INSIDER: Kelsey Griffin speaks out about UGA, South Carolina

Kelsey Griffin, who has kept a low profile since he tried to commit to UGA a few weeks ago, spoke to the AJC about Tuesday’s pledge to South Carolina and his feelings towards the Bulldogs.

Steve Spurrier has Georgia on his mind when it comes to recruiting (AJC)

Steve Spurrier has Georgia on his mind when it comes to recruiting with 21 signees or commits from this state over the past two seasons (AJC)

“I’m pretty excited about South Carolina; they were second on my list for a reason,” said the 4-star defensive tackle from Mill Creek High School.

“When things didn’t work out with Georgia, I went to the second person on my list, which I had up there for a reason. I got to see a game for the first time at South Carolina this past weekend, and I enjoyed myself. I had them second on my list, I really liked them a lot, and I committed.”

The 6-foot-1, 290-pounder had a face-to-face meeting with Steve Spurrier on the day after South Carolina’s 35-7 win over UGA. “It was a pretty nice conversation. He got pretty excited about about me coming there, and he said he was glad to have me as a Gamecock. He wants me there. What else could you ask for from a great coach like that?”

Three weeks ago, Griffin sat in front of TV cameras and made a public commitment to UGA that the Bulldogs were not ready or willing to accept. It was an embarrassing situation for all parties.

“All I have to say is that things didn’t go as planned,” Griffin said. “I prayed about it, I went to God about it and I talked to my parents about it. Things worked themselves out, and I’m happy to be with South Carolina right now.”

Any feelings about UGA? “There are no hard feelings at all. That’s just not my personality. Just tough things happen in life. What else could I do but move on? There’s no reason to be sad over something I can’t control.”

THE ONE AND ONLY ROBERT NKEMDICHE: Undisputed No. 1 prospect Robert Nkemdiche ignited an earthquake in Clemson on Tuesday when he told ESPN’s Kipp Adams that “My recruitment is crazy still and Ole Miss is making a push for me. It does not matter to my dad, but my mom wants me to go to Ole Miss and we are still talking about it, so we have not come to an agreement on it yet. It is tugging my heart in two different directions.” This is setting up to be a high-stakes recruiting showdown over the next four months. It’s also a reminder how important the role of mothers are in the recruiting process. You’ve got to win them over. TigerIllustrated’s Ryan Bartow reported that Clemson’s coaches will fly over to Nigeria this winter to visit with Nkemdiche’s mother, who is a politician there. Also, while watching this unfold, you’ve got to think there’s a lot of colleges, including Clemson and UGA, that are kicking themselves over not signing Nkemdiche’s older brother, who is blossoming into one of the SEC’s best young defenders this season for Ole Miss.

Could UGA WR commit Tramel Terry announce for a third time? (247sports)

Could current UGA WR commit Tramel Terry announce for a ... third time? (247sports)

COULD UGA RECRUIT SWITCH TO CLEMSON? If you thought Nkemdiche’s recruiting has turned into a soap opera, he’s got nothing on Tramel Terry, who has committed twice to UGA and may be deciding on a college for a third time. The wide receiver from Goose Creek High School took an official visit to Clemson this past weekend. “I think Clemson’s in good shape with him; he had a great time and his mother liked it,” Goose Creek coach Chuck Reedy, who is a former Baylor head coach and Clemson assistant, told TigerIllustrated’s Ryan Bartow. Reedy told TI that Terry’s final decision could come at the Shrine Bowl all-star game in December. “I’ve got some thoughts, but I told him I’m not going to tell him anything until he tells me what he wants to do. I’m not going to influence him.” Clemson is recruiting Terry as a RB.

