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Some people think Georgia’s No. 1 college basketball prospect is already starting to pack his bags for UCLA.

Shaq Goodwin, the 6-foot-8 power forward from Southwest DeKalb High School, said that’s not the case. He’s heard the rumors, about how he will follow his AAU basketball coach to UCLA, and he said they are untrue because he’s undecided. However, Goodwin confirms that UCLA is one of his leaders, along with UGA, Memphis, Florida and Alabama.

“I havent’ decided anything,” Goodwin told the AJC.

Goodwin got a “shout out” when his AAU teammate with the Atlanta Celtics, Jordan Adams, committed to UCLA earlier this week.

Will Shaq follow his AAU coach to Cali? (AJC photo by Michael Carvell)

Will Shaq follow his AAU coach to Cali? (AJC photo by Michael Carvell)

“I want Shaq Goodwin to come with me [to UCLA],” said Adams, the former Central Gwinnett shooting guard who transferred to Oak Hill (Va.) prep school last year.

Goodwin heard the words loud and clear. He attended the announcement of his longtime summer club buddy. “That was cool; I expected it [Adams to commit to UCLA]. He had some good reasons for going to UCLA. We’ll see what happens with me.”

Discussion of the Georgia-to-UCLA recruiting pipeline started after the Bruins hired Korey McCray as an assistant coach a few weeks ago. McCray was the CEO of the Altanta Celtics, and Adams cited McCray’s hiring as a major factor in his decision. Goodwin admits it gives UCLA an advantage, too.

“It will be a little bit of a factor he’s the reason I got most of my looks from the colleges,” Goodwin said. “But I don’t think it would be the only reason for me to go there, if I picked UCLA.”

Goodwin said he will try to take two unofficial visits over the summer — to UCLA and Memphis.

FOOTBALL: Another Georgia player commits to an SEC school

Reid Ferguson

Reid Ferguson

A growing trend in college football recruiting, due to the importance of special teams, is awarding a scholarship to player specifically to handle long-snapping duties on punts, extra points and field goals.

Buford High School long snapper Reid Ferguson committed to LSU over Tennessee and San Diego State earlier this week, while also generating serious interest from Alabama, Florida State and South Florida. Ferguson is considered one of the best in the nation at the specialty.

“While both LSU and Tennessee were my finalists and have great coaching staffs, I felt like I had more time to develop a better relationship with the LSU coaches,” Ferguson said.

The 6-foot-2, 235-pound Ferguson said he has a 3.6 GPA and will major in sports administration.

Meanwhile, in an unique turn of events, Georgia’s No. 1 kicker committed to Florida after Florida’s No. 1 kicker committed to Georgia. Quite an interesting conversation on the message boards (click on story link)


  • A few of Georgia’s top college football prospects will be playing their senior seasons at different high schools. We’ve heard one or two more transfers may be in the works. (click on story link)
  • Do you know of a college looking for a last-minute recruit? Starr’s Mill DE Ufomba Kamula (6-5, 245), who was called “the best defensive end in Georgia you probably never heard of” earlier this year, recently met NCAA academic requirements, according to his father. Kamula has signed with Butler junior college but is eligible and hoping to sign with a D1 school (click on story link)
  • One of the state’s fastest DBs, whose older brother plays at Virginia Tech, committed to another ACC school (click on story link)
  • Who is the best middle school basketball player in Atlanta? It may be the Chris Lewis, the son of former UGA and NFL LB Mo Lewis. The 6-foot-6 Lewis is only in the eighth grade, but would be on the varsity if GHSA permitted it, according to Milton High School coach David Boyd. Lewis scored 14 points in 20 minutes in a recent scrimmage against the varsity.
  • Buford DB Ryan Dillard has offers from Air Force, Illinois and Harvard.
  • Glynn Academy DE-LB Mark Thomas has been offered by Georgia State, Georgia Southern and The Citadel. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder has been clocked at 4.69 seconds in the 40-yard dash and had 75 tackles last season. His teammate, LB-RB James Dean, has an offer from Navy and is waiting to hear back from Georgia Southern. Dean is 6-1 and 193 pounds, runs a 4.56, and had 127 tackles last year. He attended summer camps at Georgia and Clemson, and will work out for Georgia Tech and South Carolina soon.
  • Collins Hill has four seniors with football offers — DE/TE Andrew Everett with Southern Miss, Western Kentucky, Ball State, Gardner-Webb, and Georgia State; WR-RB-DB Nick England with Troy, Arkansas State, Florida International, Central Michigan, Gardner-Webb, Georgia State and Georgia Southern; LB Jermichael Bailey with Wofford and Georgia State; DL/OL Sam Batiste with Air Force, Georgia State, Harvard, Gardner-Webb, Central Michigan, Presbyterian, Elon, Towson and Navy.
  • More Basketball: Clayton State signed three Div. I transfers for the perimeter, and added two junior college players for the post area — center Tim Budd (6-9, 265) of Spartanburg Methodist (S.C.) and forward Tyrone Black (6-7, 240) of Iowa Western … Georgia State will welcome a pair of walk-ons later this summer, Westlake shooting guard Jordan Brown and Commerce point guard Tyler Gamble.

