Recruiting Diary: Rashard Fant talks about his commitment to Indiana (Vol. IV)

Some of Atlanta’s college football prospects will be writing a weekly diary for the AJC until February’s signing day. They will be sharing their thoughts, opinions, adventures and perspectives on the recruiting journey.

Rashard Fant is considered one of the state’s top sleeper prospects. He has been overlooked by many colleges because he attends the small private school of Our Lady of Mercy. On Wednesday, Fant announced that he was committing to Indiana over Utah, FSU and Western Kentucky.

Rashard Fant

Rashard Fant

Well, things have changed a lot since the last time I wrote my entry; because I am now committed to play with Indiana University. I committed to Indiana on Wednesday mainly because of the relationships I have developed with the other commits in my class, Coach Shelby and Coach Wilson. They all made me feel like I was family, and showed me that they really wanted me to be part of the program. Also, academics played a huge role, because coming from a top-notch private school, I am used to being challenged. I know that Indiana is very strong academically and would challenge me and get me ready for the real world. Lastly, I went with the program that really caught my eye. Indiana seems to be just a few key players short of being a bowl contender and I just wanted to be a part of a program that is building and preparing to make their name known around the country.

I decided to commit now just because I kept getting this feeling in my stomach that Indiana was the school for me, and they already had everything I was looking for in a school. I thought about this decision for a while. Indiana did not rush me at all; they encouraged me to take my time and make my decision when I was ready. I prayed on it and talked it over with my family and they all agreed with my decision and felt Indiana was the right school for me and that I could be successful on the field and in the classroom.

I called Coach Shelby and Coach Kenny on Tuesday night around 8:30ish and told them that I was ready to commit and become a Hoosier. They responded with a whole bunch of excitement, and said that they were very glad I wanted to become part of their family. Then I talked to Coach Wilson on Wednesday around 7:20pm on my way home from practice, and he just told me that they were very glad to have me and that it made him extremely happy. Also, I committed on his birthday. I did not know that at the time, but he said that it was a great birthday gift!

Making my commitment now and knowing where I am attending college is a great relief because now I can just focus on enjoying my senior year with my friends. Also, it gives me one less thing to worry about, and I can also focus on finishing my senior high school season strong and then preparing myself for college football. I will not be playing basketball this year for my school, but I will be working out a lot in the weight room with my high school coach, on the field with my trainer Glen Ford and our program that is sponsored by Under Armour called “I Dare U.” I’m looking forward to working on the track with our high school track coach Mrs. Jay Early.

As for official visits, I am not sure how many I will go on. I know I will be going to Indiana and Utah. I will be visiting Utah because, I made a promise a while ago to their coaching staff, and I have a great amount of respect for them. I promised that I would visit Salt Lake City, Utah and I plan to follow through. I have not confirmed any other visits because I am set on becoming an Indiana Hoosier!

  • Featured prospect: Rashard Fant
  • Position: Athlete
  • Size: 6-1, 167
  • High School: Our Lady of Mercy
  • College offers: Committed to Indiana over Utah, Florida State and Western Kentucky
  • Fast fact: More than 50 college coaches visited Our Lady of Mercy’s spring practices.

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Destin Dawg

October 25th, 2012
11:37 am

IU is a great school get a good education with your scholarship


October 25th, 2012
6:25 pm

Welcome to the Hoosier Nation Rashard! IU has always had a couple of Georgian on the roster and we’re always looking for more, Your commitment to academics and perspective on what college should be will make for a great experience for you in Bloomington. It’s a great college town. You’ll be a part of the group of players that takes IU football to higher altitudes and we’ve ever had with a coach that knows what it takes to succeed in Big Boy football. Best of luck on your future and thanks again for believing in a great school.

randy back

October 25th, 2012
8:54 pm

ou have made many people in hoosier nation very happy. Your decision will be rewarded with success as well as the start of a winning tradition. You will love Bloomington as they will you.

Bill Maki

October 26th, 2012
12:09 am

Rashard – really smart move on your part! IU has one of (if not the) best offense in the nation full of young studs (only 1 senior) – with a solid defense next year 10-2 is a legitimate possibility. You will be welcomed with open arms in Bloomington, and you, Antonio, David, and hopefully Darius and Elijah are gonna be viewed for generations as the guys that started the movement! It takes a man to stand up and say “I can turn that around” and evidently you are that man. I salute you!