FORMER UCLA QB COMMIT TO VISIT SEC SCHOOL: Eddie Printz, who de-committed from UCLA last month after he said he was told the Bruins would no longer honor his scholarship, will take an official visit to Missouri this weekend. The new SEC school seems to be in the lead for the senior QB which has Lassiter High School off to a 6-0 start. “Missouri has liked him all along, and they came in here and looked at him last spring,” Lassiter coach Jep Irwin said. “They told him when he was committed to UCLA that it was a long time until signing day and they would continue to recruit him.” What does Missouri like about Printz specifically? “If you watch how they play, they are in the shotgun and do a lot in the intermediate and short passing game,” Irwin said. “They do a spread offense like we do, but they’re a little more empty [in the backfield] and less traditional than us. They throw it about 65- or 70-percent of the time. It’s a good fit. It’s an SEC school. Eddie liked Missouri’s campus when he went out there this summer.” Irwin said several other colleges are “privately” recruiting Printz because they have a quarterback already committed. A pair of Lassiter WRs are also being recruited by D1 schools: Juwaan Dickey, who has been hindered with a dislocated kneecap, has offers from Oklahoma State South Florida, Southern Miss, Louisville and Cincinnati. Willie Police, who plays RB at Lassiter but projects at WR in college, has offers from Utah State and Georgia Southern.

LSU-bound QB Anthony Jennings of Marietta HS (AJC)

LSU-bound QB Anthony Jennings of Marietta HS (AJC)

UPDATE ON LSU QB COMMIT FROM ATLANTA: How is LSU-bound QB Anthony Jennings playing this year at Marietta High School? Jennings has his team off to a 3-2 start and while completing 61-percent of his passes (83 for 135) for 1,133 yards and 11 touchdowns with four interceptions. “He’s played really well,” Marietta coach Scott Burton said. “He’s managed our team and led our team exactly the way I would want him to. He’s extremely astute and spends a ton of time in the film room. His leadership has really shown this year with our team. Statistically, he has done well. I think statistically he could do better. But that’s not always an indication on how well he’s played either. He’s thrown a couple of balls he wishes he could have back. But, by in large, he’s done a great job.” LSU dispatched its QB coach to observe Jennings at a recent game. “They loved him, and they talked about his command of what it is we’re trying to do and how you tell he’s fully aware of what everybody on the field is doing on offense and defense,” Burton said. “We talked about his release point — how compact, efficient and quick he is with his release. We talked about his elusiveness and how he could extend plays. They’re excited about having him at LSU.” Like with all good recruits, other colleges are still trying to sway Jennings, whose father Willie Jennings played defensive tackle at UGA. Burton declined to name the schools, but said “We’ve had some contact by other people. It’s certainly nothing that Anthony or his camp has sought out. He has done a great job of politely saying I appreciate your interest but I’m committed to LSU. And, for the most part, those inquiries have died out with how he has been diplomatic but firm with his commitment to LSU.”

UGA RECRUIT TO RETURN TO ACTION: Defensive back Shaq Wiggins, who is committed to UGA, is expected to return to action on Friday night for Sandy Creek High School after missing the last three weeks with a mild concussion … Sandy Creek has one of the metro’s top juniors in defensive tackle Chris Williams, who recently got his first offer from Ole Miss. There are some concerns about his height at 6-1 and 260 pounds but not many about his ability. South Carolina, UGA and Tennessee are reviewing film … What about former Auburn commit JaQuay Williams? After failing to meet NCAA requirements this year, Williams is playing at a prep school. “I talked with JaQuay on Saturday, and he’s doing really well,” Sandy Creek coach Chip Walker said. “He’s taking the ACT test in November and December, and plans on being enrolled at Auburn by December.”

THIS AND THAT: Zack and Daron Blaylock, the twin sons of former Atlanta Hawks point guard Mookie Blaylock, are slated to start at the safety positions for Kentucky this weekend, according to their stepfather. They’re freshmen. Kentucky plays pass-happy Arkansas. The Blaylocks are from Walton High School … Georgia Military College (a junior college) had 28 players sign with four-year schools last February and has some players to watch this season: Former South Gwinnett High School WR Kevin Gary has caught five touchdowns this year and has a recent offer from Colorado State. Harrison High School’s Clay Chastain is starting at QB as a freshman for GMC. Neville Hewitt is a sophomore safety from Conyers and has attracted heavy interest from some D1 schools.