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Congrats to DeKalb the new home of the Hardwood Legends

June 24th, 2011
10:31 am

Congrats to the deepest draft class to come from DeKalb county, the new home of basketball legends: Dunwoody’s Chris Singleton (FSU) drafted by Washington, Tucker’s Marshon Brooks (Providence) drafted by Boston [traded to NJ], Lithonia resident Trey Thompkins (UGA) drafted by the LAC, Stone Mountain’s Andrew Goudelock [COC] drafted by LAL and Columbia’s Travis Leslie [UGA] also selected by LAC


June 24th, 2011
10:38 am

Chances are high that Shaq Goodwin will commit to UCLA. Would be nice to see him consider staying instate and sign with UGA though. .. Go Dawgs!


June 24th, 2011
10:48 am

A lot of talent is leaving the state this year. I hope UGA can turn this trend around.


June 24th, 2011
10:56 am

Its looking worst and worst for Mark Fox he should have hired that AAU coach if this trend continues and Fox does not have a good season he will be on the hot seat lot of people are asking questions why he is having a hard time recruiting big time recruits he better change some thing now .


June 24th, 2011
11:18 am

Not surprised to see Fox having so many issues getting elite players to Athens.
He has an uphill battle as UGA has the most part been a basketball bottom feeder in football driven conference.

UGA fans will need some patience – Fox is an outstanding coach.

Look at it this way – UGA basketball = Southern Miss football.
If you are a stud football player – and had offers to go to Southern Miss – but also Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas – would you go to Southern Miss?

Same is basketball – targeted UGA basketbball recruits are also beig offered by premier basketball schools like UCLA, Kentucky, UNC and others.

Good thing about basketball – the impact of a one or two stud recruits is huge.

Florida was able to turn it – maybe UGA will too.

Again – I believe Fox is a great coach – but getting the elite players away from the elite basketball schools will be extremely hard to do.

Gator Bob

June 24th, 2011
11:22 am

Fox will be out of Athens in 3 years.

Next years team will be a step backward from 2010 – and that will impact recruting.

He is a good enough coach to keep UGA as a mid-pack SEC team – but he will get frustrated and take a job somewhere else.


June 24th, 2011
11:24 am

Mark Fox CANNOT recruit. He has been living off Dennis Felton’s recruits, and couldn’t recruit Thompkins and Leslie to come back for their senior year. Mark Fox is just like Rodney Garner, planting rumors that other schools “want him” every year just to parlay it for a raise to those dummies in UGA athletic department that fall for it. Mark Fox cannot recruit. This year’s recruiting class is a disaster.

UGA Insider

June 24th, 2011
11:26 am

I am a Mark Fox fan as a coach but he has not proven he can recruit. He got Marcus Thornton because of the ACC transfer rule and Thornton wanted to play close to home. He got Kentavious because he was from a one stoplight town and his two best friends signed with Georgia on football schollies. Mark Fox absolutely positively cannot recruit the state of Georgia. He whiffed on Brogdon (UVA), Royal (Techie), D. Parker (lolol Vanderbilt), Harrow (Kentucky), Ware (Louisville) to sign a bunch of “1 star” superheroes from Florida, North Carolina and Europe that no one has ever head of. How can you recruit other states when there’s so much talent in Georgia? Because Fox cannot recruit Georgia. The dagger in the heart was Evan Nolte, whose older brother plays at Georgia now and was a onetime lock, told Fox to take a hike and signed with UVA.


