Number 78, Total Defense Number 87, and your Passing Offense Number 110.

Why don’t you go screaming into the night that Tech is ranked the Number 35 college by U.S. News and World Report. We’re number 35; we’re number 35, we’re number 35. You are a joke. No one runs around bragging you are number 35 at anything.

Wait. Tech does.


September 21st, 2009
5:29 am

Just finished watching the game for the 3rd time. The main reason this game played out the way it did is simply the A-Backs ineffective blocking. There were many long running plays that never materialized because the A-Back WHIFFED on his assignment.
A. Allen is one of the most exciting players on the team with the ball in his hands BUT he needs to buy into the TEAM concept. He’s probably the worst blocker on the team. That’s something that can be fixed with coaching and desire….does he want to do it???


September 21st, 2009
5:42 am

That has NOTHING to do with why you LOST.

Your QB cannot throw or run the football.

Your Defense cannot stop the pass.

You play in a lousy conference against nobody football teams and get no respect.

You don’t have a Defensive Coordinator since Jon Tenuta left when Paul Johnson came here.

And, your recruiting sucks.

In addition to all this, your players cannot pass their classes.

Hey, AA...

September 21st, 2009
7:11 am

RE: “For the redneck Uga fans on this blog laughing about Tech’s ranking, remember last November Tech was ranked 22 and Uga was 11 before we played each other. Now say something.”

OK – this ain’t LAST YEAR!


September 21st, 2009
8:23 am

I was wrong!I had hoped we finally found a coach that would turn our program around,but we are still a joke.I’m going to switch and become a Georgia fan because I’m sick of being inferior.This option offense is laughable!


September 21st, 2009
2:26 pm

GT lost the game down in the trenches. You could not block UM on offense, and you got blowed out the holes on defense to the tune of almost 200 yards on the ground for UM!

Yes that number has been lost in the discussion! UM had almost 200 yards on the ground! JHarris only attempted 25 passes, and completed 20 of those because play action killed you.

Until both side of the line change, you are in for a long season.
As an ACC partner, we in Coral gables wish you the best especially in OOC games!


September 21st, 2009
3:17 pm

Your Mickey Mouse offence has been exposed!! Get used to it!! You can’t run an offence without the threat of the forward pass.


September 21st, 2009
5:06 pm

Hey Bulldog fans…You should be proud of yourseves. You pull two games out against 2 suspect teams and you are all over our team…on our blog. I promise this team will be back. And Blindog, learn to spell.


September 21st, 2009
5:09 pm

“yourselves”, sorry…too used to reading the illiterate garbage posted by UGA fans.


September 21st, 2009
6:46 pm

We have barely won 2 games and lost 1 due to poor personnel executing their positions…..Where has Luke Cox been, he is the best blocking back, yet he hasn’t been seen???? When you look at the film it is maddening how terrible the blocking is by the A backs……. when are we going to wise up?

Alabama Jack

September 21st, 2009
6:47 pm

Hint for reading this blog – ignore any poster with dawg as part of their name.

Re: Will this offense win a national championship? I don’t know, but UGA’s offense hasn’t one in twenty nine years, nor is it likely to this year.

Recruiting – we are always going to be at a disadvantage against the football factories, and the third pro conference – the SEC. Live with it.

Defense: We love Willie Martinez. Put him charge of the offense and special teams as well.

As for our team – Respect All, Fear None.

A true believer


September 21st, 2009
7:05 pm

Maybe Nesbitt is asked to do too much. He can’t be the primary running back and a good QB at the same time. We got an abundance of excellent running backs who should run the ball, Nesbit should only be handing off to his B backs, pitching to his A backs or throwing to his receivers. Nesbitt running the ball should be the last option. JMHO Beat NC on Saturday!!

But I thought.......

September 21st, 2009
8:23 pm

1) Miami doesn’t have near the athletes that Clemson had in Spiller and Ford. (Right!!!)

2) Harris will have to keep his head on a swivel to avoid getting molested repeatedly by Derrick Morgan. (I think the opposite happened here)

3) Tech has better defensive backs than FSU does and the big plays won’t come as easily. (HAHAHA!!!!)

4) Miami doesn’t seem to be willing to run the ball or have the discipline to exploit the biggest weakness in the GT defense. (boy did they ever exploit that defense)

5) The Miami defense didn’t look tough enough or disciplined enough to handle Tech’s offensive pressure for four quarters. (Offense, what offense? Tech hasn’t had an offense since the first half against Jax St.)

