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Thoughts from the Spring Game

What a great day and a great crowd this past Saturday.  It was the best spring crowd I’ve seen in years and a clear sign that Paul Johnson is resurrecting the idea of getting the fans involved in the spring.  (This was something I don’t think Chan Gailey really understood…being an NFL guy.)  I can’t think of a better way to stimulate ticket sales, except maybe winning more games and continuing to beat UGA.

The lower east stands seemed packed and there were a fair number of people in the north stands as well.  I would estimate maybe 8-9 thousand fans in attendence.  This is a marked improvement from previous years where we had maybe 1500 or so.

The weather was great…not too hot and not too sunny.  It was just right for people like myself who took the opportunity to get out with the kids and enjoy a day on campus.

There were also reportedly 75-100 former players and lettermen in attendence and more than a few notable names and faces wound up on the matrix board where Wes …

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Toe Meets Leather, April 18…Noon!

The Georgia Tech T-Day Spring Football game kicks off at noon tomorrow.

Festivities begin at 10am and the gates open at 11am.  Football begins at noon.  Be there or be Square!

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Shaw and Washington get alot of reps.  We all have a good idea of what Nesbitt can do and there is no reason to risk him if he’s a bit dinged up and needs to rest his shoulder.  I’ve heard enough good things about Shaw’s progress and Washington’s elusive running to think that we’ll see some good offensive output tomorrow.

I’m also VERY anxious to see Anthony Allen get some action.  Allen is a bit of a wildcard going into this season.  We all know he has serious skill as evidenced by his time at Louisville and the success he has had in our practices and scrimmages.  But I’ve yet to see him live and in action and he intrigues me greatly.

It’ll be nice to see Jerrard Tarrant back on the field in the white and gold.  Tarrant has a chance to really step in and …

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Great Day to be a Yellow Jacket!

You know, fellow Tech fans, there are some days when you just have to relax and enjoy the warm, sweet embrace of success while savoring the just rewards of pulling for the “Good Guys”…

Today … is one of those special days.

Lets take a quick inventory of what makes today so great.

First and most noteworthy is Derrick Favors signing his official letter of intent to be a Yellow Jacket.  Favors is the #1 ranked basketball recruit in the country.  That’s right…in the country!  At 6-9 and 220 lbs he’s the type of recruit who can do it all and can instantly have an impact on a struggling basketball program.  Think Kenny Anderson and Stephon Marbury level recruit here…a starter from day one on campus and a difference maker.  He may be the most highly regarded recruit in the history of the program.  Not only was he the MVP of the much heralded McDonald’s All American game but he’s also the winner of the coveted Naismith Award…presented to the best highschool basketball …

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Consensus Postitives from Spring So Far?

Greetings again fellow GT fans and bloggers.

Although I was able to attend Sunday’s baseball game
between the Jackets and the Tar Heels (can’t beat a
good team with defensive errors like that!) I’ve been
unable to attend a football spring practice session.

I have, however, been avidly following the practice
reports here on the site and places like The
Hive and Stingtalk.  All provide great insight and info.

There seem to be a few things that everyone agrees on:

1.  Josh Nesbitt is the #1 QB and looks more fluid and
competent in his decision making.  His passing has
improved but he is still working on hitting his receivers
in their routes so that they have the optimal chance
to make plays.

2.  Anthony Allen is going to be a big factor in the offense
in 2009.  Not only will he be able to relieve Dwyer at B-back
but he’ll be able to play out of the A-back slot and bring
some attitude and power to that role.  I’ve also read in
more than one report that Allen shows …

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