June 24th, 2011
11:39 am

Fox on a “hot seat?”

It takes a real dufus to blame a coach for not signing a kid who gets a chance to live in Malibu for 4 years.

I was born in Athens, but if I had gotten a chance as a 18 year old to go to college at UCLA, I sure would have taken it.

Sir Barks A Lot

June 24th, 2011
12:09 pm

Agree with Joey – UCLA is rated as the #2 Public University – according to US NEWS & WR – -Incredible campus – great weather – beautiful part of Los Angeles – and historically an ELITE basketball school. Although UCLA’s football is down right now – this is a a great sport school.

Can’t blame any young man for looking hard at UCLA – just a great place – been through that campus many times.

With that said – ATHENS ain’t a bad place either. Huge investments made in the basketball trainging facility and the Steg. Great academics, incredible campus – and a fan base HUNGRY for basketball success.

Best of luck to this Kid – where ever hs chooses to play will be a good decision because his choices are so great.


June 24th, 2011
12:19 pm

@Saban….UGA’s basketball team has notoriously been at the middle or bottom of the SEC in basketball. But for that matter, so has Alabama. So what’s your point?


June 24th, 2011
12:24 pm

Does anyone know if Goodwin is still planning to play football this year and put himself at risk of injury that might ruin his chance at a basketball scholarship?


June 24th, 2011
12:35 pm

When are you homers going to quit making excuses for Fox and see the truth ? I love my Dogs, but I’ve lost count of how many top tier recruits Fox has lost in the last several months (Nolte, Ware, Harrow, Parker, Royal, Adams….the list goes on, plus he couldn’t convince Trey and Travis to stay another year) and am tired of you people making excuses. Fox just got a $500k bump and the best he could pull in is a 1 start center from NC and a fith year high school senior from Montenegro who wasn’t even the best player on his club team.

And before anyone piles on, yes I know Fox signed Pope but that deal was locked over a year ago – what has he done lately and can he get anything done with next year’s bumper crop of D1 recruits in the state ? The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is a problem. When can we get to step one ?

Two Peas in a Pod

June 24th, 2011
12:38 pm

Mark Fox = Mark Richt = Choke Artist. They both let the big ones get away. Games and players.


June 24th, 2011
12:49 pm

It PAINS me to say this but…………………… I would rather see these stud athletes go to “gulp” Tech before leaving the state. Come on Georgia boys…..represent your state!


June 24th, 2011
12:49 pm

Fox may be able to take this program to the next level if he can sign some of these guys. I mean he should try the whole dream team approach as well. Goodwin, Carter, parker, and Mann are all kids that if we could get to come to UGA and Pair with Pope. It could be scary for everyone else. How we didn’t sign Ware i will never know. Maybe CMF is trying to stay away from the 1 and dones.

Michael Carvell

June 24th, 2011
12:52 pm

@Blake, thanks for your post. imho I don’t think anybody from the state’s Class of 2011 college basketball prospects, especially Kevin Ware who has to learn how to play PG, is a “one and done.” imho I do think the first player out of that group to make the NBA will be Milton PG Shannon Scott (Ohio State), who has to get much bigger, stronger, and play with more confidence. However, all the potential is there after a few years of grooming in college.


June 24th, 2011
12:53 pm

@bulldogmaniac I truly agree with you as a UGA fan. What ever happen to state pride. All these guys are going to go to out of state schools and wear their “A” hats a rep for GA. How about staying home and doing it on a big scale. UGA is a Sleeping Monster waiting to awake. We just need a couple of these ” DSGB ” (down south georgia boys) to stay in state

what a hater

June 24th, 2011
12:59 pm

but jordan adams was getting recruited by UCLA before korey mccray was thought about being hired


June 24th, 2011
1:00 pm

Aaron, Coach Richt is on vacation and by the way what are you doing to help those in need!!! Get a life Moron!!!


June 24th, 2011
1:10 pm

I have to agree with Saban, you fans that are saying Mark Fox needs to start getting some of the GA stars to stay in state and play for the Dawgs need to listen to what you are saying. How do you suggest that Mark Fox gets that done. We are a bottomfeeder in BB in a less than impressive BB conference. Just how should Mark Fox get these STARS that have offers to play in places like KY, UCLA, Duke, & NC to sign with us? Come play for the DAWGS and finish in the middle of the pack in a less than steller BB conference. The guy is a pretty impressive coach, but he isn’t MAGIC.


