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Hoops, Pundits, and Fancy Swimsuits?


Is the season over yet? Do we really have to play in the ACC tourney?

Taking a quick look at the TV, the Heels are stomping the Jackets 62-41
with 15 minutes still left in the second half.

Can it just be over already?

At lease we beat UGA…that’s something…right?


Danny Hall’s squad opened the season 3-0 this past weekend with a
sweep of Lipscomb but then split two games with Georgia Southern to
run their early record to 4-1.

Rutgers should provide a solid challenge but the Friday game was
rained out and I don’t see how any games are likely to be played
with this weekend’s weather looking decidedly non-baseball friendly.

Michael Johnson & the Combine Pundits

Anyone else find themselves suppressing fits of laughter every time
one of the NFL talking heads comments on Michael Johnson’s lack of
heart or effort?

Those of us who have been watching Johnson the past few seasons know
that one of Michael’s biggest problems is playing with too much …

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