Tucker LB Jacob Sealand commits to Vanderbilt over Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, UNC, others


Tucker LB Jacob Sealand at Vanderbilt (Special photo)

One of Georgia’s top linebacker prospects committed to Vanderbilt on Sunday.

Tucker High School’s Jacob Sealand said he pledged to Vanderbilt over Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Purdue, and North Carolina.

“It was the best overall choice anyone could make, especially for myself,” Sealand told the AJC. “I’ve always put education first. I feel like with Vandy, I don’t have to settle for a sub-par education just to join a winning program.

“I feel like I can go to Vanderbilt, help turn the program around, and be a part of a winning team that will compete for SEC championships — along with getting a world-class education.”

What about UGA and Georgia Tech? Sealand said there was reciprocal interest in both in-state schools, but neither had offered an early scholarship.

“That was fine,” Sealand said. “I know I didn’t want to stay in the state for college. I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life. I’ve seen almost everything Georgia has to offer.”

Sealand committed to Vanderbilt after making an unofficial visit with the Commodores on Sunday. “I kind of had it made up in my mind. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. For me, it’s just not going to get any better than Vanderbilt as an overall situation with academics and athletics. They invited me up to Sunday’s baseball game, so I figured I would do it then.”

– By Michael Carvell, AJC Recruiting Blog


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May 15th, 2011
4:42 pm

GREAT school for education….not so much for football. Congratulations and I hope you do “turn it around”.

jag count

May 15th, 2011
5:01 pm

great selection jake its not always about UGA or Ga Tech


May 15th, 2011
5:05 pm

Good Luck. Go Dawgs.

Heels Rock and Rule

May 15th, 2011
5:34 pm

Guy’s sorta slow. It usually takes about 2 days to see all Ga. had to offer. It took him a lifetime.

Pago Pago DAWG

May 15th, 2011
5:41 pm

Not good enough for the DAWGS.


May 15th, 2011
5:45 pm

Wouln’t of started in 4 years at UGA anyway………………


May 15th, 2011
5:49 pm

not good enough for ga, wouldn’t have started in 4 yrs, don’t you idiots mean he was just too damn smart for jawga.

Da Truth

May 15th, 2011
6:01 pm

Coach Mark Richt has a rule that he won’t offer Georgia kids until they get to 20 offers. Coach Paul Johnson won’t offer Georgia kids until they get offers from Samford, UAB, Furman and at least one service academy (Navy, Army, Air Force).

Ramblin Man

May 15th, 2011
6:13 pm

More hate for a kid who picked somebody other than UGA.


May 15th, 2011
6:41 pm

We can’t sign em all. Might be 2nd sring at Vandy.


May 15th, 2011
7:17 pm

“I’ve always put education first”

Something a UGA will never say-

NJ Dawg

May 15th, 2011
7:33 pm

Good for him! Nashville’s a fantastic city, and Vandy’s a fantastic university; I hope he enjoys his four years there (and on behalf of Dawg Nation, I hope the four whippings you receive at the hands of UGA don’t hurt too much!).


May 15th, 2011
7:38 pm

Yeah, UGA only recruits guys that have no character and can’t go anywhere else but UGA. Look at what it has gotten them lately!

Gamecock s.e.c. East Champs 2010-2015

May 15th, 2011
7:51 pm

This kid has a head on his shoulders. Good luck to him schoolwork comes first. Good luck!


May 15th, 2011
8:04 pm

Richt doesn`t want them if they can read and write.

Doesn`t fit his, “No Thug left Behind Program”

Boise State 66 Dawgs 6.


May 15th, 2011
8:06 pm

YEP, the UGA idiots are out again. Don’t sign or commit to UGA and you are nothing UHH unless you turn out to be another Cutler type guy.


May 15th, 2011
8:13 pm

Well, I don’t think he’ll be a part of a winning team that will compete for SEC championships but I like his attitude … and nobody doesn’t like Vandy. Good luck, kid. Get that world-class education!


