UGA visitors impressed with victory over Auburn

It can be a bit of a dice roll when you put as much stock in one recruiting weekend as Georgia did when it played host to Auburn.

The Bulldogs had around 100 prospects on campus for the game, including some of their most coveted remaining targets. And it must have been quite uncomfortable for all involved when Georgia quickly fell behind 14-0. But the Dogs rallied then held on at the end for a resounding 31-24 victory. The win touched off quite a celebration in Athens and left a favorable impression on the prospects that came to see it.

I was unable to make but a couple of calls on Sunday due to a previous family commitment and haven’t heard back from any of the prospects yet. But I’ll be following up all week to get reaction from key recruits. In the meantime, here’s some links to the few reports out there as of Monday morning:

  • An official visit from linebacker Deon Rogers of Port St. Lucie, Fla., reinforced his commitment to the Bulldogs, according to But he still plans on taking an official visit to LSU. “Of course [the Bulldogs] are number one right now on my list,” Rogers told UGASports’ Kipp Adams. “I told the Georgia coaches they do not have to worry too much about where they stand.” Rogers said he worked hard on teammate Jeff Luc, the No. 1-ranked middle linebacker in the country, who made the trip with him. Rogers said they both enjoyed the visit very much but nobody has been able to track down Luc yet. . . .
  • Telvin Smith is a senior linebacker at Lowndes County High School in Valdosta and a Florida State commitment. He was in attendance and came away impressed. Now he says he’ll come back to Athens on an official visit later. “I am still committed to Florida State, but I am going to take an official visit to Georgia after the season is over,” Smith told Chad Simmons of (sunscription required). “I talked to them about it, they know I am interested, and I feel they are very interested in me. The atmosphere there is great and I am going back for sure.”
  • Simmons also tracked down Jeff Whitaker, a 6-foot-3, 300-pound defensive lineman from Warner Robins and a surprise visitor for the Bulldogs. Whitaker previously had not had Georgia high on his list but, after an unofficial visit Saturday, indicated the Bulldogs are now among his favorites.  “This visit definitely helped them, especially meeting with the coaches face to face,” Whitaker told Simmons.
  • Another official visitor was wide receiver Kenny Shaw of Dr. Phillips High in Orlando, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Like I said, I’ll have more information throughout the day and the week and will share it as soon as I get it.

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German Shepherd Dawg

November 16th, 2009
8:31 am

Let’s hope if they sign the enthusiasm translates into quality play on the field. Who will be coaching them?

Me and You and a Dawg Named Belue

November 16th, 2009
8:31 am

Bulldog haters, get your licks in this year. Mark Richt and Rodney Garner are selling a commodity that is not going away. Consistency is the name of the game and the Dawgs have it in spades. 2009 is a hiccup. Looks like Marlon Brown’s grandmama may have known a thing or two.

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
8:32 am

Wow. Out of 100 visitors, you got three quotes. One guy’s still going to FSU. One who was already committed said he was still committed. And one says he might think about GA. Really backed up that headline. Was this written by the Georgia SID?

You didn’t hear from Luc because he’s all Vol.



November 16th, 2009
8:37 am

after your team, jo blow laid an egg in oxford nough said.

p.s. how are the armed robbers doing with all their spare time!


November 16th, 2009
8:39 am

Hey Joe: 41-17 HA HA


November 16th, 2009
8:40 am

As when Tebow leaves Florida, Tech will also have a tough time getting the caliber of great play from Nesbitt and Dwyer’s replacements. Those two GAILEY recruits are great players. We’ll see how the new guys do. The Defense at Tech will always be their achilles heel. Good luck. THWGT.


November 16th, 2009
8:40 am

Sorry Joe, 42-17, was laughing so hard I must have missed the PAT


November 16th, 2009
8:40 am

Thanks Chip…Looking forward to hearing more info !


November 16th, 2009
8:43 am

The Dawg’s chances of luring Luc away from a FL school are just as good as the Vols’ chances.


November 16th, 2009
8:48 am

Thanks Chip… but can you please spell favorites correctly in the Jeff Whitaker paragraph?


November 16th, 2009
8:49 am

Spent two years in graduate school at UGA. Spent time in all of the college towns across the South. Athens is far and away the best college town you will ever encounter. Even fellow students were trying to figure out a way to live there after school. Ask the people who’ve been there.


November 16th, 2009
8:50 am

Absoulutely nothing i love more than seeing Kiffin on the sideline after his team gets blown out…Did i hear it right that he told his team that as long as he was the Vols coach his team would never lose to Ole Miss?…Its just a matter of time before kiffin has your program on probation, Kiffin just cant’t help himself, and with that being said he probably is an alright guy, but just does not have the class that some of his coaching peers have…For what it is worth while Coach Fulmer’s time may have come, he did have alot of Class…


November 16th, 2009
8:53 am

The Junkyard Dawg Defense will be back in spades soon!!! Richt go give Van Gorder (Erk Russell lite) a blank check to get back in Athens!!!! Luc, get on the wagon, we need you and some other studs to anchor a defensive revival in Athens…it’s a comin, so beware you foolhearted brethern!


