Shaun McGee: UGA LB commit postpones official visit because …

One of UGA’s top football recruits didn’t make it to his official visit with the Bulldogs this past weekend.

But there was a good reason for it.

Shaun McGee, a 6-foot-2, 230-pound linebacker from Brookwood High School, suffered a leg injury in the final minutes of Friday night’s loss to archival Parkview.

UGA-bound LB Shaun McGee committed to the Bulldogs over Alabama a couple of days after being offered a football scholarship at July's Dawg Night prospect camp

UGA-bound LB Shaun McGee committed to the Bulldogs over Alabama

McGee left the game, and was on crutches on Friday night and Saturday. After being examined by doctors, it was determined that he had a high ankle sprain. McGee, who is now using a walking boot, said his status for Brookwood’s next game is questionable.

“I actually called over to Georgia on late Friday night to let them know that I was not going to be able to make it,” McGee said. “I was supposed to check in at the hotel in Athens that night after the game.

“I was upset that I couldn’t make it, I really was, especially since I had been planning to make that game since last year when I took an unofficial visit to Tennessee to watch Georgia. I really wanted to be there on Saturday. I just couldn’t make it. I haven’t had the chance yet to talk to Coach Richt yet and explain to him what happened.”

McGee and his mother have rescheduled his official visit to UGA when the Bulldogs play Georgia Tech on Nov. 24.

What other schools are still recruiting McGee? He’s still hearing from Alabama, Florida, and Pittsburgh on a regular basis. McGee has decided to visit to Alabama, although he isn’t sure when.

“I think I’m going to take a visit to Alabama — just to see those guys and talk to them,” McGee said. “I’m still really strong on Georgia and I don’t feel like I’m going to change my mind. But those guys at Alabama were good to me. I think I might go up there and say hey to them. I kind of had a relationship outside of football with [Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart]. I might just go up there and hang out with them a little bit. Not on an official visit, though.”

Nick Saban (AP)

Alabama will get a visit from McGee (AP)

UGA beat out Alabama for McGee after the Bulldogs made a July offer to McGee at “Dawg Night” prospect camp. McGee committed to UGA a couple of days later.

Back to Friday: McGee’s injury happened with around eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. “They snapped the ball over the quarterback’s head and everybody was running towards the ball,” Brookwood coach Mark Crews said. “I don’t know if there was anything special about the play, other than we got called for defensive blocking in the back, which is not very common. Shaun just got his ankle rolled up on.

Said McGee: “I got hit on my ankle from both sides. It’s frustrating. I’m probably not going to play Friday because I’m still not able to walk on it.” McGee also got his lip busted open during the game.





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October 1st, 2012
2:11 am

Moose didn’t make it either. Kid felt terrible about it.

See Rock City

October 1st, 2012
6:59 am

Saban got to him and he got cold feet! I know I saw his picture posted above in the article…


October 1st, 2012
7:33 am

It ought to0 show him how UGA’s defense operates against a team like GT. I can’t think of a better way for LB’s to showcase their talent than against an option team.

Visions of Willie

October 1st, 2012
7:45 am

Todd Granthams Defense stinks right now.


October 1st, 2012
8:41 am

“Why didn’t top UGA football recruit show up for his official visit?”

Because he didn’t want to go to jail.

Grantham is no better than Van Gorder, only fatter.

October 1st, 2012
9:00 am

Who would want to play for a blowhard like Grantham?

Gorilla Biscuit

October 1st, 2012
9:00 am

This just in:



October 1st, 2012
9:00 am

Tech nerds out early on UGA story….sure don’t want to talk about the disaster of a team they have….

destin dawg

October 1st, 2012
9:02 am

Stay humble.. work hard… one game at a time.. Go Dawgs… ALL the WAY this year !! this year SEC Champs !! Grantham’s defense will show up for Gameclucks this weekend !!!


October 1st, 2012
9:02 am

Should see some tech nerds posing as Alabama fans in 3, 2, 1 …………..


October 1st, 2012
9:03 am

I think MTSU just scored again……………..


October 1st, 2012
9:05 am

Tenn. way better than expected.. hats off to the Volunteers.. we still won.. but played sloppy !!


October 1st, 2012
9:05 am

Wow, the insect-loving trolls are out in full force this morning! Get well soon Shaun, and we look forward to your official visit for the annual beat down of the bugs. Go Dogs!

Les W. Moore

October 1st, 2012
9:12 am

UGA defense is loaded with NFL talent but, but, but….