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October 11th, 2012
4:03 am

Tramel Terry …. what the heck? SMH


October 11th, 2012
4:12 am

This is one of those examples where a recruit who grew up liking the Dawgs played the recruiting game too long. Georgia has targeted two more linemen ahead of Griffin , now but when Georgia first offered Griffin should have jumped at the opportunity and he would be on the commit list. I am glad that Griffin understands that all Georgia is doing now is the same thing that kept him from committing when the offer was made, The trill or rush of the recruiting game making sure there isn’t something better out there. It works both ways.


October 11th, 2012
4:13 am


Actually the parents are recruited as much as the kids themselves are. The parents need to sign the ‘National Letter of Intent’ from what I hear. These kids are just 18 afterall, and most are probably leaving home for the first time.

Oh, and do you call UGA commits brats too?? Way to support the future of your program there pal.

GT Bob

October 11th, 2012
4:15 am

Aww, looks like the Dawgs are going to lose ANOTHER ONE with Tramel Terry. Georgia’s coaches probably forgot to call him for 2 or 3 … or 10 weeks. Asleep at the wheel again!

What a joke of a recruiting class this is turning out to be. Derrick Henry … GONE to Alabama. Kyren Prister … GONE to mighty N.C. State. Trenton Brown … GONE to Floirda. Tramel Terry … GONE to Clemson.

Dream Team 3 baby!!!


October 11th, 2012
4:18 am

Sorry should have read thrill.

Jason in Gainesville

October 11th, 2012
5:39 am

GTBob, what about UGA’s 2013 recruiting class is a joke exactly? Is it a joke they are currently ranked 8th in the nation for the best ranked class for next year? Is it that they will certainly pick up a good handful of 3, 4 and 5 star guys between now and signing day? Is it that they had more commits by Spring of this year than Tech has already for next year? Is it jealously that your team blows and you really have nothing else to hold onto? Where’s the punchline?

where good recruits go to party

October 11th, 2012
6:20 am

UGA – amurika’s top partay skool. fun fun fun for those who don’t take football seriously!


October 11th, 2012
6:23 am

Yeah, 5-1 is pretty terrible, huh?

Son of Sammy Davis Jr, Jr

October 11th, 2012
6:42 am

A 4 star defensive tackle in hand beats 2 in the Bush.

Knute Rockney

October 11th, 2012
7:10 am

GT Bob.
If you live in a glass house you should not throw stones.
I think you can talk about UGA ineptitude to coach on the field, but Tech fans should never get into a pissin’ contest with the Dawgs on recruiting.


October 11th, 2012
7:22 am

You know it is too bad when UGA has and requires/maintains a higher Academic Level from its recruits than Sourh Carolina University but that is why they (Univ of South Carolina)will accept anyone.

Chatsworth dawg

October 11th, 2012
7:22 am

GT Bob, really? You’re going to come on here and slam UGA recruiting when turkey neck Johnson is one of the worst football recruiters in the nation. GT was manhandled at home by MTSU and their offensive guard was quoted as saying that they were more physical, stronger, and faster than the Tech defense. I’ll admit that UGA has problems and I’m in the camp that wants Richt out but I gotta say something when a friggin Tech fan slams our recruiting. Thats like a mouse making fun of a bull’s balls.

Just Saying

October 11th, 2012
7:31 am

You really want to make goofy posts about Georgia? Let’s correct the record, Bob. Prister isn’t a loss, not when Georgia eased off of him. Trenton Brown committed based upon him accomplishing specific things, when he didn’t, things changed. Georgia needed him to graduate from GMC in Dec to enroll in Jan, doesn’t look good for that to happen. Will be interesting to see if he signs with Fla, wonder why he isn’t committed to the Gators? Henry changed his mind, good luck to him. No idea what happens with TT, but rest assured the Dawgs haven’t forgotten him at any point.

