Indiana basketball star denies report he committed to father

RJ Hunter

RJ Hunter denies a report that he's committed to Georgia State, where his father is the basketball team's new coach (Photo courtesy of Indy Star)

The son of Georgia State’s new basketball coach denied a report that he has committed to his father’s school.

“I haven’t committed yet … to anywhere,” RJ Hunter told the AJC on Friday night.

Hunter is a 6-foot-6, 170-pound shooting guard from Indiana’s Pike High School with about a dozen early basketball scholarship offers.

RJ confirmed on Friday that his four finalists are Wake Forest, Iowa, Virginia Tech and Georgia State — where his father, Ron Hunter, was recently hired as the team’s coach. (And, as we reported last week, the father refuses to recruit the son, assigning an assistant to do it).

The speculation about the son’s commitment apparently began when his father tweeted: “As a dad, very proud of my son RJ. He will look great in Georgia State blue!”

When told about tweet, RJ replied via text message “Oh yeah, I haven’t committed yet. I will let you know when I do.”

– By Michael Carvell, AJC Recruiting Blog


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May 7th, 2011
12:47 am

Come on and play in panther blue.


May 7th, 2011
2:55 am

Rather see him in a program close to his dad, like Ga. Tech


May 7th, 2011
11:59 am

He would be a huge get for the Panthers.


May 7th, 2011
12:43 pm

Come on RJ, your daddy needs you!


May 7th, 2011
1:20 pm

hes a pretty good player, who if he went to GSU he will probaly be a good player in a weak conference..


May 7th, 2011
2:24 pm

That “weak conference” had 3 NCAA bids with VCU making it to the Final Four which makes 2 FF appearances for the CAA in 5 years. Do some research man.


May 7th, 2011
2:24 pm

@leftyliberal – weak conference? The CAA is the best mid-major conference in the country. VCU (Final Four team), GMU (Sweet 16) and ODU (Round of 32) can play with and beat any Top 25 team out there.

Bill Nye

May 7th, 2011
6:22 pm

…Or he can go play in the ACC.

426 JC Camp Student Center

May 7th, 2011
8:02 pm

At 18, all sons think their fathers are idiots. To paraphrase Mark Twain, in a few years they are surprised at how much the father has learned in such a short time.

leftyliberal, why are you on this blog? You are dumber than my dad.

[...] RJ told the he has not committed to GSU and confirmed on Friday that his four finalists are Wake Forest, Iowa, [...]


May 8th, 2011
5:05 am

Hopefully these Twitter comments don’t constitute an NCAA violation, since coaches are barred from publicly discussing a recruit before he’s signed his letter of intent.

Rodney Dangerfield

May 8th, 2011
9:42 am

LOL Buddha, you can’t even make a comment on your own son? The NCAA will probably give GA State the death penalty for this. Ohio St, USC, and Auburn will play on!


May 8th, 2011
1:24 pm

Considering they sort of have a prior relationship I think everything will be fine…


May 8th, 2011
4:38 pm

What kind of coach can’t convince his own son to play for the Panthers? If Ron Hunter doesn’t believe in GSU basketball, he should be fired.


Tech Man

May 8th, 2011
8:05 pm

He is a cute boy and will look good in any jersey. I am 60 and he is younger than my kids so I can say cute!

I hope he chooses GSU. That being said, it’s tough on mom and dad as the decision has to be their son’s. For the boy to be happy it has to be the right decision for him made by him. Mom and Dad interfere and it will backfire down the road. College life has it’s ups and downs. Mom and Dad force the issue and invariably a down moment comes and he blames his parents. Trust me, as a parent of former college atheletes, when it’s their decision they have to buck up and follow through because it was their decision.


May 8th, 2011
8:57 pm

Agreed tech man. It does seem that coach is thinking in this way by refusing to recruit himself and getting one of his assistant coaches to recruit him as a regular student athlete


May 9th, 2011
3:42 am

he can go to wake, iowa or va tech?? why would he go to a dead end program like ga state, playing in a high school type gym with a few hundred fans each game? get real.


May 9th, 2011
7:52 am

So from this we determine that he is going to sign with Georgia state. If anything it sounds like dad was just doing some subtle recruiting.

Ozell White

May 9th, 2011
11:54 am

Playing for your Dad can bring GREAT JOY or a GREAT DRAMA!. He’s being recruited by some Big Time programs, especially Va. Tech and Iowa. Why in the world would you want to play at GSU? If you’re a STUD and can really Bring It, then go. If you’re a TWEENER, dad & son are going to experience a whole lot of DRAMA when things start to implode. THINK ABOUT IT KID!


May 9th, 2011
1:22 pm

@ Roy Not subtle.

@Ozell White When did Virginia Tech get big time? They haven’t made the NCAA Tourney since the 2006-07 season. Better than Georgia State in that span? Yes. Big Time? Not even close.

Also, why drama exactly? There are no expectations within this program? We’ve had 6 consecutive losing seasons. If Coach Hunter gets us to .500 in 2011-12, I’ll be thrilled. Our league is that good.

GSU = georgia STATE university,

May 9th, 2011
3:11 pm

GSU’s academic and athletic are on the upswing, you are all witnesses to the next “big time” Georgia school. It’s all about selling your school as a brand and I believe we have the right leadership and resources to do just that.


May 11th, 2011
1:43 pm

go to the acc if you have the talent. fathers should not coach their sons on this level. the pressure on both would be too much. good luck on whatever you decide. hell, go to tech, they need the help and you’ll be on national tv.

Ozell White

May 13th, 2011
2:42 pm

@GSTATEBEN : Well stated. If RJ is the PRODUCTIVE there will be celebration for both. If he’s barely visible, believe me, there will be drama because Ron sr. will play him. If he’s a dud, he will SIT. I have seen the GOOD, The BAD and the UGLY when it comes to this topic. I agree that VT is not a Top 25 Program, but it’s CLOSE!