November 16th, 2009
8:57 am

Great to hear all these recruits loving the atmosphere & coaches at UGA. CMR is a class act (unlike Lame Kitten) and Athens is truly the Classic City, a great atmosphere unlike getting robbed & pillaged daily on the Tech campus.


November 16th, 2009
9:00 am

get over VanGorder already! He probably won’t be back. That said, I don’t Willie Nilly to stay either. There are other great DC’s out there and they would do a great job. Let’s just hope and pray CMR has the Nads to make this correction……….


November 16th, 2009
9:04 am

Where are all you big mouthed Vols this week. Oxford didn’t treat y’all too well … and I feel so sorry for you.

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
9:11 am

How does it feel to have been blown out by a team that was blown out by Ole Miss? Glad you beat Auburn. That should be just enough to keep Richt and Willy around for one more UT beatdown.





Come to Athens

November 16th, 2009
9:15 am

FBR, you couldn’t be more right. Athens is one of the greatest college towns in the country, not to mention you don’t have to worry about getting held up at gunpoint going to class, i.e. North Avenue campus in Atl.

Dawg Fan

November 16th, 2009
9:16 am

Joe Blow? That sounds about right for a vols fan. Maybe you don’t understand what “following up” on a story is. That means there will be addtional information later. It’s funny how much smack vols fans talk when the beat UGA. Check the past eight years and then talk trash. You’ve got a new coach but the same sorry attitude. Let’s check on the vols. You got your a** handed to you this weekend. Your head coach had to call his daddy for help. (wuss) Three players are arrested for armed robbery. And don’t forget about last years recruit who was previously convicted for helping someone rape his cousin. I’m not making that up. Your program is awesome. Go vols and take that sissy Lane Kiffin with you.


November 16th, 2009
9:22 am

“Wow. Out of 100 visitors, you got three quotes. One guy’s still going to FSU. One who was already committed said he was still committed. And one says he might think about GA. Really backed up that headline. Was this written by the Georgia SID?

You didn’t hear from Luc because he’s all Vol.”

Dude calm down. Is this really the best UT’s education has to offer? He gave a caveat stating that personal problems prevented him from talking to a lot of recruits. This coupled with the fact that a lot of prospects were probably still traveling on yesterday, makes it feasible that this may be true. The underlying theme is that each of the recruits he talked to were impressed with their trip.

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
9:28 am

That sissy beat you 45-19!

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
9:29 am


November 16th, 2009
9:36 am

I’m sure the first quarter boo’s helped them in recruiting. Only team in the SEC that boo’s their team in the first quarter. comical.

Bryan G.

November 16th, 2009
9:37 am

I don’t think UT actually beat us…I think we were “robbed.”

Thank you, thank you. Tip your bartenders.


November 16th, 2009
9:43 am

It’s a sad state of affairs when UGA fans have to use other schools success against our rivals to razz their fans. Guys, Ole Miss beat TN Sat, not us. LSU beat Tech last new years day, not us….. No, we lost to those first-year coaches resoundingly and unless Coach Richt gets some better talent as assistants, it will become the norm.

Can't spell THUG without UT

November 16th, 2009
9:44 am

Hey Joe Blows.. You can’t spell thug without UT. How’d you like tha azz kicking by Ole Miss. CMR still has a winning record vs thug U. You just keep running that hillbilly mouth and go find a cousin to marry Jethro.

joe blows

November 16th, 2009
9:45 am


November 16th, 2009
9:45 am

Here’s something for all the recruits that were at the game to think about. I was watching the Tennessee game on TV. Tennesse had a player that was seriously hurt and was down for sometime. I never saw Lane Kiffin come out to the field to check on or support his injured player. When I was watching the Georgia game, I saw a Georgia player go down hurt. (Just like the Tennessee injury.) I saw Mark Richt right there with him. I know which coach I would rather play for!

Chip Towers

November 16th, 2009
9:49 am

Bryan G: Good one. . . .

Joe Blow: Your gumption regarding your Vols is impressive in the wake of such a bad week. . . . As far as the three quotes, I didn’t include the plethora of quotes from visitors cited by rivals and scout, nearly all of which included the word “awesome.” I chose to merely summarize that they all had a good time and were impressed. . . .

Dawgnation: Thanks for coming to my defense but not necessary. I wished there was more to it, too, but I’ll try to make up for it. . . . And it was a family commitment, not problem, so all is well, thanks.


November 16th, 2009
9:57 am


I totally agree with you on this. When a team beats us(especially a blowout) we should congratulate them and just say that they are a better team than us. There’s nothing worse than people who give excuses for a loss. Every team suffers from injuries and bad calls.

Gator Growl

November 16th, 2009
10:05 am

Jeff Luc will not be leaving the state of Florida. Look forward to him playing beside Jon Bostic in what will be a dominating linebacker duo at UF for years to come. The beat goes on…


November 16th, 2009
10:06 am

Joe Blow, your team is still the laughing stock of the SEC. And as long as Kiffin is the head coach, that will never change. That has to be the worst week of any football program in the history of college football. They are an embarrassment to the conference.


