INSIDER: UGA WR commit Tramel Terry to visit Clemson … again

The friendship of UGA WR commit Tramel Terry (right) with UGA commit Brice Ramsey will figure heavily into whether or not he sticks with the Bulldogs (

The friendship of UGA WR commit Tramel Terry (right) with QB Brice Ramsey may turn out to be critical for the Bulldogs over the next few months (

There’s good news and bad news for UGA about Tramel Terry, the 4-star wide receiver who has already committed to the Bulldogs twice.

The good news is that Terry will make an unofficial visit to UGA this weekend for the Ole Miss game. The bad news for the Bulldogs is that Terry will make a return trip the following weekend to Clemson, according to Palmetto Sports.

There has been rampant speculation that Terry is considering switching to Clemson — and publicly committing for a third time – after he took an official visit with the Tigers a few weeks ago. It has become such a sensitive topic that Terry has mostly avoided the topic of recruiting with reporters. However, he did throw out these comments this week to the website, which have to make UGA fans wonder:

“I’m not talking about (recruiting) right now … I’m the one who has to make the decision and live with it for the next four years. I don’t want any added pressure on me by talking about it now.”

UGA’s best hope of holding onto to Terry is his close friendship with Brice Ramsey, the QB from Camden County High School who is also committed to the Bulldogs.

A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS: One of UGA’s top remaining targets for 2013 is Laremy Tunsil, a 5-star OL from Lake City, Fla. He has Alabama and UGA as his co-leaders. Some UGA supporters have concerns about Tunsil’s close friendship with Derrick Henry, the 5-star RB from Yulee, Fla., who was pledged to UGA for a year and eventually switched to Alabama. Henry has been very outspoken, including on Twitter, with his all-out effort to recruit Tunsil to join him at Alabama. However, Tunsil told’s Rusty Mansell this week that he has a few friends at UGA, too. “I guess you could say that Derrick is going to play a big role in my decision,” Tunsil said. “But you know I got friends at Georgia, too. You know (Todd) Gurley, (Keith) Marshall, and (John) Theus, too, and they want me with them up there.” Tunsil said Florida and Florida State are still in the mix, too.

MORE ON HERSCHEL’S NEPHEW: One of the state’s top 2014 prospects is Milan Richard, a 6-foot-2, 223-pound tight end from Savannah’s Calvary Day high school. He’s the nephew of UGA legend Herschel Walker, and both of his parents ran track for the Bulldogs. Have the athletic genes passed on to Richard? “Yes, he’s an impressive-looking kid who is able to run very well,” Calvary Day coach Mark Stroud said. “When a kid that size can the 40-yard dash in 4.59 seconds at the combine, you’ve got to find a place for him at the next level. His parents have done a good job training him, and you can definitely tell some of that gene pool is showing up now.” Richard has nine early offers, including both UGA and Georgia Tech.

UPDATE ON EX-UGA COMMIT: Whatever happened to Lonnie Outlaw? He was part of the “package deal” from Wilcox County High School to UGA with QB-DB Nick Marshall. Outlaw signed with UGA out of high school but the Bulldogs knew he wasn’t going to be a qualifier and placed him at Georgia Military junior college. Outlaw remained committed to UGA for more than a year but could never meet the transfer requirements after two seasons at GMC. He ended up signing with Miles College, a Div. II school in Alabama, and is doing well. “Lonnie was a little down about not making it to UGA at the time, but he’s kind of a happy-go-lucky kid and I think he’s enjoying the opportunity he has now at Miles,” Wilcox County coach Mark Ledford said.

THIS AND THAT: Former Peachtree Ridge High School standout Bradley Roby has been named as one of the 15 semifinalists for the Thorpe Award for college football’s best defensive back. Roby is a sophomore cornerback at Ohio State and leads the nation with 16 pass breakups, along with two interceptions … Recruiting starts earlier and earlier each year, so I guess it’s never too early to begin learning names of elite prospects. Remember the name of Trey Blount, an eighth-grader at Lovinggood Middle School. He’s from Powder Springs and was recently selected to play in the 2013 Eastbay Youth All-America Bowl on Jan. 5. “This fluid receiver reminds me of a young Calvin Johnson,” said Eric Richards, National Scouting Director for Football University (FBU). “Trey is one of the more fluid route runners in the country” … Another eighth-grader who plays basketball recently was offered by Alabama. Nichel Tampa, who is ranked as the nation’s No. 1 point guard for 2017 by at least one recruiting service, attends Bible Baptist Christian School in Hampton and will play on the varsity this season. Tampa is famous for getting two scholarship offers the summer before she began the seventh grade from South Carolina and South Florida.