How many guys did GT lose in the weeks leading up to signing day this past Feb? Get back to us Bob. Guess we will have to wait until later, it’s 7:30 your school bus is waiting on you, don’t forget your homework Bob.


October 11th, 2012
7:37 am

I’m 59. I miss the day’s of AJC print only when you would get a story or two 2 weeks before signing day and then a list of who signed the day after….and these kids where just kids. We tend to judge our coaching staffs of not only WHO they sign, but who they didn’t and why. I’m sure the staff at Georgia has very good reasons for not accepting this young man….. And he will be fine and so will UGA.


October 11th, 2012
7:38 am

Wow…UGA is really starting to suck in recruiting…now we have recruits from GEORGIA preferring to go to USC instead of UGA. It’s time for Richt to go. He seems more like Dabo at Clemson now: all he does is recruit and doesn’t know a lick about coaching.


October 11th, 2012
7:52 am

Douglas…..Check Rivals current list of commits. Don’t know who your team is, but in the top 10 out of 120 D1 schools is pretty sporty. And since you must be a hater, recruiting in Athens is not a problem, maybe other than OL.

The AlphaDawg

October 11th, 2012
7:57 am

I would like to apply for the head football coach position at UGA. It can`t be too hard. I will do it for 500K. The first thing I would do is close the borders. No more teams beating us with players from Georgia. I would bring pride and motivation back .Its nothing like playing for your home state. I will be the special teams coach. Put the junkyard back in the defense. If CMR did half of this we would have at the least one NC.


October 11th, 2012
8:09 am

i am not sure why some people go so overboard about recruiting. winning the recruiting battle does not guarantee future wins. having a coaching staff who can coach up the recruits makes all the difference. the ex-florida and illinois coach ron zook was a crackerjack recruiter but a lousy game-day coach.

the south carolina game further exposed the present uga coaching staff from richt on down as being unable to coach-em-up for big games.

if georgia loses to florida…

this team will be the second uga team in five years that was hyped to the skies and delivered a disappointing 10-win season. this presumes that uga does not figure out a way to lose a third game.
i will confidently predict that with aaron murray *and* most of the defense being out the door, mark richt will resign soon after this season is over.

there…..i said it and i am glad!! B-)


October 11th, 2012
8:27 am

I heard the Mark Richt resigning rumor from many places. His wife getting a nursing degree at 50… Unloading the lake house on Lake Hartwell…….The no vote of confidence new contract last year by McGarity ( he was told HE wouldn’t HAVE TO PAY the 2 million clause for him leaving on his own and the pay out for being fired cut about 50%) Staring off in space emotionless as Carolina beat us to a pulp and saying after the game, ” well, we all lose together”…………….it ain’t adding up


October 11th, 2012
8:41 am

Wow Tt switching again Uga needs to dump this kid. I feel kg pain there is no need to be upset just move on.

Flo - Ri - Duh

October 11th, 2012
8:44 am

UGA should have accepted Griffin’s commitment. Kelsey is a high quality kid in the classroom, morally and on the field. He is a leader. This was bad publicity for UGA and they should have honored his commitment. Now it appears that Trammel Terry is wavering again. Losing a game the way UGA lost is BAD for recruiting. Don’t care for Spurrier’s arrogance but he is obviously outsmarting Mark Richt again.


October 11th, 2012
8:48 am

I am sorry where did it say this kid “prefers to go to South Carolina”. He makes it very clear this was his second choice because things did not work out at Georgia. Good luck to him. Cleary they have a very good team. I am not sure why all these kids suddenly want to go to Clemson? It has been a second rate school and football program for years. With all the choices how did Clemson manage attract him. If I were coach Richt I was call the kid and just ask him what it was, you may not change his mind but you may figure out the motivation.

Holy Guacamole

October 11th, 2012
8:59 am

At the risk of sounding like a homer, there sure are a lot of chicken littles on here. Help! The sky is falling at UGA!


October 11th, 2012
9:06 am

UGA or this kid’s parents have serious issue with communication.