November 16th, 2009
10:16 am

Thanks for the info, Chip! Nice work! :)
As far as Joe Blow… did he see the mighty Vols “play” on Saturday!?!? Not only that, but with a jerk hole coach like Kiffin in charge over there, players will be running AWAY from that joke of a program.


November 16th, 2009
10:18 am

Advanced Home Security… I noticed the EXACT same thing you did. Kiffin NEVER went out to check on his injured player, whereas Mark Richt was out on the field checking on Rambo immediately. People can criticize Richt for a lot these days, but not being a caring coach isn’t one of those things. These are college kids, and as a parent I know I’d want my son playing for a man that has his best interest at heart and truly cares about him.

chuck allison

November 16th, 2009
10:29 am

Georgia’s problems have never been a lack of talent. UGA wastes more talent than any other football program. Their recruits are coming to a place where there talent will never be developed or utilized.

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
10:29 am

Hey can’t spell,
Look at the Georgia rap sheet over the past 3 years, and I think you’ll find that U and G also appear in the word thug. Can you UGA claim any 11 month period under St. Richt with no arrests?


Sanford Drive

November 16th, 2009
10:38 am

UGA players get arrested for underage drinking. UT players get arrested for robbery. Yeah, that’s the same.


November 16th, 2009
10:38 am

Hey Joe Blow, get a “job” and lighten up!

And geeting all hyped over your embarrassing loud-mouth of a coach Kiffin, when you ran a very classy gentleman like Phil Fulmer out of town, says a whole lot about your program and your fans.

Bulldog Mom

November 16th, 2009
10:39 am

We are so blesses to have Mark Richt as our coach. I can’t imagine how disturbing it would be if we had a coach that yells “Are you stupid, stupid” over and over again at his players in front of a nationally telivised audience. How about having a big mouth saying really inappropriate things time and time again? All schools go through lean times and this may happen to Florida next year. They will looses Tebow and it will make a hugh difference just like loosing Stafford and company did this year. An anouncer said, “this is a transition year for Georgia”and that is so true. We have tremendious tallent and we will enjoy much success, but win or loose we have a coach with tremendious charactor. He is making a significent difference in the lives of these boys. True Georgia fans understand this and are thankful.

Chuck Carswell

November 16th, 2009
10:41 am

Can’t wait to read more… in the meantime, I found this website: A student showed it to me Saturday. Pretty neat way to test your Bulldog trivia skills everyday. They give prizes too.


November 16th, 2009
10:44 am


November 16th, 2009
10:47 am

It’s curious that so many Lizards invade these UGA blogs.

Either the FL ones are really lame – the Gainesville paper ain’t much to speak of and no one in Orlando or Miami gives a crap about the Gators, or these folks need to get a life.

Law Dawg

November 16th, 2009
10:51 am

A nice little funny from one of my friends:

If players who go to South Carolina apparently end up pumping gas at convenient stores after school, players who go to Tennessee end up robbing convenient stores.

Saturday was a refreshing day, even though we shouldn’t forget about the defense’s troubles…

Joe Blow

November 16th, 2009
11:03 am

Sanford Drive,
Think you’re conveniently forgetting some about arrests. Georgia’s got more “batteries” than Duracell. For example, how about this jewel of an article – nearly killing somebody and two guys molesting a pregant woman – all in a three day span.

Google: georgia football player arrest = 1.1 million hits
Google: tennessee football player arrest = 272,000 million hits

Ogeechee Dawg

November 16th, 2009
11:09 am

Thanks CHIP!!

Joe Blow – Vols will get their recruits – at least Luc is looking and thinking.

Regarding GA TECH – I sense that Paul Johnson knows what the heck he is doing and will find the players that will fit his system. He and his system are a perfect fit for GT.

Personnally – I hope for his success – It’s good for football in the area – 12-1 every year – UGA 13-0 every year!

Visting Tailgater

November 16th, 2009
11:11 am

Why are there no trash cans available for tailgaters on the UGA campus?


November 16th, 2009
11:12 am

Nice update Chip, sounds like the weekend went well.

Hey Joe Blow, there is a U and G in THUG, but im pretty sure there is no A? See, we are UGA, not UG, common mistake for a person with a fifth grade reading level.
No spelling bee titles in the future for you, sorry


November 16th, 2009
11:13 am

Hey Gator Growl…..I wouldn’t bet on Luc not leaving the State Of Florida….the best QB in Florida left the State last year(Aaron Murray) and I included Tebow in that list. UGA is on an off year and still has a dang good shot at 7-5…..heck Ga. Tech prays for that record every year… The Dawgs will be fine…..Mark Richt is not an idiot…..He has won more games in the SEC than any other coach since he’s been here….that says it all.

Gainesville Dawg

November 16th, 2009
11:17 am

What is up with NO trash cans on campus for the games? Michael Adams complains about trash left on campus but he does not supply any trash cans? We have to bring our own trash bags with us and haul the trash off. I have been to several other SEC schools for our games and they ALWAYS make trash cans available to the fans. Why can’t UGA do this?


November 16th, 2009
11:18 am

Georgia get arrested for diving scooters with expired licenses.
Tennessee players get arrested for armed robbery!!!!