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Defense Finds Redemption Against UNC!

Great  Game Day Despite the Rain

Its hard to think of a better way to get a mental break during a 70+ hour work week than getting down on campus to see Tech put a beat down on Butch Davis and UNC.  Nothing could dampen my mood today, not even the rain.  Those glorious few hours with friends down on The Flats were a much needed respite from a really tough week.  I should probably apologize to some of the folks who were sitting around me in lower 102 today.  I let a week’s worth of frustration loose on the refs on more than one occasion.  At least it was warranted…anyone else who was there will agree with me…I think…

Defensive Redemption!

I’ve been as harsh as anyone on the Tech defense the past few weeks.  And while I would like to say I was trying to use some sort of reverse psychology to motivate any of them who happened to read the AJC…well, that wouldn’t be honest.  I’ve been harsh on the defense because before today they just simply hadn’t been that good.

The …

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Ramblin’ Thoughts about UNC

Around noon tomorrow we’ll begin to see if the Jackets have healed up, rested up, and gotten their heads on straight after the debacle down in Miami.

We’ll also get a look at how this coaching staff, including Coach Johnson, will react to obvious deficiencies on both offense and defense.

Offensive Thoughts

With Jaybo Shaw back in the depth chart is there any chance we see him take snaps against UNC?  Nesbitt has played poorly through large portions of the past two games.  But how poorly would he have to play in order for Shaw to come into this game?  I don’t think anyone had expected to see Jaybo before the Mississippi State game at the earliest.

With Tyler Melton back in the depth chart at wide receiver will we finally have a receiving threat on the far side of the field from Thomas?  The past few games its been obvious that one receiver was on the field to catch passes and one was on the field to block.  Its imperative that we have two receiving threats to put more …

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Yellow Jackets Out of the Top 25

Well, the latest AP Top 25 rankings are out and the Jackets aren’t on the list.

Its funny how quickly you can go from knocking on the door of the Top 10 to being an also-ran that doesn’t get a mention on the list at all.

If Tech had defeated Miami we’d be discussing a Top 10 ranking right now.  If Tech had played Miami competitively and not gotten shoved all over the field we’d still be talking about a Top 25 rating.

Instead…Tech isn’t ranked…

And why is that?

A combination of things, in my opinion:

  • The Jackets defensive line has been dominated and rendered a non-factor for six quarters of football now.  Only Derrick Morgan’s first half against Clemson prevents me from giving the squad a poor review for the entirety of the past two games.
  • The new “wolf defense” looks ineffective overall.  With pitiful defensive line performances, the Jackets need another linebacker on the field making plays instead of a hybrid defensive back that is less than useful and stout in short …

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Live Thoughts from the Miami Game

Well…at halftime, two things are evident.

1. Patrick Nix is no longer calling the offense in Miami.

2. The Tech defensive line, which was already suspect, is gassed playing their third game in about 12 days.

The Jackets seemed to impose their will on the opening drive, starting with good field position and grinding down into the redzone before settling for a field goal.

The defense then forced a 3rd and 11 on Miami’s first possession, but allowed the Canes to convert…and then score on a deep pass soon after.  The defensive line was a non-factor on the first drive.

The Jackets then squandered another bad kickoff, gave the ball back to Miami, and allowed them to drive and score again.

Then, trailing 14-3 the Jackets mounted a drive and would have scored except for a bad blocking decision on a big Roddy Jones scamper.

Instead of six points and a likely 14-10 score, the Jackets found themselves in long yardage at about the 30…where they fiddled around and eventually made use of …

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Miami…Swagger or Substance?

If you’ve been reading the Miami articles and message boards recently, you’re well aware of the swollen Cane egos that resulted from their season opening win over FSU.

To listen to Jacory Harris, you’d think he was Reggie Ball incarnated…predicting that they can’t be stopped.

And we all know how things went down after Reggie’s less than prophetic pronouncement.

So what really happened against FSU to make Harris so confident?

Well…he threw for 386 yards, which is no small feat as he averaged over 10 yards per completion.  But the truth of the matter is that some of his receivers were catching balls with no FSU defender within 10 yards of them.  They routinely beat the FSU defensive secondary for big plays because the Noles couldn’t develop any pressure or rattle Harris at all.  This is where Derrick Morgan will figure into the Tech defensive plans on Thursday night.  FSU doesn’t have anyone on their defensive line remotely as good as Morgan and he’ll be a difference …

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Clemson Game Ball? You decide!

