UGA waiting on ‘Dream Team’ member Devin Bowman

The Bulldogs not only won over Devin Bowman but his mother Tara as well. (Family photo)

"Dream Team" DB Devin Bowman and his mother (Family photo)

UGA is waiting on at least one member of its 2011 “Dream Team” recruiting class to meet academic requirements.

Devin Bowman, a defensive back from Ridgeland High School, still has to pass one part of the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT)  before he can join Georgia’s heralded recruiting class on campus later this summer.

Bowman will take the test again in July.

“He’s got everything else done,” Ridgeland coach Mark Mariakis told the AJC on Tuesday. “If he had passed with a score last December, then he would’ve enrolled early in January. In fact, Georgia was ready for Devin to enter in January; they had his dorm room and everything ready. He just came up a little bit short. He makes good grades in English and that’s what makes it so frustrating.”

Bowman met NCAA requirements with his core GPA and SAT score a long time ago, according to his coach. The only thing standing in the way is passing the GHSGT’s English section, one of five parts on the test. The GHSGT has nothing to do with satisfying NCAA requirements; however, a student must pass it to officially graduate from high school. Bowman came up only “a couple of points short” in his last attempt in March.

“Devin is upbeat about everything,” Mariaskis said. “He’s working out hard and going to tutoring every day. There’s some teachers that are helping him study for it. He’s staying in shape and he expects to be on Georgia’s campus if everything works out, which I’m sure it will. He’s handling it with a pretty mature attitude.”

What if Bowman does not pass? Has UGA prepared a backup plan? “It really hasn’t gotten to that point where we’re seriously looking at other options,” Mariaskis said. “The alternative plan would be to go to junior college for a year and then transfer in. I know Georgia has a few junior colleges they send kids to when they get into that type of situation. We’re hoping it won’t get to that. Hopefully he will make the score and be a Georgia Bulldog this summer.”

UGA has already lost one member of its “Dream Team” — Spalding defensive tackle Chris Mayes, who Mark Richt said he knew wouldn’t qualify when he signed with the Bulldogs last Febuary. On Tuesday, Richt said he expects every other 2011 football signee, including Bowman, to be on campus when fall practice starts later this summer, reported


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