1. Why doesn’t UGA give the kid even a hint that they are not interested in him any more? That would avoid such embarrassment. I mean this is a kid that grows up loving UGA for God’s sake.

2. Why don’t his parents or coaches check with UGA coaches before you go on TV? Don’t you know “can you marry me” can be rejected?

But I blame UGA coaches for the embarrassment for the kid. They must be making all kinds of promises to this kid how much they love to have him, leaving him to think UGA is for him to take as long as he is ready to say the vow.

But what the young kid doesn’t know is, UGA is basically a womanizer, promising all women with any beauty how much UGA loves them.

Lesson learned, young man, or any young man who is to be recruited by UGA.


October 11th, 2012
9:15 am

Holy Guacamole,

my point is, when a young man is shown all the love by UGA, the young man should think to himself, “yeah right, until you see another beauty”.


October 11th, 2012
9:17 am

We all complain to recruit kids who want to play for UGA…well, theres been several high profile recruits who are/were huge dawg fans growing up..and the staff continues to drag their feet. We do have some nice recruits in this upcoming class…but thinking we’re gonna start seeing a few jump ship, and others (Tunsil, Crowder, Adams) will choose elsewhere!! Richt runs a clean program…but no confidence in his game preparation and or sense of urgency in games!!

Paid for a Blue Raider Beatdown

October 11th, 2012
9:26 am

Tech nerds talking about someone else’s recruiting….
That’s a bigger joke than your offense, defense, “coach”, stadium, empty seats, fanbase, ……………….


October 11th, 2012
9:28 am

Here is a book someone should write: <>, Here are the chapter summaries:

1. When UGA coaches show you loves, don’t believe them, because they are trying to line you up as one of many candidates

2. When UGA coaches say he has scholarship for you, don’t believe them, because that’s what he said to 10 other guys

3. Never go on live TV to announce your commitment to UGA to embarrass yourself, because UGA may change their mind


October 11th, 2012
9:29 am

The book title should be “Committing to UGA 101″.


October 11th, 2012
9:33 am

Flo-Ri-Duh….is correct…these kids are seeing the holes in the staff…a non-creative Bobo…an underachieving RC in Garner…a poor OL Coach in Will Firend…and a Head Coach who will not make changes until it is too late….and let’s not forget S&C Coach Joe Tereshinski (Coach Joe,,,did you see how your OL and DL were pushed around)!!! It is Groundhog Day in Athens…time to look for more of a proactive program!!!

UGA alumnus

October 11th, 2012
9:42 am

Joke? That is over by Coke!!

ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhaahahahahaha,ahhhhhhaahahahahaha, ahhahaha


October 11th, 2012
10:40 am

No “Doomsday” thoughts here; however, a realistic approach will work out much better. The ‘Dogs have not nor will they be relevant on either the national or regional stage in college football until the entire coaching is replaced by coaches with a winning attitude and philosophy. UGA is mired in mediocrity; and, the sad part, consistently having a 9-10 win season seems to be what the unversity is satified with.

[...] pass rusher supreme.  Untold riches will be theirs, they’ve apparently been told,  if only they would pay their own way to Nigeria to meet with a government diplomat who will, upon th… Undisputed No. 1 prospect Robert Nkemdicheignited an earthquake in Clemson on Tuesday when he [...]

Taylor Wooten

October 11th, 2012
10:57 am

If Im a top recruit, why go to Georgia? They are a pretender, overhyped program.
Go to where the best coaches are….Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, LSU

Honest DawgFan

Holy Guacamole

October 11th, 2012
11:05 am

UGA isn’t doing anything that all other programs don’t also do. Go look at Rivals or ESPN recruiting sites and you will see that the Bamas, Auburns, FSU, FL, Tenn and especially teams such as USCw, Mich, ND, et. al., have offers to everyone in sight all over the country. Only then do they find out who is interested in their school. Heck, every team has hundreds of offers out but the limit of 25 per year applies to all. And of course they are going to take the highest players on their boards according to their evaluations and needs.


October 11th, 2012
11:13 am

Good point. Saban has 20 commits and 40 offers out.