June 24th, 2011
1:14 pm

@Carvell Scout and Rivals is reporting that Bama commit RB Justin Taylor will be taking some visits one school he will be visiting UGA will you get some info that story soon .


June 24th, 2011
1:14 pm

Most on here are correct. The REAL studs will not come to Athens to play Basketball. It has nothing to with coach Fox. There are 4 or 5 “name” super star coach’s and if they want the best this state has, and we have some, they come get them. Pretty easy sell. Go play on National TV 10 times a year and go to the final four………….Or go to Athens. I love My Dawgs….but this is the truth.


June 24th, 2011
1:17 pm

@ italian the point is if we get those players we won’t be bottom feeders. UGA and UK are in the same division. If UK can get guys to come there. Why can’t UGA. If Memphis which is in a even lower conference can get guys to go there. why can’t UGA? I’m not asking CMF to go get Guys from TX, CA, or NY. But can we atleast keep the guys home. The difference in UK and UGA is UK has to Be a national recruiter. Where UGA could keep a 100 mile radius. As a recruiter its about finding someones REAL need and then showing them how you can help the achieve it.


June 24th, 2011
1:23 pm

@JB i agree its going to hard for Fox to get top recruits to come to Athens when you have UK as there top choice for a lot these Georgia kids that’s why it would be good idea for Fox to hire an AAU coach smart by UCLA to get AAU coach its so frustrating to see these in state kids leave .


June 24th, 2011
1:29 pm

Blake, read JB’s comments. I don’t think comparing KY and UGA’s BB program is a FAIR comparison. KY is a annual contender for the NC and they are HIGHLY publicized. I just don’t think that we will EVER get the TOP recruits to play in Athens no matter who we have as a coach. We just don’t have the Basketball recognition to be a major player for the BIGTIME recruits. It SHOULD matter that we have the talent in state and we SHOULD be able to convince the kids to stay in state and play for their state teams, but if you were a HIGHLY Touted BB prospect from the state and you could go and play for a team that traditionally is a contender for the NC and play on ESPN almost every game, or come to UGA and maybe have a few of your games NATIONALLY televised and your GOAL was to make it to the NBA, what would you choose?


June 24th, 2011
1:35 pm

At the end of the day UK had to start from somewhere. All it would take is a good recruiter and this program could sky rocket. I mean why go play for a program and Just be another one of the guys. When you could come to UGA and be THE GUY! that would be my approarch. Make these kids feel like they are the start to something great.


June 24th, 2011
1:58 pm

Spot on Blake ! As the song goes “it’s got to start sometime…what better time than now ? what better place than here ?” As a former Bulldog player told me once “at this level it’s not not about X’s and O’s, it’s about your Jimmy and Joes”. If Fox can’t recruit top drawer players, why are we paying a top drawer salary ? Regardless of your opinion of Felton, whatever success UGA and CMF had this year, it was with players Felton drafted (two of which just went to the NBA). There is too much talent in this state for UGA men’s basketball to be just “relevant” (that still PO’s me when I recall McGarity saying that’s the goal for men’s BB). CMF needs to be held accountable for a higher standard and if he can’t cut hit, hit the road. At that starts with UGA fans and alum stop making excuses every time CMF fails.


June 24th, 2011
2:10 pm

I was a navy recruiter for 3 1/2 years. And even though the Army, Marines, Air Force and coast guard had some of the same programs, or better in some cases. I still had to let kids Know why the Navy was the best. I had to give them pointers as far as ” Even though the Army does this, Can that Do that ” and so on. At the end of the day UGA doesn’t get 10% of these TOP NOTCH in state guys. If we could get ONE a year this program would be a lot better off. Sorry anything that UK has to offer other than HISTORY so can UGA. Well what i would be telling this kids is history is made everyday. Either you can live in it. Or be apart of it. Remind them how cool it would be to play for the HOME TEAM andvin front of their friends and family Ask mom and dad how would they like to be able to see every home game. and. How they wouldn’t miss Xmas, B days and other hoildays they enjoy with their family. Point to the 2 guys last night or the Other guys that no one ever heard of that got drafted last night. You don’t have to go to a UK, or Duke to get drafted. SOMEONE PLEASE WAKE THIS SLEEPING GIANT!