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October 31st, 2012
4:26 am

first. gross


October 31st, 2012
4:29 am

8th grader – seriously ?


October 31st, 2012
4:46 am

A young Calvin Johnson, huh? Boy, they’re really trying to sell some subscriptions.

Mountain Dawg

October 31st, 2012
5:51 am

Commitment? Really? What is your definition of the word? I don’t see any sign of a commitment here.


October 31st, 2012
7:37 am

Terry states that he is the one that has to live with his decision, and I don’t think anybody would deny that fact. The problem comes when he keeps flipping around and committing and then backing out of his commitment. His mentors in life, be that parents or coaches should teach him a little about responsibility. Playing around like he seems to want to do, can sometimes cost you a scholarship, because a school may pull the offer and pursue another player for your position. IF you aren’t ready to stick by your decision, don’t make it. It has nothing to do with maturity. It has everything to do with consideration and common courtesy, to the coach that have wasted resources recruiting you.

uga student

October 31st, 2012
7:52 am

He’s gone. And after all this, I don’t even want him here. See ya.


October 31st, 2012
8:06 am

I think Terry is making a move to Clemson…much better OC!!!! Will stay in-state and play for a better offensive mind in Chad Morris vs Mike Bobo…so now UGA needs to Rumph and move on JaQuay Williams or pick up to pressure on M North….or maybe opt for more OL….BRILLIANT!!!

Vampire Bill

October 31st, 2012
8:33 am

Tramel isn’t playing around with anything or anybody. I happen to know one of his relatives and I’m assured that Tramel is 100% dawg, He’s got UGA posters in his bedroom. Problem is that his family is split geographically with some of them living in GA and some in SC. The SC family members of course want him play closer to them however once again I’m assured that he’s a dawg.

It always amazes me how much crap is spewed in these blogs.


October 31st, 2012
8:37 am


Me mE ME

October 31st, 2012
8:41 am

Tell that Prima Donna Terry to go ahead and sign with clempson. We dont need him. We want true commitments at UGA!

Buzz Off

October 31st, 2012
8:47 am


nate from detroit

October 31st, 2012
8:57 am

Someone needs to tell Terry that W Virginia just scored on Clemson again. Seriously, if you think about these committments like you would an engagement, how many women would let you get engaged to them and then still sleep around with other women? I agree that this is a decision that Terry will have to live with for 4 yrs. but don’t commit to a school until you’re sure that is where you want to go.

Ed Pilcher

October 31st, 2012
9:14 am

Hey, Dabo…….I think West Virginia just scored again……..and so did FSU. You’re not even going to beat South Carolina again this year. I don’t understand why kids would even want to go to Clemson…..oh, wait, yes I do. It’s called receiving a bag of cash for your signature on the ‘ol LOI.


October 31st, 2012
9:17 am

He has told other reporters he is solid to Georgia recently.


October 31st, 2012
9:22 am

Kids a joke…


October 31st, 2012
9:22 am

dougsmugs……. articles about UT & AU recruits belong in their respective newspapers. Not alot of interest in Dawg country. Not alot of interest by the AJC because it will not sell papers. Pretty basic stuff, really!

oakwood dawg

October 31st, 2012
10:07 am

“I guess you could say that Derrick is going to play a big role in my decision.” That statement tells me that Tunsil is going to Alabama. Hard to beat Saban on the field and in recruiting.

Son of Sammy Davis Jr, Jr

October 31st, 2012
10:17 am

Between Spurrier and Dabo, UGA is going to have to start recruiting Kentucky and Tennessee.