May 15th, 2011
8:13 pm

The UGA haters are out again. How so very sad to have so much bitterness in your heart


May 15th, 2011
8:38 pm

Winning program + academics?? Should have gone with the Tarheels…. Chapel Hill — the southern side of heaven.


May 15th, 2011
8:47 pm

Who’s to say the kid will never play and is not good enough for the Dawgs? I’m a Dawg fan and know some of the best we’ve ever had were not highly rated when signed. Young man may grow into a beast and no one knows at this point so I’ll just be happy for him and wish him good luck.

Flavor Flav

May 15th, 2011
9:11 pm

Congrats to the kid for picking a fine school like Vandy. However the comment about winning championships at Vandy is quite funny, thanks for the laughs Jacob. Best of luck!


May 15th, 2011
9:29 pm

Great decision my man. You will enjoy every minute at Vanderbilt. Let the people laugh, they are all folks who couldn’t get accepted into VU if they cheated off of a future Vanderbilt student for 12 years. You will have the last laugh. Franklin will have the Commodores improving greatly.


May 15th, 2011
9:35 pm

So, as much as I love UGA,….. What’s with the guy who recruits GA? They didn’t offer this kid and they wait until the last minute to offer a highly ranked LB? (good luck with that one).
Is UGA that arrogant???? YES!


May 15th, 2011
10:09 pm

Looks like Tech let one slip through the cracks.


May 15th, 2011
10:24 pm

Welcome to Vanderbilt, and Nashville! You’ll love the school, the city, and Vanderbilt’s classy fans. Disregard the haters.


May 15th, 2011
10:49 pm

Jacob Sealand will be a great at vandy. He lead the tucker tigers in tackles last season and played with elite defenders in james vaughters,jestin garrett,and chris sanders. He is a very high energy player that runs the field and makes plenty of stops. He has solid size and solid speed. He should start by his sophmore year and become a good SEC linebacker. Great commintment for vandy..they got a steal i thought he would end up at south carolins or va tech.


May 15th, 2011
10:52 pm

Very nice fit it seems and I like the choice. Get to play in SEC and family can watch you play. Great institute of learning. Committed early to focus on school and coming season. Good luck to you!

TarHeel Buckeye

May 15th, 2011
11:05 pm

Jake, you would have enjoyed UNC, but I think Vanderbilt is a great choice. Franklin will have the Vanderbilt football program in the top half of the SEC during your time there. If not, your getting an elite education as a consolation.

Recruiting | MrSEC.com

May 15th, 2011
11:06 pm

[...] Jacob Sealand from Tucker (Ga.) High School has committed to Vanderbilt.Sealand chose Vanderbilt over offers from Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Purdue and North Carolina, according to the Atlanta [...]


May 15th, 2011
11:18 pm

You still have these UGA fan that always have something negative to say about kid when he don’t commit to UGA. Vanderbilt is getting a fundmental football player who i had been watching since the little league at TFL. James Vaughters [ Stanford ] , Justin Garrett [ Auburn ] , Neiko Thorpe [ Auburn ] , Devin Scott [ Georgia Southern] , Raymond Sanders [ Kentucky ] , Chris Sanders [ UGA] Roddy Jones [ Georgia Tech ] , Darius Jones [ Air Force ], Norman Hayes [Harvard] and SLAUGHTERS [ Notre Dame ] all played football at the same park TFL . Jacob will be making some noise in the SEC by his sophmore year at VANDY. This kid has a nose for the ball. Vandy is getting a HELLUVA PLAYER.


May 15th, 2011
11:32 pm

heeheehee! “sub-par education”


May 15th, 2011
11:34 pm

Sealand is coming through a program behind Vaughters, 4.0, signed to Stanford, and Hayes, 4.0+, signed to Harvard. The precedent has been set for a combination of football and world class academics at Tucker. Why would a player of similar accolades and character go to one of the other SEC schools when after his football career is over, people from those schools will be working for him? Great choice Jacob! Fight the dumb football player stereotype. Be around people with goals that are similar to yours.

