Brendan Langley: How did UGA go from No. 1 to No. 4 with star DB?

Brendan Langley, one of the state’s top cornerbacks, still won’t say what knocked UGA from No. 1 to No. 4 on his list of favorite colleges earlier this month. Well, Langley will, but he won’t go too much into details.

UGA DB target Brandan Langley

UGA DB target Brandan Langley

“I had a little bit of a misunderstanding with Georgia but it’s already been cleared up for a while now,” Langley told the AJC on Sunday from Los Angeles, without offering more information.

The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder from Kell High School bumped UGA out of the top spot earlier this month, and now has Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina as his top three.

What about UGA? There was speculation on message boards that Langley was concerned that the Bulldogs had too many commits at cornerback with five, although Tramel Terry and JJ Green are expected to play offense in college. Langley denies it.

“Message boards are ridiculous … you and I both know that,” Langley said. “I’m not going to concern myself with message boards. Whatever the case, you’re hearing it from me first.”

And what Langley wants people to hear is that he knows there’s competition everywhere – and he’s not concerned about any cornerback commits at any school, including UGA.

“I’m confident in what I do, and I’m confident in where I play,” Langley said. “In my eyes, I’m the best.”

The good news for UGA is that it just increased the chances with Langley by offering his good friend and high school teammate, Kell safety Quincy Mauger, at Mark Richt Camp. “That definitely gave UGA a boost. I’m not going to change [my ranking order of teams] because that will make people think I’m playing games. But that definitely makes a difference, whether the fans know it or not.

It makes a difference because Langley and Mauger plan to play on the same college team, even though UGA is currently the only common BCS scholarship offer for the duo. “But with the way he’s playing, he’ll have a lot more coming his way,” Langley said.

Langley tentatively plans to make his college decision by August 25. “But don’t be surprised if I commit today or tomorrow. I could wait until the 25th, or wait until before or after that. I don’t know. I’m enjoying the recruiting process. I love it.

“I don’t think I’ll commit today or tomorrow, but I might get a phone call that might make me go ahead and commit. I’m just having fun right now.”

Langley played with Team Georgia in a 7-on-7 tournament in Los Angeles this past weekend, and visited UCLA. “It’s a great place, it’s a great atmosphere … it’s so pure and everybody is always so happy.”

Interesting tidbit: Langley said one of the teachers at Kell High School is the sister of Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.



– By Michael Carvell, AJC Recruiting Blog

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Joe Cox

June 25th, 2012
2:25 am

you’re a smart young man. don’t read the message boards. it’s filled with idiot armchair quarterbacks reliving their past failures through the eyes of folks your age. very depressing and in fact it’s clinical regression. if i could offer one piece of advice:

this is just 4 years of a very long life. and the NFL, if you make it, another 8-10 years. In the grand scheme of things its a flash in the pan. Study. Get smarter. Think more, speak less and DO DO DO. and make sure what you DO is GOOD.


June 25th, 2012
3:51 am

Do not sign this kid. He has no humility or team spirit. I would not want him to be a Dawg unless he was Herschel Walker. If I remember correctly, when Hercshel scored a touchdown he just tossed the ball to referee as to I will be back here again. Greatest quote ever: “Herchel, you carried the ball 31 times today, at some point did you get tired?” Response:”Never, the ball is not that heavy.”
Let this kid have his 15 minutes of fame and let him go. He would part of the problem rather than part of the solution.


June 25th, 2012
5:06 am

I would like to know what specifically was the so called misunderstanding that moved Georgia from #1 to #4. If he was listening to one of the other coaches tell lies about Georgia then he needs to give details as to what caused the misunderstanding and if it was a misunderstanding then he has enough hurt feelings or arrogance to not admit the understanding was his and not Georgia’s fault. If we knew what the misunderstanding was then we would know if HE owed Georgia an apology or not. Someone who is that good doesn’t have to be arrogant or conceded. Apparently Grantham wants him a lot by offering his roommate but Grantham needs to make sure he knows who is in charge if he comes to Georgia and to leave the attitude behind.