Georgia Grad

June 24th, 2011
2:14 pm

Amazing. Fox seems to get a pass for striking out over and over for top tier talent from the state, why? Were you Fox excuse makers as kind to Dennis Felton? No you were not! Fact is Felton did a better job of recruiting the home state than Fox, granted not by much. Fox has missed time and again, his only hit has been Caldwell-Pope, but he can’t build a program with one player. The November signing period will tell the tale on Fox. With so many outstanding talents in the state’s 2012 class he is virtually guaranteed of a good class, how could he possibly miss.

As for the Georgia program, we certainly aren’t Kentucky nor are we Georgia State, Kennesaw, or S Miss. Some of you are absurd downgrading the program. Sure we’ve had some tough years recently following the Harrick/Adams debacle however Georgia has won SEC titles, put players in the NBA. I’m not willing to accept a mediocre program, nor will I make excuses for Mark Fox recruiting. I expect him to sign 4 outstanding prospects in November, anything less should cause concern and not be “excused” away. Fox could have hired the assistant coach UCLA hired, he chose not to do so. The young man is a quality person who would have been a great asset to the Georgia program. Fox biggest mistake may prove to be his stubborn refusal to make a change to his staff. Time will tell.

Sir Barks A Lot

June 24th, 2011
2:26 pm

Aaron – sense your frustration – but Richt has been a great coach – and yes – the program has been in rebuild for 2 seasons – but that is realistic thing to happen – and it takes about 2 years to rebuild.

A history lesson for you YOUNG STUD.

After taking over a proud program that had stumbled to a 8-29-5 record the previous 4 years.
A new coach built his program going 83-11-1 in his first 9 seasons as HC for this school. -
He was the toast to the state – and could do not wrong.

The next 3 seasons – his teams went 20-13-1 (8-3, 6-5 & 6-5-1)
The fan base was ready to fire the coach
He was on the hot seat – most felt that their now middle of the pack team needed new leadership as the program has gone stale and a large number of players were having discipline issues.

Fortunately for the University of Alabama – they did not fire Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.
The next decade (1970’s) were fantastic years for their program.

Coach Bryant needed to change things up as the program became stale and his players felt entitled and had some attitude – because they were playing for U of A.

Now, Richt is not coach Bryant.
However – Richt’s first 9 years averaged 10 wins per season (90-27)
He also recognized that his program was becoming stale after the 10-2 campaign in 2008 and has made the following changes the last 2 seasons:
– New DC to a 3-4 program
– D staff changes with the exception of Coach Garner
– New O-Line coach
– New S&C coach and program
– Attitude adjustment on players

He has one season with under 8 wins – after averaging 10 wins a season up unitl last year – and you are worried that spending 5 days in Honduras during his vacation and his personal religous beliefs and investments to his fellow man? Are you kidding me?

I look for UGA to win 9 games minimum this year.

Richt is a very good HC that is making the necessary adjustments to get his program back in contention – after only 2 seasons removed of being rated #1 preseason and finshing top 10.

He is also a very good person.
He is graduating an extremely high % of his players and has clamped down on those needing attitude adjustments.


A great season starts Sept 3 against Boise – and 2011 will see UGA winning a minimum of 9 games.

So dude – let’s be realistic – OK?
And remember – Les Miles was on the hot seat last summer – more so than Richt.
Last year was a major rebuild with a new DC and D-staff – change over to 3-4.
This year – he has chnged S&C – new

GT 1

June 24th, 2011
2:46 pm

If Gregory had gotten McCray as an assistant, GT might could have gotten some of these kids!!!! I read where some of these kids were offered by Garner Webb, Elon, Towson and Ga. Southern,–not to fret–as soon as PJ hears about it, then GT will offer.


June 24th, 2011
2:52 pm

italian_29. If I was the best basketball player on this earth and if either UGA or Tech were to offer, I’d play for either one of them before I’d play against them. It’s a little thing call pride in home state, by the way which these kids now-a-days have none. Pride that is.