October 31st, 2012
10:26 am


Chad Morris will be a head coach in 2013. Terry is going to UGA

tide roll

October 31st, 2012
10:39 am

COME ON RICHT. COME ON Booboo. JONATHAN McCRARY – QB,(VANDY), JOSH DOBBS – QB,(ARIZONA), ANTHONY JENNINGS – QB – Elite 11 regional winner and Bulldog legacy!(LSU), DESHUAN WATSON QB – (CLEMSON) and now NICK MARSHALL – QUARTERBACK and NOT Defensive Back! (ANYWHERE BUT UGA) The kid had over 600 yards total offense in a single game, and you two had him covering punts and kickoffs at good ole UGA ! CHARLIE WARD – QB. Heisman and National title winner.(FSU), CAM NEWTON – QUARTERBACK and NOT TIGHT END! Heisman and National title winner,(AUBURN), Sean Jones- QB.and national title winner.(GA. TECH), Homer Jordan – QB and National title winner.(CLEMSON). The more things change, the more they stay the same at good “OLD” UGA. 32 years. No wonder, What a bunch of morons.


October 31st, 2012
11:13 am

No one listens to you


October 31st, 2012
11:13 am

No one listens to you


October 31st, 2012
11:16 am

…did I mention that NO ONE listens to you?


October 31st, 2012
11:25 am

Clemson is a better fit for terry. Who wants to play for a crappy offense like Georgia.


October 31st, 2012
11:43 am

No, the big question is why would any recruit pick an ACC team over an SEC team unless they were scared the competition on the team was too much at Georgia.


October 31st, 2012
12:09 pm

dk, I guess you for got that great Clemson offense was held to 29 point’s by a crappy Auburn team, good thing they didn’t have to play one of the top SEC teams.


October 31st, 2012
12:11 pm

Pull the scholarship. A commitment is a commitment. If he’s not committed, offer it to someone who knows the definition of the word.


October 31st, 2012
12:12 pm

dk – I believe the best wide receiver in the NFL enjoyed playing for UGA. AJ!


October 31st, 2012
12:16 pm

Maybe he can to Tennessee Tech and help out DaRick.

Glory between the Hedges

October 31st, 2012
12:29 pm

We are going to lose some recruits between now and next season with Mark Richt retiring.


October 31st, 2012
12:49 pm

Per text sent to an espn reporter just two days ago Tramel Terry is still committed to UGA. Terry will be an EE so he has about 44 days to make a very important decision that will effect the next 4 years of his life.

UGA went through this same scenario last year with both Todd Gurley & Keith Marshall with Clemson making a last minute hard sale push trying to acquire their services. We all know how that has turned out!

If Tramel Terry is smart, he too will commit to the “G” and I believe he will, if not then UGA has 4* WR’s standing in line for a chance at Tramel Terry’s scholarship offer.

OL coach Will Friend and TE coach John Lilly were in attendance at Columbia H.S. football game of Laremy Tunsil last Friday night in Lake City FL before heading to Jacksonville.

Derrick Henry’s commitment to Bama will more than likely cost Bama a recruit rather than add another recruit…

State holiday in Alabama today…. where all male babies born in state, on this day, shall be named after Nick Saban in celebration of Nick’s birthday!

“Stick with Richt”

“Fan-Up B Loud & Proud”

“BELIEVE” in the “G”


October 31st, 2012
1:34 pm

This should be a no brainer, particularly if this fellow is smart enough to actually earn a college degree. UGA is a much better school than Clemson. Clemson is for people in Atlanta who can’t get accepted to UGA. SEC football is at a higher level than ACC football.

So this fellow’s decision will say more about him than UGA,,,


October 31st, 2012
1:35 pm

Just an idea, though. If this fellow does decide to go to Climpson, then could he take Mike Bobo with him?


October 31st, 2012
1:48 pm

Drama queen.


October 31st, 2012
2:05 pm

“I’m not talking about (recruiting) right now … I’m the one who has to make the decision and live with it for the next four years. I don’t want any added pressure on me by talking about it nowSupposedly solid…but said he wont be rushed into making a decision.”

Apparently not solid by these comments. The only commitment he’s made is to the public attention of recruiting…not to any school.


October 31st, 2012
2:09 pm

may need the spot for Ruben & Robert

Upstate SC

October 31st, 2012
2:23 pm

“Clemson is for people who can’t get into UGA”??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sorry, I feel out of my chair. Snoop, you’re smoking too much weed.
Clemson is 10x harder to get into than UGA. Nice try. ACC is way better all around in academics than the SEC. Always

Go Dawgs

October 31st, 2012
2:35 pm

Terry will pick UGA, enroll in January, and score a TD against Clempson next Labor Day weekend.