Bama Fan #2

June 25th, 2012
5:17 am

The old story about recruiting is win over the mother of the
recruit, but the sister of Kirby Smart being a teacher at the
school of this recruit would HELP!! Alabama or USC I can
understand him looking at really hard but the vols suck
right now and Dooley is on the hot seat big time!! RTR

cmon man

June 25th, 2012
5:45 am

7576dawg what specifically happened in this situation is none of your business. The only people who deserve to know the specifics are Langley, his family and the coaching staff. Stay in your lane as a fan uga nor the Langley family owe you details about anything! The kid said it was a misunderstanding and everything is alright now so move along and get off of the high horse!

Home of Champions

June 25th, 2012
6:03 am

You mean low horse


June 25th, 2012
6:08 am

He said he is having fun and is a straight talker. What more do you want from a 17 yr old. I like this kid and hope he gives UGA a good look.

Mountain Dawg

June 25th, 2012
6:14 am

Sounds like another Energy Vampire to me.


June 25th, 2012
6:14 am

I am not sure what L.A. this guy saw, but pure? Man that is a stretch, no matter who you are. The reason so many of the folks on the UCLA campus appear so happy, is they are so high for the most part, LOL.

Home of Champions

June 25th, 2012
6:16 am

The Big Ten hasn’t won one in any of those sports since 2002-03. Yet in the SEC, only Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Georgia, Arkansas and Vanderbilt are without a Big Four national title in the past seven years. Even newcomer Texas A&M won the women’s basketball championship in 2011.

Brown Dog

June 25th, 2012
6:25 am

Another top Georgia player that has Georgia trailing. What gives? Since CMR is handing out scholarships to walk-ons like leftover Halloween candy, the “we can’t sign them all” fallback isn’t much of an explanation.


June 25th, 2012
6:32 am

Bama has lead for Langley for over a month now. The class is filling up fast and that is what he means by receiving a call phone call that might make him commit. UT and USCe offer earlier PT. Additionally, he was told UGA wouldn’t suck going forward. That was the misunderstanding as they most certainly will. ROLL TIDE!!

Mountain Dawg

June 25th, 2012
6:55 am

Bama sucks forward and backward.

A person SMART enough to know......

June 25th, 2012
7:15 am

have fun in LA

Bitter spoiled recruit

June 25th, 2012
7:35 am

Talk about dotting the I—–No I when spelling the word—TEAM—-Both bamma and UGA have world class D/B’s——-2 deep, So this kid will ride the pine if he steps on either campus.

With the right attude he could have a chance to become a great player—-problem is he thinks already
that he knows all he needs to know.——big problem

daiam swan could teach you a thing or two.——its up too you????but remember, UGA WILL NOT TAKE ANYMORE———————–THUGGS




Bitter spoiled recruit

June 25th, 2012
7:42 am

Good coffee and a nice piece of writing by M. CRAVELL—and then theres the energy vanpire

A person so DUMB—Brown dawg–and of course BLACK-EYE ANYONE!!!!!!


DAWGS will rule on 2nd of feb just like the 2011, 2012 dream teams——down to the wire again


June 25th, 2012
7:43 am

Where is Rodney Garner during all these conversations? Never hear recruits citing the reason they want to go to UGA is their relationship w/ RC Rodney Garner; CRG only got 5 of the top 30 in the state last year: 16.66%; if you are batting .167 in baseball for the season as a position player what happens, you lose your job and this was with 27 scholarships to offer and only getting 19!! C’mon Man, push back form the dinner table and get to work!!

Brandon Spikes

June 25th, 2012
7:52 am

No lies were told about UGA in fact it was the other way around. Richt told him to come to UGA to win a Championship and then the young man talked to Rip Van Winkle who had been asleep since 1980.

Minas Gerais

June 25th, 2012
7:55 am

If Richt would recruit a better class of players – athletes with some moral character and intelligence – he wouldn’t lose some many players who flunk out or get in trouble with the law. But I guess that’s too much to expect from phony Saint Mark.


