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Has traveling together ever ruined your relationship?

By Keith Still

Last week, we looked into great places around the southeast to spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Traveling together can really help couples re-connect and fall in love all over again. OR, it can tear some couples apart.

As I was scanning the news yesterday, this article, entitled “5 travel relationship killers: have any ruined your vacation?” flashed up. I have had vacations ruined by various factors over the years, but my relationship with my travel companion was never one of them. It helps, I’m sure, that my travel companion has been the same person for the past 16 years. If you can live with someone for that long, surely you can survive any kind of situation a vacation throws at you.

If I reach back into fog that is my distant memory – the one before my husband came into the picture – however, I can see how traveling with the wrong person could make a dream vacation a nightmare.

The article lists five major problems couples can face …

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Red-hot southern destinations for a Valentine’s vacation

Most people hope the smooch they get on Valentine’s Day isn’t like kissing a cold fish, but Discovery Cove in Orlando is courting guests to come on down for just that very thing. That is, the resort is hoping to entice couples with its Valentine’s Day packages that include, among the beloved chocolates, champagne and other special touches, a kiss from one of the park’s dolphins. (I know, dolphins are really mammals.)

Everywhere you turn right now, southeastern hotels, resorts and tourist attractions are looking to seduce travelers with come hither holiday deals. For Atlantans, the only problem might be narrowing down the list of places for that perfect Valentine’s cuddle.

  • Discovery Cove’s V-Day packages begin at $129 and run as high as $449 — not including the theme park admission. The February Dolphin Swim Day admission price begins at $199, but it does offer access to the luxury, limited-access park, a reserved 30-minute session with the dolphins, snorkeling …

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Snowed in? Tell us your dream travel destination

Nothing gets my wanderlust going like being iced in for a few days. If you’re like me, the most traveling you have done since Sunday is from the front porch to the end of the drive – maybe down the street to retrieve your children or your pets who have been out playing in the snow and ice.

The great thing about being trapped indoors is that I have had plenty of time to dream of getting the heck out of my house. Fortunately, I didn’t lose electricity or Internet during Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain-Jam 2011, so a world of travel opportunities has been at my idle fingertips.

In my virtual travels this week, I came across a Forbes magazine article that highlights the world’s most unique travel destinations. Those that offer landscapes, attractions or other experiences you can truly find nowhere else in the world.

Since all I could do was dream anyway, I clicked away on “dream” location after “dream” location and trekked via computer to unique places like Bhutan, the …

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Disney’s newest dream come true cruise

When you wish upon a star…your dream come true might just be Disney’s newest and largest cruise ship, aptly named the Disney Dream. Parents that like to cruise with the kiddies can set sail to Caribbean hot spots and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, when the Dream departs central Florida on its maiden voyage Jan. 26.

Disney is not new to the cruise industry, having embarked on the high seas in the 1990s with the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder ships. Chances are, if you’re a cruiser with children, you may have already done the Disney thing – complete with signature characters on board and an agenda packed with family-friendly activities– at least once.

So, other than being new, what’s worth checking out on the Dream? To start, the Dream is 50 percent larger than its predecessors and can carry 4,000 passengers – not the largest ship out on the seas, but a sizable ship nonetheless.

The coolest feature to me, however, is the AquaDuck, a unique shipboard water …

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