Oh… and Upstate SC… go check this out and report back to us on what you find out about UGA academics versus Clemson.

Go Dawgs

October 31st, 2012
2:36 pm

One more thing Upstate SC… you spelled “fell” wrong.



October 31st, 2012
2:53 pm

Has anyone seen him play? I noticed his combine info isn’t on par with other highly thought of recruits at his position. Hope he is great and it would be great to have him, but I wouldn’t want him to hold that spot and change at the last minute.


October 31st, 2012
3:09 pm

Hey Michael, how about some articles on why any recruits are sticking with Auburn and Tennessee considering their coaches are on HOT LAVA seats?

Why only articles about UGA players using their visits (and fantastic perks) to other schools? A kid would be FOOLISH not to so that doesn’t surprise me.

* Remember the Benghazi Four


October 31st, 2012
3:43 pm

Terry’s commit is one of our much needed EEs. In order to fill every vacancy on our roster, we must have 10 or more guys who enroll in January.

Here’s hoping that our prep school and JUCOs all come in January (not at all sure of that).

Atkins, Fluker, Nelson, Floyd, Mayes. Total of 5. Any word on who is likely to arrive in January?

We still need several of our recruits to graduate from HS early and head to Athens. In addition to Terry, I remember reading that Ramsey, Matthews, and possibly Kublanow, a total of 4, are set to arrive in January.

Anyone read that any others are on track to come in January?

Anyone know how many of our current commits


October 31st, 2012
4:34 pm

About on the same level as Wooten coming outta HS.

Go Dawgs

October 31st, 2012
5:03 pm

Terry is much more well built compared to Wooten.. both now and coming out of HS. Terry has the size to play Safety or RB if needed in addition to WR.


October 31st, 2012
5:17 pm



October 31st, 2012
5:28 pm

Jusin SC likely will be sitting home while UGA wins and plays for championships…so get comfy on your couch

Bulldogs for Muschamp Lifetime Contract

October 31st, 2012
5:35 pm

What is hilarious is Spurrier commenting about SC having to play Arkansas instead of Ole Miss.

Ole Miss 30
Arkansas 27


You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!!!!!!!


October 31st, 2012
5:41 pm

Dawgs…rule the East

Gorilla Biscuit

October 31st, 2012
6:01 pm

Yeah, Clempson blows. :)


October 31st, 2012
7:02 pm


I have early enrolls for the 2013 class at 9…. I believe UGA had 18 recruits sign their LOI in 2012, two recruits John Atkins and Leonard Floyd failed to qualify in 2012 so 7 ships will go to the 2013 recruiting class counting against the 2012 recruiting period.

List of EE that will register in December 2012 and enroll early in January 2013:

John Atkins DT 6′ 4″ 310 lbs Thompson, Ga (Thomson)
Leonard Floyd DE 6′ 4″ 220 lbs Eastman, Ga (Dodge Co)
Shaquille Fluker DB 6′ 1″ 205 lbs Meridian, MS (Meridian)
J.J. Green DB 5′ 9″ 170 lbs Kingsland, Ga (Camden Co)
Tray Matthews S 6′ 1″ 190 lbs Newnan, Ga (Newnan)
Chris Mayes DT 6′ 4″ 315 lbs Griffin, Ga (Gulf Coast C.C.)
Brice Ramsey QB 6′ 3″ 195 lbs Kingsland, Ga (Camden Co)
Ryne Rankin LB 6′ 1″ 231 lbs Orlando, FL (East River)
Tramel Terry WR 6′ 0″ 190 lbs Goose Creek, SC (Goose Creek)

Possible committed EE
Josh Cardiello OL 6′ 3″ 280 lbs Buford, Ga (Buford)

2013 Recruit EE
Toby Johnson DL 6′ 4″ 310 lbs College Park, Ga (Hutchinson C.C.)

Not sure ??? on:
Steven Nelson DB 6′ 0″ 185 lbs Warner Robbins, Ga (College of the Sequoias)

To the best of my knowledge, this should be correct… I know I have more than 9 listed so maybe 10 is the correct #

“Stick with Richt”

“Our Time” “Our Team” “No Regrets”

“Faith is Great”

“BELIEVE” in the “G”