June 25th, 2012
8:00 am

“I’m not going to change [my ranking order of teams] because that will make people think I’m playing games. ”

This statement simply means, regardless of their ranking on his list, that there exists no favorites. However, the trend here is alarming. Would any 4/5 star rated kid residing and/or born in California or Texas EVER rank USC or Texas 4th on their list? Neither school may be that particular player’s “favorite”, but definitely not 4th. Seems to me like there is nothing “exciting” about state players wanting to attend either UGA or Tech. Can someone please enlighten me as to what these two schools are doing in order to further entice in state talent besides recruiting them hard and “expecting” to be on the short list just because of close proximity?

evil empire

June 25th, 2012
8:15 am


Calm down

June 25th, 2012
8:15 am

This recruiting class is shaping up nicely for UGA. By the time DawgNite ends, our commit total should be well into the twenties. Great DB class on the way, with or without Langley, and the OL group will likely be the best of the RIcht era.

Just Saying

June 25th, 2012
8:18 am

Very obvious you are clueless regarding CRG and recruiting responsibilities. Garner recruits a specific geographical area, as do the other coaches. Cobb Co isn’t Garner’s territory. RC position is one of coordination of the staff, with staff reporting status of various prospects, identifying prospects. The RC position is NOT the only staff position which recruits players anymore than the Def Coordinator is the only person coaching the Defense.

Garner is and continues to be a very effective position coach, an effective recruiter, and a mentor to his position players. It’s always best to be informed when offering an opinion, keeps one from looking clueless or stupid. Then again, fans of GT, Ala, Aub, and others taking shots is nothing new. Which are you?

Moobs Johnson

June 25th, 2012
8:25 am

Wow, now Richt has to offer package deals to gain favor from the top kids in the state? All the kids know that Richt’s program is stale. Fans across the SEC are glad that UGA is keeping him for as long as he is there they know the program will underperform.

Bitter spoiled recruit

June 25th, 2012
8:32 am

And JOE COX has the nerve to raise his dumb a$$ again—-your added to the TROLL HALL OF SHAME—LETS INCLUDE—–EVIL EMPIRE—MOOBS JOHNSON–RHALL55—BRANDON SPIKES


Game Changer

June 25th, 2012
8:33 am


Misunderstandings occur quite often. Regarding Langleys decision:

1) we have filled up the DB schollarship numbers
2) we have filled up the WR schollarship numbers
3) McQuackity cannot sign Grantham to a contract, Todd Grantham will be gone after 2012

It looks to me like Auburn University has taken the lead with many state of GA top athletes. we will have to wait and see but we are not doing well at UGA with top recruits. I really dont care about the top players because I would like to sign intelligent young men with great character and image to go along with the athletic ability. This will never be the case with a coach like richt who came from a florida state out of control program under ” another self proclaimed religious man bowden, MY A&& “

Fred L.

June 25th, 2012
8:34 am

The word that we’re hearing is that Langley decided not to sign with UGA because he wanted:

1. To play on a winning team with a chance of winning a national championship.

2. To play with other players who weren’t always being arrested for drugs, DUI, or beating up their girlfriends.

3. A first rate head coach.

A bitter pill for dawg fans to swallow, a bitter pill indeed

June 25th, 2012
8:40 am

Georgia Tech plays legitimate student-athletes who will go on to successful careers in management and engineering.

Georgia plays bozos who would not have met the academic requirements to enter any college or university. The few who actually graduate will have worthless degrees and skills for which there is no demand. Most will be pathetic losers who are a burden on society. Fortunately the CEOs of Walmart and Waffle House are Tech alumni who will give some of them jobs, but even a graveyard shift fry cook has to have some skills and the ability to stay sober.

Yes, Tech fans would love to defeat Georgia more often, but not at the win-at-all-cost price that Georgia pays.

Next time you see a homeless drunk, be kind to him, he may be a former UGA player.

