Georgia Tech lands versatile athlete with 17th commitment

Tyler Marcordes will be standing up at Georgia Tech next but it won't be on offense. (Photo reprinted with permission/

Tyler Marcordes will be standing up at Georgia Tech next but it won't be on offense. (Photo reprinted with permission/

Tyler Marcordes has no ties to Georgia Tech. He has no ties to Atlanta or the state of Georgia, for that matter. But when football recruiting put The Institute in his path, he fell hard for the Yellow Jackets.

The 6-foot-4, 231-pound athlete from Normal, Ill., committed to Georgia Tech right before Christmas. He’s No. 17 for the Class of 2011.

“I didn’t really know that much about them,” Marcordes said of the Jackets. “I watched them on TV before and I knew a little about the history of the football program. But when I got down there the first time, I just liked it right away. When they offered me, I decided to jump on it.”

In Marcordes, the Jackets got themselves a versatile athlete. He earned all-conference honors as both a quarterback and safety at Normal West High School. But at Tech he’s expected to play outside linebacker.

“They like my size and my speed on defense,” Marcordes said.



Marcordes (pronounced mar-COR-dez) got his first look at The Flats last spring when he and his family made a short recruiting tour down South. They were actually on their way to Furman in Greenville, S.C., a school to which Marcordes was once committed.

After backing off the Paladins following the dismissal of coach Bobby Lamb, Marcordes was close to committing to Illinois, which had offered along with Illinois State, Northern Illinois and a few others. But he could never get that first glimpse of Tech off his mind.

Marcordes returned to the campus twice. Late last month he came for an official visit and finally received a scholarship offer from the Jackets a short time later. He gave coach Paul Johnson an early Christmas present when he accepted about a week later.

“It’s nothing against Illinois; they’re heading in the right direction. I just liked Georgia Tech more,” Marcordes said. “I really like the facilites and the campus. They have good academics, so I’m excited about that. But I’m really excited about the football. When I went on my official visit, I just felt comfortable around the coaches and players. It felt like a good fit.”

Marcordes said he watched the Yellow Jackets in the Independence Bowl on Monday night but was unconcerned by 14-7 loss to Air Force.

“They had a lot of guys out for the bowl game and I think that hurt them,” he said. “But they’re heading in the right direction. They have great coaches and they’ve won big before.”

Marcordes led the Normal West Wildcats (7-3) to the playoffs a year after winning only four games. He was named the Big 12 Conference Player of the Year after logging 1,240 yards and 20 TDs rushing and 629 yards and another six TDs passing. But he also earned all-conference defensive honors for his play at linebacker and safety.

By Chip Towers


  1. OL Trey Braun, (6-5, 275), Tallahassee, Fla.
  2. OLB Darius Caldwell (6-5, 210), Mays HS
  3. OL Bryan Chamberlain (6-4, 280), Albany-Monroe HS
  4. LB Chaz Cheeks (6-3, 220), East Hall HS
  5. WR Jeff Greene (6-6, 200), Starr’s Mill HS
  6. LB Jabari Hunt-Days, (6-3, 226), Hillgrove HS
  7. DT Tre Jackson (6-5, 295), Wayne County
  8. RB Zach Laskey (6-2, 210), Starr’s Mill HS
  9. QB Vad Lee (6-2, 200), Durham, N.C.
  10. LB Tyler Marcordes (6-4, 231), Normal, Ill.
  11. LB Tremayne McNair (6-2, 225) Jacksonville, N.C.
  12. OL Shaquille Mason (6-2, 305), Columbia, Tenn.
  13. ATH Chris Milton (6-0, 175), Charlton Co. HS
  14. DB Dominique Noble (6-2, 187), Mount Ulla, N.C.
  15. RB Broderick Snoddy (5-9, 190), Carrollton HS
  16. S Darren Waller (6-5, 204), North Cobb HS
  17. ATH Airyn Willis (6-2, 180), High Point, N.C.

College Recruiting By Chip Towers

NOTE TO READERS: Sorry for the long absence, folks. I had some time off accrued for Christmas vacation and, when you do what I do for a living, it’s important that you “unplug” when you have the opportunity. But I’m plugged back in as of today! I’ll try to catch you up on what we missed and give you a heads up on what’s coming down the line (which is a lot). As always, let me know what you want to know and I’ll try to track it down for you.

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nole in ga

December 29th, 2010
5:59 am

So I take it this young man didnt watch that crap gtech called a football game the other night! Oh well congrats to the young man!


December 29th, 2010
6:33 am

To “nole” in GA: Go take a hike.
Apparently you cannot read, the young man said he did see the game, but understood the missing personnel on the GT team.


