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Its Finally Game Week!

After a long slow summer, its finally the last week before Toe Meets Leather against Jacksonville State this coming Saturday.  I am sure that office productivity across the country will fall steeply over the next five days.  I know I am personally more than a bit distracted and anxious to get that first game under our belts and see how the offense and defense have progressed or changed during practice.

So…beginning this week I will be posting at least two fan blogs per week.  I will be focusing on things from a “fan” perspective.  Doug does a great job with the official GT beat blog and the producers at the want the various sports fan blogs to focus on fan topics of interest and discussion.  So I will do my best to inject my personal “fan” perspective and thoughts on the program and the season as it unfolds.  My goal will not be to overlap or rehash or scoop Doug as a news source.  He’s the paid writer with the press credentials…not I.

Before we get started, …

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I Want My GT! How about you?

With the season fast approaching, I’ve been taking stock of my existing GT gear and clothing and have been thinking about what I need to replace or update or add this coming year.  (I know I at least need a new hat, my wife is afraid my current one is going to start moving around the house on its own…)

I just happened to be in the Super Target up here in Cumming with my daughter earlier this week and figured it was worth a look to see if they had a collegiate section.

I found a small area that was labeled as their college section and discovered that it was completely UGA gear.  And when I say completely…I mean 100% UGA gear.  No Tech, no FSU, no Auburn, no UNC, no Florida, no anyone else except UGA.  Every bit of gear and collectible stuff was flea bitten mutt paraphenalia.

That irked me a bit and as I walked around the store I started taking a mental count of how many people I saw wearing GT hats or shirts versus UGA hats or shirts.  By the time I checked out, the tally …

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Rival ACC “Villains” Over the Years?

Heather Dinich did an interesting blog for recently in which she listed the “villains” for each ACC team.

She listed Tech’s “current” villain as the bogus helmet-to-helmet call in the Hokies loss last year and she listed the “all time” GT villain as Bear Bryant, largely because of the Chick Granning incident and Bobby Dodd’s competition with Bryant when Bama and GT were two of the most dominant programs in the country.

I can’t disagree with either of those.  That bogus call very likely cost the Jackets a berth in the ACC title game and GT fans almost uniformly hate Bama and Bear Bryant.  So from my perspective she was pretty much on target.

Her blog also got me to thinking about “villains” or Jacket “killers” that I remember as players or coaches amongst the other ACC teams.  So I sat down and scribbled out a quick list as I thought about each team in the ACC we’ve played against since I first started following Tech football in the late ’80s.

What “villains” do you …

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Season Tickets Arrive! Ramblin’ On Returns!

I’m not sure about everyone else out there in the GT “blogosphere” (is that a real word?), but its been an insanely busy summer for me and I’m anxiously awaiting the cool crisp breezes of Fall that mark the advent of football season. I’m ready for tailgates where I can mentally check out from the grind of the adult (real?) world. I’m ready to spend time with family and friends while sharing good food, plentiful drink, and unburdened friendship and comraderie. I’m ready for home games down on the Flats and road games against our rivals.

Bottom Line? I’m ready for some football!

For the past few weeks I’ve been following practice and recruiting closely while waiting for my season tickets to arrive. That magical envelope was delivered yesterday containing my seats in LW102, my Fan Guide, and a new Tech Fund sticker. My student center parking passes landed in my email box as well so I now officially have everything I need…its just a matter of waiting until …

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