Mr Dog

June 25th, 2012
8:44 am

We don’t want you.. You don’t seem intelligent. You will thrive in Bama providing they accept you.

Recruitng numbers at UGA

June 25th, 2012
8:46 am

DB: UGA will take Langley and Bell for sure (Langley looks more likely, with Ohio State and UT leading for Bell). Couple of DB guys are also capable of playing WR.

WR: Marquez North will not be turned down, and may get another WR anyway.

I don’t know how the poster defines “top recruits”, but this is shaping up as a monster year for the Dogs.

Flo - Ri - Duh

June 25th, 2012
8:56 am

UGA is still recruiting the #1 & #2 CB’s in the nation and they both list UGA as a school they are interested in. Langley thought they should have him as their #1 CB on the board. He’s got ability but needs polish – two years away. Red shirt where ever he goes.

Chi Town

June 25th, 2012
8:57 am

Respect, Lord Saban.

Is it really true Mark that of these recruits you signed to scholarships to play here 2012, all you have is 71

June 25th, 2012
9:00 am

Good not great. I represent the normal UGA grad and most UGA fans. Well, you can live in the past if you like, sir. The facts are the # 11 all-time college football program in wins, is # 23 in won/lost record after 2005 – when all the Jim Donnan recruits were gone. After 2005, only Vandie and Missy State of all SEC teams have fewer wins than Mark Richt over teams who actually earned AP Poll Top 10. How could anyone say that I don’t have a point when in every post, I call for you homer fans to quit causing this mediocrity with your flimsy excuses for settling for losing 9 games in a row in The SEC against teams who actually had a winning SEC record that season, 9 games in a row to teams who actually earned AP Poll Top 25 that season, and 7 games in a row to teams who actually earned AP Poll Top 10 that season. You’re the problem. Amazing you spent the day in here posting, I’d say about half-and-half. Half say the point is valid that you do accept and even are satisfied with these results after the 2005 season. The 2005 season was now this up-coming 2012 season 8 seasons ago, and that season 8 seasons ago, we ended up not the # 1 SEC team but the # 3 SEC team in every stinking poll. I want accountability. I actually want us to beat the top teams; not look around and see we have only 71 scholarship recruits Mark Richt signed to play here, still here today of our 85-man limit – while we see that in fact only Vandie and Missy State have fewer wins after 2005 over teams who made it into the AP Poll Top 10. You know ? Like Alabama beat 2 of and LSU beat 3 of in the season just ended ? I’d settle for Mark Richt to beat just 1 team who actually earns an AP Poll Top 10 the same season which is considered one of his best years – something he hasn’t done yet in 11 years while this season we face no out-of-conference team who made any top 25 poll and in-conference face in our 12 regular seasons’ games 1 team only South Carolina who made any top 25 poll. No, South Carolina was not a better team than us; but our Quarterback gave that game away on his own. He needed no help from Mark Richt other than to put the puny loser out there, leave him out there and let him lose the game on his own which is exactly what happened.

Alabama has discipline on and off the field, and has 22 players attrition. We have no discipline on or off the field and have 150 % more attrition than Alabama. Nick Saban has been in The SEC the same number of years Mark Richt has, and he has been significantly better at in his good years, beating the better teams. If we aren’t jealous of Alabama, why would we run in here and brag about beating Alabama the same year they lost to Louisiana Monroe in Nick Saban’s 1st season there, while Mark Richt lost to 2-win Vandie in Mark Richt’s 6th season here, the 2 wins by the way were over 0-12 Duke and 1-11 Temple. We also bragged in this blog today that we beat a 4-win Alabama team. And, that we beat Alabama in a season which they did not even make the final Coaches’ Poll Top 25. These are our 3 wins over Alabama. Oh wow, we beat them when they were down.

Next time someone tells you about some win we have over some poster’s football team, as the braggart if that team was any good that season, because the facts are in 11 years we are 3 wins out of 16 games vs teams who actually earned AP Poll Top 10 that season.