December 29th, 2010
6:37 am

Beat out Furman and Northern Illinois!

Ol' Wrecks aka WrecksNEffect

December 29th, 2010
6:39 am

When your only offers are Furman, N. Illinois, Illinois State, of course he’d jump at an Offer from GT.

Typical CPJ “recruiting”, get 12-15 average recruits, and then go for a bunch of “reaches” and then start to “steal” guys from Furman, MTSU, and other D1-AA type FB Programs.

This is type of CPJ Recruiting from his first-3 seasons that led to the 7 LOSSES this season including losses to Kansas and Air Force.

I wonder did Vad Lee see the differences in the Bowl Games between NC State’s Offense and what CPJ turned in vs. Air Force?

Let’s see; O’Brien at NC State coached Matty Ice (when he was at BC) the #3 overall draft pick, a guy that got a $32 Mill signing bonus as a Rookie, MEANWHILE CPJ has only scored 2 TDs in 3 BOWL GAMES.

Pay attention to the “trends” that are developing here Vad, this is YOUR FUTURE and your “money” that you are impacting depending on which school you sign with, you need to look out for #1 Vad (yourself), after all CPJ has a slick-talking AGENT that got him $2.3 mil even if his QBs can’t pass worth a lick and even if they don’t make the NFL like Nesbitt won’t.

In Fact, talk to Nesbitt and ask him if he were in your shoes Vad, ask him would he “trust” CPJ to get him to the NFL, after all the GAP between a Bus. Degree from GT and one from NC State ain’t that big for you to THROW AWAY your shot at being an NFL QB while playing for a STUBBORN HC that won’t develop a passing game that will give the NFL Scouts a “reason” to give you a shot.

If it were ME Vad, I’d trust the guy that coached Matty Ice instead of trusting a GENIUS that can only muster 2-TDs in 3 bowls Games.

Be very, very CAREFUL in your decision-making Vad, this is YOUR LIFE, CPJ’s agent has already made him a millionaire, so you need to worry about YOU and not him.

Jacket Backer

December 29th, 2010
6:55 am

Welcome to the Flats Tyler. Great choice for an education and football. Looking forward to seeing you in the White and Gold!

Go Jackets!!


December 29th, 2010
7:00 am

Looks like GT picked up a good one with a lot of upside in Tyler. Congrats on the D1 offer and best of luck on every weekend besides Turkey weekends!

Jesse Stone

December 29th, 2010
7:01 am

Apparently, you neglected to read that he was offered and committed to Illinois. WrecksNEffect: Someone from the GT football program must’ve really hurt your feelings. Why do UGA fans continue to pose as GT fans?


December 29th, 2010
7:15 am


Apparently, you neglected to read that he was NOT committed to Illinois, but to Furman.

Davey Boy Smith

December 29th, 2010
7:18 am

It’s amazing that the two schools in arguably the 4th or 5th best state for talent in America are both struggling to have winning seasons.

Then you see Tech reach for a lightly recruited kid from Illinois to play linebacker, and it starts to make sense. I can assure that there will be 6-8 LB’s that graduate from GA high schools this year that will have better careers than this kid, are not highly recruited and have the academic requirements to get into Tech.

Why Tech would waste the time and money of getting a non-impact kid from Illinois when there are 5-6 just as good or better in the state is beyond my comprehension.


December 29th, 2010
7:33 am

Well good, we need more intelligent players at GT. Certainly on the Basketball team.


December 29th, 2010
7:42 am

Question: Who would get on these AJC blogs and start hurling insults about a young man who not only played well enough in high school football to earn athletic scholarships to multiple colleges, BUT also had the drive, determination, and intelligence to do well in school (with good enough grades) to get into college at the same time?

Answer: People who never played high school football well enough, and/or didn’t do well enough in the classroom (at the same time), to become a “scholar athlete” in college.

It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard, thinking you’re some big shot, “insulting” some kid who just earned a scholarship to a rivals program. But when all’s said and done, that “kid” will end up with a college education, for free, from a great University (regardless of whether it’s from GA Tech, UGA, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, etc.), and you’ll still be sitting behind your keyboard, thinking you’re clever.

Hmmm, who do you think gets the last laugh now?


December 29th, 2010
8:01 am

Another stellar 2 star for the bumblebees. Things are looking a little grim over at Tech now that almost all of Galiley’s recruits are gone. For such a genius it looks like that CPJ recruiting is not all that it should be.