So, fellow Tech fans…who gets the “game ball” from this past Thursday evening?

Josh Nesbitt…Ran for 92 and threw for 83 yards? Gutsy fourth quarter leadership?

Anthony Allen…151 total yards of offense, including the 82 yard run early?

Scott Blair…Threw for a TD on a fake and kicked three field goals, two in the fourth quarter to tie and win?

Jerrard Tarrant…returned the quick kick for a TD and deflected the late Clemson desperation pass?

Derrick Morgan…10 tackles (4 for a loss) and 3 sacks, dominant in the first half?

Did I miss anyone?

Personally, my game ball goes to Scott Blair.  He was responsible for 18 points…not bad for a place kicker!


Also check out my account of the game in my earlier blog: Clemson: Tough as Always…

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Clemson: Tough As Always…

Well…WOW!  What more can you say.  Clemson is always tough, but this series is getting to be a bit ridiculous!

The day started off pretty well for me.  I got some real work done Thursday morning and then met up with a good GT buddy around Noon. 

We made the trip down GA400 and went directly to the Varsity where I chowed down on a pair of chili dogs and a stack of onion rings.  We noticed a few Clemson folks who’d come down early, mixed in with the rest of the early GT arrivals.  (I like the Clemson fans…they’re always classy, in my experience.)

Stuffed full of chili, onions, and grease we wobbled over towards our west campus tailgate spot.  Things were already set up and in full swing.  If you’ve read Jennifer Brett’s recent article “Tailgaters pay homage to football gods” then you’ve read about our tailgate.  Vu, Trey, and I first met back around 2001 (or was it 2002?) and the tailgate has grown yearly ever since.  The grassy area next to the Instructional …

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Concerned About Clemson…

Sorry for the late posting tonight, Tech fans, I got a little wrapped up in the big tennis match.  Like everyone else, I was hoping the local girl would pull off another upset and keep her Cinderella run going.

Thursday night will see the Jackets get their first real challenge of the 2009 season, as Clemson makes the short trek down to the Flats for a nationally televised Thursday night on ESPN.

Everyone is making this game sound like its going to be a Dwyer vs Spiller title bout.  Personally, I’ll be watching the under card…the Clemson offensive line vs the Tech defensive line.  This is where the game will be won or lost.  If the Jackets can’t produce pressure on young redshirt freshman QB Kyle Parker then the odds swing greatly in the favor of the Tigers.  Without pressure, the Tigers will become more proficient in third down situations and will score a ton of points on the ground with Spiller or through the air to Jacoby Ford.

If the GT defensive line can put pressure …

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The Morning After: GT 37, JSU 17

Johnny Crawford /

Johnny Crawford /

What a day…tailgating with friends, a 37-17 GT win, a quick visit to a pool party complete with a live band, catching the end of the UGA loss to Oklahome State, catching the end of BYU upsetting the Sooners, and then suffering through a Bama vs Hokies game in which Virginia Tech’s offensive ineptitude threatened to rival even North Carolina State’s woeful showing against South Carolina earlier in the week.

So, lets look at the Good, Bad, and the Ugly from yesterday’s 37-17 scrimmage against the Gamecocks.

Game Day Experience:

  • The Good - I really liked the upgrades to the stadium.  The new video screen (MegaJacketTron?) and sound system are light years ahead of last year.  Everything looked and sounded awesome.  I also liked the use of the ribbon screens around the stadium to display more details and stats.  I was originally concerned that the ribbon screens would make the stadium feel like Phillips during a Thrashers game but Tech used …

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Heading Down to The Flats!

Early morning chores are done…the Jeep is packed…and I’m already getting text and Facebook messages from my tailgating buddies signalling that they’re already on site and kicking the season off in style.

I won’t have the ability to post remotely (my Blackberry is an older model) but I’m curious to see how everyone’s tailgating and gameday experience goes today.  So post up, if you are able, and give everyone the scoop on what looks to be a glorious day down on campus and in Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field.

Go Jackets!

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