Good luck charm works again

As I loaded up the Jeep for a long weekend trip to Disney, I remember thinking to myself, “I wonder if the Tech men can get some revenge for the Tech women today?”

You see…the women’s hoops team fell to the #12 seeded Lady Tigers back on March 5th, marking possibly the first time that a #12 knocked off a #5 in the women’s ACC tourney history.

As I was driving down I-75 this afternoon I began getting Blackberry messages from a GT buddy of mine, Jack.

“Miami got murdered”

This made my FSU wife very happy.

“GT up by 1 at the first TV break”

It was too early to get excited at this point. I was just encouraged that the Jackets had started off well and not dug themselves into an early hole.

“Tied at half, 39-39″

Well well well…the Jackets came to play today. But can they close the game out and hang in there until the end?

“54-51 GT with 11:46 left”

Go Jackets!

“Up 10 with 3:40 left!”

Woot! Go Jackets!

“Typical super tense Tech ending. We’re up 82-78 with 25s left”

Drat! Where’d that 10 point lead go?

At this point I began considering a good luck head rub on one of my daughters. They were riding along in the backseat, blissfully unaware of GT’s struggle while watching Enchanted on the portable DVD player.

“84-81 7.5s…”

I reached back and addressed my oldest, “Taylor…give daddy a high five and a GO JACKETS!”

Since she’s been well trained since her birth on the first day of the 2004 NCAA tourney, I got a quick low five and a perky “Go Jackets Daddy!” from the back seat and resumed my vigil with the Blackberry.

“Tech wins! 86-81″

Yes! Go Jackets!

Tech is still alive and my eldest still has some of her mojo left when I need a good luck charm in a pinch.

Its nice to know I didn’t burn it all up back in 2004 when I held her as a newborn and watched Tech go all the way to the big game in San Antonio.

With the next game looking like a match against Florida State, we may have a bit of a delimna as the wife and I battle over who has possession of the good luck charm.

I guess I just have to keep singing her our fight song every night!

Go Jackets!

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March 12th, 2009
9:55 pm

When our guards play well and we shoot free throws, we can beat almost anyone. I hope your wife is disappointed tomorrow. Go Jackets!

Too Easy

March 13th, 2009
10:16 am

Woot? Delimna? You sing your fight song to your wife every night?

Kevin '86

March 15th, 2009
10:20 am

Looks like your wife got the good luck charm on Friday! Lucky for her we’ve got Paul calling our inbound defense. I hope you and your family enjoyed Disney.