Ol' Wrecks aka WrecksNEffect

December 29th, 2010
8:01 am

December 29th, 2010
7:42 am
Too friggin’ bad Glenn-da!

This ain’t mommy & daddy recreation ball where everyone gets a trophy at the end of the season.

This is the BIG TIME!

Schollys are rare & PRECIOUS and the goal is to get the BEST HIGH PERFORMERS that you can get!

The Big-10+two had 3 11-win Teams; Ohio St., Mich St., and Wisconsin and NONE of those Schools even offered this SA, if he’s not a target of the ELITE PROGRAMS in his own Region of the Country, then why should CPJ bring him in to GT?

CPJ tried that with Jordy Lou Allen from Indiana with their weak-a.$.$ HS FB, and he had to transfer to friggin’ CINCY because he was buried on the Depth chart, why would this SA be any different?

Do you think that Bama, Florida, and L$U are taking “reaches” with offers to Illinois State & Furman?

If this SA plans on performing on the BIG STAGE in Public where people pay a lot of money for Tickets then he’s gonna have to be a big boy and take criticism/analyses like a man!

If the spotlight and resulting analyses bother him as much as it bothers putzes like you then he probably should take his pale behind to Furman where he won’t to worry about folks analyzing his weaknesses, since very few care about crappy D1-AA FB anyway.


December 29th, 2010
8:06 am

Congrats to Tyler on getting to play D1 football & get an education. Best of luck except for the last game in November.


Jesse Stone

December 29th, 2010
8:08 am

1eyedjack: I stand corrected.
Wrecks: You are a sad excuse for garbage.


December 29th, 2010
8:13 am

Welcome back, Chip. I trust you had a great Christmas.


December 29th, 2010
8:22 am

I think you are looking at insurance at QB. Shotgun anyone? Doesn’t seem to be a blazer, but I noticed he was not tackled from behind on any of the clips.

Ol' Wrecks aka WrecksNEffect

December 29th, 2010
8:25 am

Jesse Stone
December 29th, 2010
8:08 am

Simple Challenge;

Please prove that my comments are wrong rather than acting like a school-aged little girl and hurling out meaningless rants, and childish name-calling.

Quite simple IMPEACH my comments and all the readers of this blog will know what I am or am not, but when you name-call and don’t disprove anything I write, then you make the intelligent readers look closer at my comments to see if they are true and many cases they do see them as having a lot of validity.

Your name-calling simply makes my comments more legit to the intelligent readers that wonder WHY you can’t just simply disprove what I have written.

Thanks for the validation, you putz.


December 29th, 2010
8:34 am

but can he throw more than a 20 yard GOPHER BALL? If so, will our self proclaimed “smarter than everyone” coach call a passing play when it’s NOT 3rd and 20?


December 29th, 2010
8:36 am

Now let me see if I’ve got this straight…

We have this one “guy,” who probably can’t figure out how to play “Freecell” on his computer, whose “trying” to make fun of a young man whose still in high school, and who just figured out a way to get a free college education, AND free meals the entire time he’ll be in college????

Now THAT’s funny!


December 29th, 2010
8:45 am

Maybe….we can beat Air Force w/ this guy.

Jacket Backer

December 29th, 2010
8:47 am


You call someone out for name calling and then call him a “putz.” Wow. Regarding Vad Lee, have you ever considered the fact the perhaps CPJ adjust his offense to the abilities of athletes? He knew Nesbitt was not a good passer so he adjusted the offense to him accordingly. The same with Tevin Washington. We all can see that he doesn’t have the arm to be a proficient passing qb. With Vad Lee, he can ramp up the passing element of the offense since Vad has more raw talent in that area.


December 29th, 2010
8:53 am

I know at UGA the so called “reaches” usually turn out to be some of our best players. Heck three from last years recruiting class are getting rave reviews. Hutson Mason was a kid that a lot of schools didn’t offer and he looked great as a true freshman. How about the Gates kid, an offensive lineman who we took at the last minute because we couldn’t get another player. He started several games as true freshman and played in a few others. And the coaching staff is really high on a WR named Michael Bennent who wasn’t getting many looks from the big schools. He redshirted but from everything I’m hearing he has been great in practice and coaches almost dropped his redshirt after the AJ suspension.

I can’t speak for Tech but at UGA the unheralded high school kids who grow up dreaming of playing for Georgia and are lucky to get that opportunity seem to always develop into good players. All three of the guys I mentioned above were waiting and praying to get an offer from UGA. I think those type kids work harder to prove themselves and the end result is they develop into good players.