October 11th, 2012
11:22 am

CMR and UGA coaching staff screwed this kid, KG, I’m embarrassed the way CMR treated this kid, he’s a 4 star D T and he really wanted to come to UGA, and CMR and UGA embarrassed him. KG good luck at USC!


October 11th, 2012
11:28 am

CMR doesn’t have the desire to win, like he had when he first came to UGA! How much more of CMR is G M going to take before he fires CMR?


October 11th, 2012
11:39 am

Holy Guacamole,

“UGA isn’t doing anything that all other programs don’t also do”

But do you see others embarrassing their recruits on TV?

It’s as simple as telling the kid: “kid, before you do anything crazy with your commitment show, don’t forget to check with us first”.

If you don’t want to tell the kid directly, tell his coach. The coach is a professional, he should understand.

Instead, UGA coaches have the kid embarrassed on TV.

If UGA coaches don’t have such basic communication skills, how do you expect them to communicate football skills to the players? Maybe that’s why they are not very good coaching kids up.

Atl Nole

October 11th, 2012
12:14 pm

Flo-Ri-Duh is correct about the kid. I work with someone in his family. It actually worked out bettter for him. SS is a better coach. We have a coach that sucks and you all have a coach that sucks. We both have better rosters than the teams we played this past Saturday and we both lost. Fire them both!


October 11th, 2012
12:25 pm

Flo-Ri- Duh
Terry is a wide receiver so whether Griffin de-commits or not Terry’s scholarship will be given to a Wide Receiver but I do agree with you that Georgia dropped the ball on Griffin. Rodney Garner is Recruiting Coordinator and Defensive Line coach and should have been talking to Griffin everyday. I blame Garner for what happened with Griffin and is another example as to why Georgia really needs a change at Defensive Line Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. Garner is a DGD so I don’t want him fired but this is one person that should be moved to an Administration job.


October 11th, 2012
12:27 pm

Sorry , should have read whether Terry de-commits or not.


October 11th, 2012
12:46 pm

Hate to lose Griffin. I guess spots are limited, but seems like you can always use depth on the D line.


October 11th, 2012
12:58 pm

how come you all are not reporting that THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY offered norcross jr myles autry yesterday?

Whiskey Breath

October 11th, 2012
1:02 pm

Commits need to put Ga second on their list. They will underachieve and might end up
on the Athens arrest blog. Richt won’t have their back, He will be too busy telling everyone
what a great Christian he is. And you are kidding yourself if you think that Ga education
is going to get you anything.


October 11th, 2012
1:15 pm

Simple fact is the kid doesn’t fit UGA’s 3-4 scheme. Not big enough to be or grow into a nose guard and not really tall enough to fit at DE in the 3-4. This kid is a 4-3 DT all the way. I really think UGA’s defensive staff was undecided on where he would fit in the scheme and ultimately decided the he probably wasn’t a fit, even though they know he is very talented.

Holy Guacamole

October 11th, 2012
1:19 pm

Alphare – UGA didn’t embarass the kid on TV. He embarrassed himself by jumping out and making an announcement without checking with UGA. Wasn’t he the one that didn’t accept the offer that he was given? And, months later, made an incorrect assumption? And, who cut off communication? And, did he do any or all of the things that the UGA coaches asked of him? Was the slot that UGA had him projected for filled (either announced or silent)?

This reminds me of the old fitness adage – the only exercise I get is “jumping to conclusions or running people down: – LOL

Holy Guacamole

October 11th, 2012
1:20 pm

MG – that is probably the best explanation that I have heard all day. Spot on.

Chatsworth dawg

October 11th, 2012
1:39 pm

I said exactly the same thing about this kid being a 4-3 guy on the first kelsey griffin blog. In fact look at the size of abry jones who is a DE in our scheme and he’s 6′3″ 310lbs. All of our DE ends are bigger than this kid so how exactly woulf he play inside in our D? Our current nose guard outweighs this kid by 80lbs and at 6′1″ he won’t be able to grow into the position.