Tennessee flirts with Virginia Tech commit Davion Tookes

When Tennessee called to offer a football scholarship to Creekside High School’s Josh Holsey a few days ago, the Volunteers also asked his teammate.

Holsey’s teammate, defensive back Davion Tookes, committed to Virginia Tech last February.

It never hurts to ask.

“Tennessee just wanted to know if Tookes is ‘100-percent sold’ on Virginia because if not, they would like be involved,” Creekside coach Johnny White said. “If he is sold, then they will leave him along. If he shows some interest, I’m pretty sure Tennessee will offer.”

So is Tookes sold on Virginia Tech? “I’m honored with the interest from Tennessee, but I’m still 100 percent with Virginia Tech,” Tookes told the AJC.

Check out this amazing stat about Tookes: He had three interceptions last season, all three were returned for touchdowns, and none of them were less than 93 return yards (the others were 97 and 108 yards).

The 5-foot-11, 169-pound Tookes committed to Virginia Tech over Duke, Kentucky, Virginia and Louisville, among others. “I had wanted to go to Virginia Tech for a long time because they put a lot of DBs in the NFL and that’s my goal,” Tookes said. “I feel like they can develop me into an NFL DB.”

– By Michael Carvell, AJC Recruiting Blog

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April 17th, 2011
3:22 pm


April 17th, 2011
3:54 pm

If offered by both VPI and UT, 90% of the kids would choose VPI. Most beautiful campus East of the Mississippi, and they play better football.


April 17th, 2011
4:27 pm

Tennessee’s Jails are not as Pretty Virginia’s Jails but both are nicer than Union City’s jail where he goes to school.


April 17th, 2011
5:34 pm


April 17th, 2011
6:28 pm

VPI campus prettiest E of Miss? Too funny, drive to Charlottesville and c UVa or Williamsburg and look at William and Mary College.


April 17th, 2011
7:15 pm

Blacksburg is in the middle of nowhere


April 17th, 2011
7:16 pm

And UVA campus is amazing, as roll tide states.


April 17th, 2011
7:32 pm

Creekside is in Fairburn, dummie. Has a small jail, like Mayberry……………..


April 17th, 2011
7:33 pm

good luck kid, but your odds of making an NFL roster are about 2%…Get a degree!


April 17th, 2011
8:03 pm


UGA only has 16 schollys to give and there will be close to 200 D1 signees this year. Get over it.


April 17th, 2011
8:19 pm

Bigtime::: the state of ga produces close to 200 d1 signings each year. We can’t sign them all, everyone recruits this state because of the great high school programs we have. We will sign our share of players from our state.


April 17th, 2011
8:40 pm

@bigtime…have to agree with Gadawgfan0711…I think you know this, but it does seem we are slow out of the gate this year…I would have thought with the momentum from the recruiting class we would have had more commits by now, but we are being selective in our pursuit this year due to our limited numbers…I also believe even some offers that we have put out there, we probably know or have a good idea based on the relationships of who we have a real shot at….but your poiint is well taken, alot of talent is going elsewhere, hard to lock down the state with the number of Div 1 prospects and the Bama’s Gators, Au, Tenn, and SC banging on the doors too…I believe this season will go along ways in how we finish up in recruiting…go dawgs…


April 17th, 2011
9:06 pm

I live in Palmetto. I know exactly how my little town works. When arrested in Palmetto, Chatt Hills, or Fairburn they will be sent to the Union City Jail.


April 17th, 2011
9:10 pm

Union City may then send the person to Fulton County Jail downtown depending on the charges and if bail has to be set by a Judge.