6) There is no number 6….. (which makes your blog even more hilarious than it already was)

7) The Jackets weren’t “stopped” by Clemson…418 yards (301 on the ground) isn’t “stopped”. (Oh they were stopped alright. Tech did nothing from the early 2nd quarter to the last minute drive)

8) Jerrard Tarrant is a weapon that Miami will have to be concerned about. You can’t give Paul Johnson great field position on big kick returns and win the game. (Miami didn’t seem too concerned with anyone quite frankly.)

9) Tech will learn from the Clemson comeback and will maintain focus and intensity on the road, away from the friendly fans and confines of Bobby Dodd Stadium. (Yeah, they sure were focused and intense.)

10) The Tech defense made plays when they had to against Clemson…which is a better team than Miami. (Miami is still laughing at this comment)

“In closing…with sincere apologies to Jacory Harris…the “U” isn’t back based on the merit of a win against a sub-standard FSU team that struggled to put away Jacksonville State at home. Miami may not have any starters on their roster at this point who were around the last time the Canes beat the Jackets…and that won’t have changed come Friday morning.” (Would you like some whine to go with that crow, Chris? Why did you wait almost three days from your last game update to this blog post? Surely you weren’t hiding from eating your crow were you?)

Oh and let’s not forget the most memorable line of the week: “Miami’s still not in Tech’s league.” (Oh boy and just what league is that Chris? Who’s in who’s league now? Who’s ranked top 10 and who’s not?)

I like your fan style Chris, but I would have had a lot more respect for you had you shown up Friday morning with this assessment instead of waiting until Sunday evening to post it.

Oh and one more thing.......

September 21st, 2009
8:27 pm

The U is back and it seems FSU isn’t too shabby either.


September 21st, 2009
8:38 pm

Where to start.

The problem is not the “wolf” position. They ran that same formation a lot last year & it works. They just did not have a name for it last year.

D line. Go back & look at the stats. The D line was not very good last year. Just not enough real good D line players. Tech has not had a good D line since the 1990 team.

The offense has “sputtered” since day one. The offense looked inept in the Jax State game. Offense only scored 1 TD from scrimmage against Clemson. The problem is the O line plus the inability of any other position to consistently make their blocks.

The coaching staff has a real problem.

They are playing NC this week & NC threw 28 points on Tech last year.
Look at the schedule – who are you going to guarantee a win against?

Football is a game of blockling & tackling. He who blocks & tackles the best usually wins.


September 21st, 2009
10:02 pm

All this focus on a mediocre N. Carolina team? Even after losing to them last year, this was suppose to be a stepping stone game, a win I counted this year. Looks like another loss, I don’t see a lot of improvement after last season’s miracle in Athens. Wolf seems like a fairy tale not a defensive scheme.

A Realist

September 21st, 2009
11:10 pm

GA Tech is REALLY in need of a QB that can handle the option AND ALSO THAT CAN ACCURATELY THROW THE BALL DOWN FIELD. Nesbitt, although I am hoping that he can get it together, doesn’t appear to have both skills (running & throwing down field). Until Tech gets a QB that can do both, it is going to be a long season when their opponents stops the option. Right now the offense is too predictable and the defense is not very good.

Based on how the team has played so far this year, they don’t deserve to be ranked in the Top 25 nationally.

Get Real

September 21st, 2009
11:36 pm

I could not believe what I read in the paper today, how sad for Tech. The Tech coaches, who are paid excessive amounts based on their performance, are trying to shift the blame for the loss to the players.
Johnson said that they played about as poorly as he can remember a team playing. Wommack said that the defense was the worst looking and most embarrassing he’s been around in 10 to 12 years, maybe ever. I think its fair to say that Both Johnson and Wommack did the worst job of coaching that has been seen in the state of Georgia in 10 to 12 years. Even Gailey shouldered the blame when all hell was breaking loose. This class less coaching staff is not up to the demands of top tier Div. One teams. I predict that this is the beginning of the end for them. There will be infighting, the team will lose confidence in them and recruits will be steered away from GA. Tech. by their parents. They have shown themselves to be much less then what they seemed. I feel very badly for those young men. Their season will be long and arduous.