June 24th, 2011
2:59 pm

Every UGA Basketball Coach has a hard time recruiting the instate kids. These kids don’t seem to want to stay instate. Its not just CMF but all except Hugh Durham. It is a different time and these kids have no loyalty to their instate schools. Once they go to other schools and it doesn’t work out, then they want to come back home. Fox is a great coach and these kids need to give him a shot. Without these top players, it will be hard for him to win on a regular basis. He may need to hire someone with instate ties to make this happen. Do whatever you have to do to get the job done.


June 24th, 2011
3:01 pm

@Tdawg, I agree 100%. Instead of leaving the state, try to make the in state teams better.

Coach T

June 24th, 2011
3:02 pm

Coach Fox should hire Sharman White at Miller Grove before someone else does if he wants Parker and Morris.


June 24th, 2011
3:11 pm

A program like UGA should never have to use the word rebuild when it comes to the football program. We should be able to plug the next guy in and keep the machine moving. It comes from great recruiting every year, not just one and also great coaching and not excuses.


June 24th, 2011
3:11 pm

Coach T thats a good point. As a recruiter you have to be able to relate to or have someone on your staff that can relate to these kids. Not to many young black men wanna listen to an old white guy. Not being a racism. I’m just being honest.

SWD '98

June 24th, 2011
3:30 pm

Congrats to Korey on UCLA. This one will go down to UCLA and Georgia, and I personally don’t see William Goodwin going that far away from his family.

Tdawg the fool

June 24th, 2011
3:38 pm

These kids owe Georgia nothing!!!

UCLA Looking to Add 2nd Georgia Gem

June 24th, 2011
3:40 pm

[...] For more on this story: [...]

Tdawg the fool

June 24th, 2011
3:41 pm

Maybe Mark Fox should have stayed in his own state and coached.

It Ain't Rocket Science

June 24th, 2011
3:57 pm

If he were to go to UCLA, just to follow his coach, I am thinking he will have a hard time, if he ever decides to go PRO. Not sure the coach could get hired at the next level, just to drag a 5 star recruit along. He may be a good coach, but the kid has to think about his future as well.


June 24th, 2011
4:46 pm

Has anyone ever seen Ben Howland’s offense at UCLA? Brutal. Roster is now full of former UNC retreads, too.

Paul in RDU

June 24th, 2011
5:32 pm

The Wear twins and Larry Drew III are at UCLA. Now there are 3 people you can rely on.

Littleton's Dream

June 24th, 2011
5:35 pm

During the tenures of the last 3 UGA hoops coaches, I have wondered why none of UGA’s leadership hasn’t realized that James Banks would be an outstanding recruiter and addition to the basketball staff. He was a high school All American out of Atlanta, starred on UGA’s Final Four team, a team that produced several NBA players, was the last player cut by 2 NBA championship teams, played professional basketball in Europe, is an incredible human being, and now is the head coach for Athens Academy. He has all the skills one would want to see in a recruiter, intelligence, high basketball IQ, great personality, excellent communicator, has a sense of humor, and is someone who inspires people around him to be better human beings. He’s the kind of person you should want sitting down with families and players. And, he has been successful at all playing levels. So, you’d get an Home Stater, who went to UGA, lead them to perhaps their greatest season, beating UNC in East Regional Final, and knows what it takes to reach the professional stage. I keep wondering why nobody has seen what an obvious choice James Banks would be. I think these Atlanta kids would respond really well to him.


June 24th, 2011
5:36 pm

Tony Parker is better!


June 24th, 2011
6:09 pm

If James Banks is and excellent recruiter i say bring him aboard Fox has to change something its not all his fault things have changed Mark Fox is still kind of unknown and if he hired an AAU coach or James Banks maybe these recruits will respond to him better .


June 24th, 2011
8:27 pm

I agree with the rest of you. I beilieve cox can coach but he blew it not hiring a great AAU coach. If you cannot recruit in Georgia, you need to leave. They have the best talent not only in the state but in the nation.

Hubie Green

June 24th, 2011
9:08 pm

Has anyone thought about this: Miller Grove and Milton along with Norcross and Wheeler, and Whitefield; throw in Columbia; have teams with better D I talent than any state school. Maybe these state schools would be wise to hire one of those coaches. Those coaches don’t have scholarships to offer yet they “draw” the top talent year in and year out. Must be a method to it. or are the head coaches afraid somebody might say: hmmm maybe that coach could really draw players if he were the head coach.