So, half say it is acceptable that of 85-man limit, we have only 71 remaining of the scholarship recruits Mark Richt signed to play this season; and suggest then a Flame post a personal attack while 1 actually said that the research is incorrect but never offered up even one flimsy challenge to the facts. Why is that ?

The other half, the vast majority of we Bulldogs’ fans would actually like to see us not be the laughing stock of college football off the field, and on the field never beat a top team.

Of the 109 signed by Mark Richt to play 2012, here are the only remaining standing 71 :

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits who with Redshirt would play 2012 :
# 22 in the nation WR Tavarres King
# 29 in the nation S Bacarri Rambo
#4 in the nation RB Richard Samuel
# 13 in the nation DE Cornelius Washington
# 46 in the nation WLB Christian Robinson
# 39 in the nation CB Sanders Commings

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits 23

2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits
# 10 in the nation DT Abry Jones
# 3 in the nation QB Aaron Murray
# 18 in the nation WLB Mike Gilliard
# 2 in the nation CB Branden Smith
# 2 in the nation WR Marlon Brown
# 18 in the nation DT Kwame Geathers
# 34 in the nation S Shawn Williams
# 20 in the nation WR Rantavious Wooten
# 5 in the nation TE Arthur Lynch

2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits 20
2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits
# 84 in the nation WR Michael Bennett
# 3 in the nation OLB Alec Ogletree
# 25 in the nation RB Ken Malcome
# 12 in the nation DE T.J. Stripling
# 6 in the nation DT Garrison Smith
# 74 in the nation MLB Alexander Ogletree
# 53 in the nation QB Hutson Mason
# 90 in the nation OT Kenarious Gates
# 16 in the nation DT Michael Thornton
# 31 in the nation OG Chris Burnette
# 20 in the nation OG Dallas Lee
# 6 in the nation OT Austin Long
# 6 in the nation OG Kolton Houston
# 45 in the nation DE Dexter Morant
# 52 in the nation DE Brandon Burrows

2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19

2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits dream team # 6 Scout ranked team

# 6 in the nation S Corey Moore
# 11 in the nation MLB Amarlo Herrera
# 6 in the nation C David Andrews
# 34 in the nation WR Chris Conley
# 38 in the nation CB Devin Bowman
# 8 in the nation QB Christian LeMay
# 37 in the nation DE Sterling Bailey
# 51 in the nation WR Justin Scott-Wesley
# 23 in the nation OT Watts Dantzler
# 41 in the nation OG Hunter Long
Not ranked 2-star long snapper Nathan Theus
# 28 in the nation OT Zach DeBell
# 9 in the nation CB Damian Swann
# 27 OLB Ramik Wilson
# 136 in the nation S Quintavious Harrow
# 7 in the nation CB Malcolm Mitchell
# 4 in the nation TE Jay Rome
# 40 in the nation OT Xzavier Ward
# 6 in the nation DE Ray Drew
# 1 in the nation RB Isaiah Crowell
junior college transfer DT John Jenkins

2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits 26

2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits

K 7 Marshall Morgan
TE 18 Ty Smith
DE 18 Leonard Floyd
FB 2 Quayvon Hicks
P NR Collin Barber
DE 74 James Deloach
DT 9 Jonathan Taylor
OT 2 John Theus
OG 41 Greg Pyke
DT 23 John Atkins
WR 52 Blake Tibbs
QB 24 Faton Bauta
RB 1 Keith Marshall
junior college transfer OT JC sophomore Mark Beard
DE 5 Jordan Jenkins
RB 13 Todd Gurley
CB 11 Sheldon Dawson
OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons
DE 27 Josh Dawson

2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19

2008 Signed Scholarship Recruits 23
2009 Signed Scholarship Recruits 20
2010 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19
2011 Signed Scholarship Recruits 26
2012 Signed Scholarship Recruits 19
70 of these 107 signed scholarship recruits of Mark Richt are on campus.