I still want UGA to go after top recruits but I wish we would get 4 or 5 of these unheralded kids every class who love the Bulldogs, yet still have enough ability to play at this level. They set a good example of hard work and desire to get on that field and play.

dawg gone

December 29th, 2010
9:01 am

As a dog fan, you should certainly understand that there’s not nearly as much of a difference between MOST of these 2-4 Star recruits. Obviously, UGA has done VERY LITTLE with their top 10 recruiting classes year after year. That’s a program that kids should worry about going to since clearly you don’t get “coached up” there. UGA consistently gets 4 and 5 Star atheletes and then goes 6-6….wow. GT has more players in the NFL than UGA. Check the facts.

That's "Mr Elvis" to you

December 29th, 2010
9:03 am

Will all you dog fans please bring me some red panties when you come up? Thank you, thankyou very much! What good is a four or five star athlete when you can’t win with them? I know, it is relevant in the SEC, because even though you have a top ten class, you are still behind UF, Ala, UA, UL….but how do you explain losing to UK, Vandy, and Miss State year in and year out? You guys are terrible, and that’s why you’ll be coming to see me this weekend! But that’s okay, cause I love red panties, too. I’m a hunker hunker burning love, I’m a hunker hunker burning love. How about, you ain’t nothing but a hound dawg?


December 29th, 2010
9:05 am

The 4 star recruits at UGA have beaten the 2 star recruits at GT in 9 out of the past 10 games. That’s as strong of a case as you can make!!!

air force

December 29th, 2010
9:06 am

Rodney Dangerfield

December 29th, 2010
9:08 am

Tech is having some transition pains. Gailey’s good recruits have left and now they are stuck with the lack luster ones that never wanted to play in this kind of scheme to begin with. Once these are out the door and Johnson’s recruits hold all the starting positions, then we can really see the direction of the team. So good luck to Tyler and the rest of the recruits.

And I’m so glad Ole Booty Shaker is such a huge Tech fan trying his best to run off Vad. Vad has a twitter account, so why don’t you go tweet him your awesome wisdom. Matt Ryan was not a highly regarded high school recruit. Just a hard working, smart QB that took advantage of his situation. Those don’t come around every year.

Mister T

December 29th, 2010
9:09 am

Ok Ol’ Wreck I will take your challenge to impeach your comments.
To start with you proved you are either biased or can’t read when you left out the fact that the kid had an offer from a Big Ten school in Illinois. No one has said the kid was a five star, but he certainly is better than a FCS school.

Secondly, you are tryingto steer away Vad Lee by pointing out that A) O’Brien coached Matty Ice(6′5′ 225#). If memory serves, he didn’t recruit Matt, he inherited him. B) You also point to his NC State Offense run by Russell Wilson. Russell is a super college athele. He will not be a QB or likely anything at the next level. C)Lee is 6′2″ and weighs 200#. If his goal is to play at the next level, he needs to change positions. Not a lot of big time NFL QB’s at 6′2″ save Brees.

I am not exactly sure what your point for being on this blog was. I doubt seriously that Vad Lee is reading it.

I don’t think that any Tech fan considers our team to be “an elite program” at this point. It could get much stronger. Kids like Vad Lee and Maecordes could definitely help us get to the next level.

For the record, I really like CPJ. I think he can win here. We do need to get a higher level of recruit to make his system work at this level.

My concern with his version of the TO is that while it can score big plays with similar percentages of those of more pass happy systems, it burns off the clock much faster than more balanced or pass based systems. This really hurts when you need to go 80 yards with only 1:20 on the clock. You end up resorting to the pass in which you have even less proficient. I would really like to see CPJ incorporate more pass into the system.

I was encouraged by CPJ’s comment about being “intrigued” by Oregon’s offense. I would love to see that level of intensity at Tech. I would also like to see them run some out of the gun/pistol formation.



December 29th, 2010
9:33 am

You guys won the recruiting battle with FURMAN….Congratulations..I guess.

And tech signed who?

December 29th, 2010
9:44 am

@ dawg gone you need to check your facts UGA currently has 40 players in the NFL tech has 23,
who did PJ coach up this year?


December 29th, 2010
9:45 am

Some of you guys need reading lessons…seriously.

He picked GT over his offer from home state Illinois…that would be the Fighting Illini.

Anyway…love the pickup. Kirk Ferentz has built his top defenses by getting former QB’s with size, speed, and football instincts. Iowa has 22 former QB’s on roster…and 8 of them are amongst their starting lineup.

This kid is going to be good. If he did not have to be the full-time QB (amazing that he ran for 1,600 yds at 6-4, 231 lbs!)….he would have been heavily recruited at LB. Most college coaches do not spend the time to evaluate body type and future position strength.