September 21st, 2009
11:54 pm

You can’t blame the coach. He is one of the greatest coaches of all time. Furman said so. If you don’t win with the greatest coach of all time, then it must be the players. Is Gardner Webb on the schedule?


September 22nd, 2009
12:01 am

Come on guys…and I apologize for coming over here. I don’t do that as a rule…a year ago about this time my Tech friends were all bummed about Mr. Johnson. They didn’t know what to expect…was the offense too much of a gimmick…would Tech not be able to recruit…and on, and on. I tried to tell them that from what I had witnessed of Paul Johnson – particularly at Georgia Southern, and then, of course, again at Navy – they (the tech folks) just had to have little confidence and patience…and, of course, a quarterback that could run the damn thing. Then Mr. Nesbitt got hurt in the first quarter of the Miss. State game and young Mr. Jabbo(something or other) came in a showed everybody how it was done. Sure Nesbitt came back and you guys ran up and down the field on us, but it wasn’t because of him…it was because your running backs were in shape and had enough speed and power to turn the corner and turn it on. You ask what’s happened to Dwyer…look at his rear-end. The guy’s got to be at least 20-30 pounds heavier than last year and it ain’t muscle (unless you want to claim that all that is really gluteus-maximus and not just lard


September 22nd, 2009
12:14 am

SlimG, your prattle lacks logic. You contend that UNC is mediocre, but I sense “whistling in the dark on your part”. UNC arguably (based on the quality of their players and their performance to this point) has as good a defense as any team in the country. Their offense is well balanced, with lots of raw talent at the skill positions. TJ Yates will not hurt his team. I sense that some fans are afraid that UNC is going to build a football program to be feared, just like their basketball team. UNC has a powerful appeal to both students and student athletes. Enter your comments here


September 22nd, 2009
3:18 am

Tech fans…. the Blog King does not have the guts to allow opinions from people that disagree! so you remove it! You would think with as few responses as you get you would be glad to get anything.
And it cracks me up that yellowjacket 82 is critical of uga people and their spelling but you can’t spell too well yourself! I bet you feel stupid!
And to the dude who is trying to talk about last year… you should leave the blogging to people that can make sense. That would not be you!
Bye… I am returning to the only real blog site…. UGA. If I got beat by a team all the time I would hate them too! So no I don’t hate GT!


September 22nd, 2009
6:49 am

Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of Nerds.

Remain calm

September 22nd, 2009
11:11 am

It will be alright. Clean up some minor issues and move forward. There will be some losses from time to time, but we’ll be back. CPJ hasn’t been “figured out” any more than Pete Carrol has. Good article:


September 22nd, 2009
12:24 pm

Yes we are pouncing back on you nerds it’s called fair play macro,and you guys really deserved it.beat somebody and shut us up.

Les Miles

September 22nd, 2009
12:45 pm

After watching the replay again last night it is obvious that Gerrard Tarrant is being victimized time after time. The guy can’t cover your grandmother. Look how upright and stiff he is and how slow he reacts to the receiver’s cuts. If you can’t replace that guy there must be no depth period.

Les Miles

September 22nd, 2009
12:55 pm

If Paul Johnson can’t learn to execute his offense with bigger, stronger, O lineman he will eventually fail at this level. He beat 4 teams with winning records in 6 years at Navy. This is the real D1 now Paul. A little tougher huh?


September 22nd, 2009
6:10 pm

What happened to Rashad Ried who started at CB last year. Tarrant has been in Grady’s burn unit all week.


September 22nd, 2009
11:05 pm

superDawg, we have beaten somebody….it didn’t work….you’re still talkin’! Not sure, why you’re talking….but, you’re STILL talkin’. We’ve ONLY lost one game this season and I’m confident that it won’t be our last, but you won’t see the whining on our blogs like the ones on those mutt blogs the day after OSU beat ya’ll! Fire WM!!! Get Joe Cox out of the line up!!! CMR will NEVER take us to the next level!!! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! You guys turned on each other so fast that I got confused on who was who! With fans like that…WHO needs enemies?! Fair play…do you know anything about Smart play?

Less Miles, Navy almost beat a top 10 team in the nation with that offense. I’m thinkin’ CPJ knows a thing about it, but thanks for the tip!


September 23rd, 2009
2:45 am

Where they belong!!! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha


September 23rd, 2009
3:33 am


September 23rd, 2009
3:49 am

superDawg, your turn?! THAT’S the best you got?! At least be clever!