107 Signed Scholarship Recruits signed to play here 2012.

70 remain.

Name me another than these 70 listed who Mark Richt signed to scholarships to play 2012 ?

What is again that is so wrong about these rankings of the players by please ? They certainly look like very good analysis of what they would do in college, ranked in their junior year in high school to me. I presume no one will offer an answer for what is so wrong about any of their rankings, let alone all their rankings combined, right ?

St Simons - we're on Island time, mon

June 25th, 2012
9:06 am

Cats are fickled. Dogs are not. I’m tired of these prima donnas.
I’ve got two kids at UGA, one in vet school, one ‘finding herself’.
They will be fine, they will be successful, as I am.
They never thought for one day of going to another university.
90% of these prima donnas will be broke/bankrupt 3 yrs after the NFL.
Respect the University, respect the tradition, or go the hell on.
I’m done with this.


June 25th, 2012
9:14 am

Gvie the kid some room. He’ll make the right decision for himself.


June 25th, 2012
9:15 am

Is it really true Mark that of these recruits you signed to scholarships to play here 2012, all you have is 71 …Thomas Brown, is that you ??

UGA man here

June 25th, 2012
9:17 am

Let this young man enjoy the process. This entire story is about a kid that is having fun with the attention given to him and his buddy. Both kids are probably 18 or so, they are kids.

If they end up somewhere besides UGA, then we get two more to fill the spot and that is the way this recruiting game is played.

UGA will sign 25-30 kids this year. Some will become the next David Green or David Pollack or Champ Bailey, etc it is what it is ………….. college ball.

Go Dogs.


June 25th, 2012
9:17 am

No package deals from CNS. Your either deserving and belong or go elsewhere with your bff……

Chris Rock

June 25th, 2012
9:18 am

UGA is the Notre Dame of the south. Completely irrelevant, always over-rated, and mostly laughed at.

Rip Van Winkle

June 25th, 2012
9:18 am

St Simons – we’re on Island time, mon…………….What tradition? You havent won squat since 1980! UGA is irrelevent outside the state of Georgia.

Chris Rock

June 25th, 2012
9:18 am

UGA=Notre Dame

Max Roland Reinhart-UGA Professor

June 25th, 2012
9:19 am


Herschel scores a TD and hands the ball back to the ref.

CMR’s team scores a TD and about 60 players storm the field/end zone. In the first quarter. Against a team that they had beaten a few times over the previous 20 years.

Why would this kid not fit in on CMR’s team? He sounds more like a CMR recruit than Herschel Walker…

Rip Van Winkle

June 25th, 2012
9:19 am

You are wrong Chris Rock, they are VANDY without the education.


June 25th, 2012
9:20 am

Auburn QB Zeke Pike arrested for Public Intoxication

didn’t take long for him to fit right in

Rip Van Winkle

June 25th, 2012
9:21 am

I was watching the endzone dance again this morning on youtube and I think that is where Sturdivant first hurt his knee.

Chris Rock

June 25th, 2012
9:22 am

Its going to be fun watching Mizzou beat the pups. . .I hope they don’t blame jeezus for the loss!

Rip Van Winkle

June 25th, 2012
9:22 am


June 25th, 2012
9:20 am

Auburn QB Zeke Pike arrested for Public Intoxication

didn’t take long for him to fit right in

Ah we in trouble now trolls the Defender of all things dawg is here!

Wet Willie...keep on smiling

June 25th, 2012
9:24 am

Langley trying hard to get his friend a scholly and that isn’t a bad thing since many of the top players do the same thing. It doesn’t work at Bama but that doesn’t mean it will not work for a school that has plenty of schollys like UGA. The kid will play at some point but not early fact is he’s on Nick’s wait and see list. In other words if we can get someone better then he’s a Vol or another school. Richt has to get great talent for he’s not one to do more with less and his record is clear.

Rip Van Winkle

June 25th, 2012
9:24 am


June 25th, 2012
9:25 am

hey rip

You mad?

who is your team?