So disappointed in the bitter UGA fans.

Flavor Flav

May 16th, 2011
12:02 am

If the kid is so smart why does he think Vandy will win a SEC championship during his time there?


May 16th, 2011
12:14 am

The future leaders of this world will be dreamers, believers in change, and outside of the box thinkers. His performance on the football field and the classroom suggests his execution of his goals. Im sure many people told him as a sophomore that as a 5′11″, 180 pound, white, linebacker that ran a 4.9, he would barely be able to lead his own high school football team. Sure enough, he lead his team in tackles the next year and committed to the best academic institution in the SEC.

Jacob Sealand now: 6′2″, 215lbs, 40 time: 4.6, future Vanderbilt Commodore


May 16th, 2011
12:15 am

He said “compete” not win.


May 16th, 2011
12:20 am

And mindoverbody said it perfectly. In the long run these “all sec” uga players who you love so dearly will be working for him because they relied only on football to get them through life and had no plans for their future/their families future.

[...] 2012 Tucker High School linebacker Jacob Sealand committed to Vanderbilt over offers from Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, UNC and others. (Read full story here) [...]

Miss Manners

May 16th, 2011
6:59 am

Hope Vanderbilt has a class in “Class”. “Subpar” remark does not speak too well for your knowledge in that area.


May 16th, 2011
7:08 am

I absolutely love the players that have come through Tucker but I’m telling you this kid is the real deal. He will not wow you with his size/speed but go to a Tucker game and you will hear his name. He is so smart and instinctive. All he does is make tackles. Jacobs 4.6 or whatever he runs is a true 4.6. A former Tucker player who plays in the NFL told me once that if you’re a 4.3 guy who it takes 4/10ths seconds to know where to go or to understand the play then you’re really a 4.7 guy.


May 16th, 2011
7:23 am

Best of luck to you young man. Blaze your own trail and do not pay attention to the nay sayers. Your education will last forever. Football will not.

War Eagle

May 16th, 2011
7:45 am

Congrats young man….and all of these athletic scholarship offers should be looked at in terms of academics first and then athletics. Vandy is a GREAT choice.


May 16th, 2011
8:33 am

Great Job…. Great School! Good luck..

It Ain't Rocket Science

May 16th, 2011
8:34 am

The young man wanted to receive a top notch education so he went with Vanderbilt. I think he is going to be successful in life and I like his attitude. Come on people, quit trying to smear the kid because he didn’t pick your school. UGA is a football school, in this kids mind and to an extent this is true. He is being realistic and understand he will probably not be in the NFL headlights and chose a school that will give him a fine education. To make disparaging remarks about him because of his choice, should make you ashamed of yourselves. Who knows, that young man might be the doctor someday, that helps save your life. There is a lot more to college than just football. I am as big of a fan of UGA football as anybody, but I applaud this young man. He has his head screwed on tight and right and has made his education a priority. Let’s face it; Are football players going to be running this country or be it’s future in the years to come? No, is probably the answer. It will be folks that give their all to getting an education and this young man will get his.


May 16th, 2011
8:49 am


Sounds pretty arrogant. How did Paul Johnson not adopt him by now?


May 16th, 2011
8:52 am

i think i’ll broaden my horizons by moving to nashville


May 16th, 2011
8:54 am

when did tucker start cranking out all these student athletes– very impressive


May 16th, 2011
9:04 am

Congrats to Jacob.


May 16th, 2011
9:28 am

He just got his $180,000 the right way. Tuition to that place is WOW!!


Heels Rock and Rule

May 16th, 2011
10:04 am

TarHeelBuckeye, “get an elite education as a consolation”….An elite education is the prize, not the consolation you idiot. Pls take the “TarHeel” out of your sig.


May 16th, 2011
11:00 am

You will not regret going to vandy. The campus is beautiful, nashville is awesome and the girls are gorgeous. Great decision, young man, and Go Dores! Check out Satco ASAP.