October 1st, 2012
9:36 am

The UGA offense gift-wrapped 20 points to UT. Without those turnovers the D would have given up 24 points which is about expected. The gameplan was to not give up big plays down the field which is why UT ran the ball so effectively. Grantham used Saturday to get ready for SCU the same way he used Buffalo to get ready for Missouri and FAU to get ready for Vandy. Ogletree and Rambo were also not up to game speed either and they have important positions on this defense. The games against SC and Florida will decide the season and hopefully the Dawgs will be ready! The UT game was a trap game, and the Dawgs survived, which I wish they had done in 2004 and 2007!

Flo - Ri - Duh

October 1st, 2012
9:38 am

Rocks in Your Head – Saban is very limited on scholarships now and doubt if McGee is that high on their list…… but he is going to UGA. No controversy here…. but you can keep dreaming.

Flo - Ri - Duh

October 1st, 2012
9:47 am

Yes the UGA offense and special teams made a lot of mistakes and left the defense on a short field BUT Tennessee still had to get in the end zone. Evident was the lack of a pass rush and the fact that UGA’s d-line got beat in the running game. That said, according to Mel Kipper, both of Tennessee’s OT’s will be 1st round draft choices when they enter the draft. The Vols QB has only been sacked twice all year. S.C. does not have a dominant OL and I expect Jarvis Jones and Ogletree to get to the QB. Special teams coverage of kicks has been good but kick returns have been awful. Kick offs have been inconsistent and the punts have room to improve.

Midnight Rambler

October 1st, 2012
9:54 am

Where was Jones Saturday? Not much outta him.


October 1st, 2012
10:15 am

Saban will pull the scholarship offer if you commit and he doesn’t feel like you will contribute the first year or are injured. Grayshirt anyone? Richt will honor his commitment and not tell you the week before signing day he doesn’t have room for you. Come join us at UGA!


October 1st, 2012
10:48 am

Love how Grantham said he was not worried about the way TN moved the ball on GA’s defense. I guess 37 points is ok to give up to a bad TN team!

Jimmy Crack

October 1st, 2012
10:54 am

There goes Bamma again with their “gift bags” full of cash and car keys.


October 1st, 2012
10:59 am

Maybe Bozo wants him to play Tight End!


October 1st, 2012
11:11 am

Come to Ga. Tech where you can get an education not just play football….


October 1st, 2012
11:13 am

The Bama players I was told really liked this kid as does Saban. He would be an All American at Bama and fit into a National Championship program.

Saban is a National Championship coach and could groom this kid for the NFL too.

He will wind up at Bama.

only a matter of time

October 1st, 2012
11:16 am

@Midnight Rambler…Jones is pretty good but not THAT good. It’s tough in the SEC week in and week out. He’ll feast on the Mizzou’s of the world who do not recruit the massive OL that the Tenn’s get or Alabama’s or LSU’s. His stock slipped a little but really he’s as good as he’s going to get.

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October 1st, 2012
11:48 am

Falcons 4-0…. Saints and Aubarn are both dumpster fires…Bama unanimous #1 in the polls

Does it get any better? ROLL TIDE GO FALCONS!!!!

tech steaming pile of

October 1st, 2012
2:15 pm

if i was a tech fan , i would not be out of the house much less commenting on a real football team–they are so bad i fell sorry for them–well that might not be true–i want it to hurt bad and it does

THE Dixie Redcoat Band

October 1st, 2012
2:50 pm

Capt. Superior is telling everybody how great UGA is and he’s pretty scared. He’s doing this to give CMR false hope?

Rick James

October 1st, 2012
3:09 pm

If he’s injured Saban may not want him until he sees a doctor’s report..


October 1st, 2012
6:10 pm

Last I looked we are undefeated. Suck on it haters.


October 1st, 2012
6:27 pm


It would get better if your wife got upset when she walks in on you and her sister (who happens to be your sister too and not by law) and instead of joining in like she usually does, jammed a fork into your eye. Who knows if she were REALLY lucky she might even hit your teeny tiny little brain.

BTW when does the tard play a team that actually deserves to be ranked?


October 1st, 2012
9:51 pm

When did Tech start playing football ?

Dawg Tired

October 2nd, 2012
9:29 am

I see my previous comment calling the headline to this article misleading and “Mickey Mouse” got deleted. Not surprising.

[...] Top UGA football recruit will visit … Alabama [...]

icons download

October 7th, 2012
7:24 pm