December 29th, 2010
10:08 am

Alright Techies, help me understand why that “genius” coach of yours went to Illinois to get a 2 star linebacker to play in Atlanta. We will have atleast 20 players in this state that are equal to or better than this guy.

For a Tech fan, which is more of a given each year, losing to UGA or losing in the bowl game? Sadly, in the past you could atleast throw beating us in basketball,however, now you have nothing but a football coach with bigger boobs than most of your wives.


December 29th, 2010
10:18 am

Congrats to Tech on the commitment…hope he works out well for the Jackets.

Chip…how about a little notice when you are taking time off? That would be nice.

Score Check

December 29th, 2010
10:20 am

Good luck young man.

And also please travel with groups in order to minimize your chances of getting mugged in Atlanta.

Fire Paul Johnson

December 29th, 2010
10:23 am

Abysmal. The only thing “versatile” about this athlete is his ability to change commitments on a dime. First committed to Furman, then to the Zooker, now to the arrogant ogre(aka CPJ).

More on Laskey/Marcordes:

That's "Mr Elvis" to you

December 29th, 2010
10:33 am

I’ll have a red panty Christmas without yooooooou! I’ll be so red just thinking about yoooooooou. Anyone seen my underwear?

That's "Mr Elvis" to you

December 29th, 2010
10:38 am

Georgia fans, Please check all firearms, knives, tobacco products, alcohol(includes wine coolers), and red panties at the door before entering Graceland! Thankyou, thankyou very much. Elvis


December 29th, 2010
10:43 am

I love these last 3 recruits we got, Snoddy, Lasky, and Marcordes. They are big, strong, fast athletes that are overlooked by the rating services. They do not have egos and are willing to do whatever it takes and play whatever position they are asked to help the team win. These words keep showing up when people describe them, hard working, leader, tough, hard-nosed, smart, unselfish. I would rather have these underrated 2 and 3 stars with these traits than those selfish, dumb, egotistical, underachieving 4 and 5 stars that are going to college just to get into the NFL after 3 years and playing not to get hurt than to win games. I hope these recruits are reading these blogs, so that they understand why GT graduates hate UGA and their dumb fans so much.


December 29th, 2010
10:44 am

I watched the Independence Bowl emotionless, confused and bored. I’d think GT has to learn to score early in a drive. I was getting nervous all year after seeing a drive go over 10 plays. Seems like a drive over 10 plays always results in a turnover. A good number to know would be the national average of the number of plays before a turnover.

As fas as Vad Lee… I think he can start next year at GT. Lee knows it. If he doesn’t head for NCSU, he’ll come into Bobby Dodd and start…

ol Wrecks

December 29th, 2010
10:45 am

GTZ, that is an interesting statistic. I wonder if ESPN has something on that.

ol Wrecks

December 29th, 2010
10:50 am

Nice…and no commits in over 3 months for UGA. Lovin it


December 29th, 2010
10:55 am

I love recruits like this. Big athletic guys who are overlooked and have something to prove. He may pan out and he may not but he will probably come in excited and ready to play. Kinda random to come from so far away. Somebody saw something in this kid.

ol Wrecks

December 29th, 2010
11:17 am

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Check out this article:

UGA had the 2nd highest revenue / profit in all of college football…..and they had an amazing 6-6 season. LMAOROTHMMFFFLOLOLOL

Chip Towers

December 29th, 2010
11:29 am

ol Wrecks: Please refrain from revealing personal information about fellow posters. If you continue you will be permanently banned. This is your only warning. And how about not being so antagonistic in general. OK?

Chip Towers

December 29th, 2010
11:30 am

GTBob: I agree. I like these kinds of players. Don’t know much about his competition up there in Normal, Ill., but he looks pretty impressive to me.


December 29th, 2010
11:31 am


He is a 3-star Rivals LB.

Of course, what do star ranking mean? If stars = results….then UGA would be ranked #8 this year based on the average over the past 5 years instead of UNRANKED.

Chip Towers

December 29th, 2010
11:34 am

FDawg: You’re right. I will next time.

GT is a 4th rate high school team

December 29th, 2010
11:41 am

@ol Wrecks, GT Jockitch has 7-6 season and has poor revenue and no profit at that. What is more laughable? hahahahahahaahhahahaahhahaahhhahahaha forever. You bright and classy folks do not know how to run a business just your mouths.

GR Jacket

December 29th, 2010
11:42 am

Look at all the stars UGA gets with their recruits every year and then look at the results. At least we can make more out of less. Great recruiting and mediocre results is nothing to brag about.