Auburn Tigers continue to raid Atlanta

The Auburn Tigers continue their long-standing tradition of stocking up on players from Atlanta as they received a commitment on Thursday from one of the best wide receivers in the South.

Antonio Goodwin, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound rising senior at Atlanta’s Booker T. Washington High School, has decided to sign with the Tigers, according to report Rivals ranks Goodwin as a four-star recruit and the 37th ranked wideout in the country.

Goodwin did not immediately return messages seeking comment. But he reportedly visited Auburn this past weekend and that “sealed it with me,” he told

With Goodwin’s commitment, the Tigers actually have more recruits coming from Metro Atlanta (5) than they do the entire state of Alabama (4). He joins LB Jessell Curry (Buford), ATH Shaun Kitchens (College Park), DB Demetrice McNeal (College Park) and DB Jonathan Mincy (Decatur).

Auburn now has 12 commitments overall for its 2010 class.

I’ll update this report as soon as I hear back from Antonio or his coach.

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July 23rd, 2009
1:40 pm


July 23rd, 2009
1:55 pm

Great to see Coach Chizik and the staff continuing the tradition. WR sounds pretty good. I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised this year. WAR EAGLE!

Rick S

July 23rd, 2009
2:10 pm

It is really difficult to understand why Recruits from Atlanta would want to play Football and live in Auburn, Alabama. Oh, I know it’s spelled G R A D E S! There you go War Eagle!


July 23rd, 2009
2:32 pm

Good luck kid. I was hoping UGA would snatch him out of atlanta. Good pick up for Auburn.


July 23rd, 2009
2:52 pm

Great pick-up/ on the way back.
War Eagle!!


July 23rd, 2009
2:53 pm

Please allow me to translate Rick S’ post: I am a crybaby Techie and insanely jealous that legitimate football programs continue to steal local recruits from my mediocre pile of freaking crap football program.

Cry baby cry. What a disgrace.


July 23rd, 2009
2:56 pm

Great pick-up! WDE!

Delusion in Athens

July 23rd, 2009
3:09 pm

Ali Akbar Allah

July 23rd, 2009
3:10 pm

Have fun in a second-rate program in a second-rate conference. Go Jacket!


July 23rd, 2009
3:16 pm

No surprise. Auburn always recruits Georgia well.

Good luck, Antonio!


July 23rd, 2009
3:17 pm

I guess all the local recruits that continue to spurn Georgia Tech didn’t get the memo on 45-42. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play for a team that goes 9-4, gets humiliated in the Chicken Bowl, and beats the best team on its schedule once every 8 years? I just doesn’t make any sense. I am befuddled…

Good lord.

Try selling out a 55,000 seat stadium......

July 23rd, 2009
3:25 pm

And why can Georgia Tech not pick up kids in the Metro Atlanta Area?? Because the ACC sucks and they cannot sell out a 55,000 seat stadium, thats why. Copngrats kid, for picking the SEC. Look forward to the concussion UGA’s secondary will give you in the near future. To Hell with Auburn!


July 23rd, 2009
3:27 pm

Ali, SEC second rate conference? Remember the last SEC team you played LSU 38 – GT 3. Wake Up


July 23rd, 2009
3:31 pm

Good pick up for Auburn….Antonio, I wish you the best of luck every game of the year… except one.


July 23rd, 2009
3:32 pm

If Rick can’t understand why someone would rather play in Auburn than in the middle of a crime-infested mess where students get robbed every week, well, then,….Rick has a big problem.


July 23rd, 2009
3:36 pm

Ali- That second rate conference scored 80 points against your stellar defense in the last two games of your season last year. I would hate to see how many points a first rate conference would score on you guys!

Rick S

July 23rd, 2009
3:44 pm

Let me clarify that because I noted in my previous blog “Atlantans” does not mean I am a GA Tech fan but quite the contrary I am Bulldog all the way. Do you realize if it was not for the State of Georgia, Auburn would not even be able to field a mediocre team.


July 23rd, 2009
3:44 pm

Get real rick. Everybody knows all you have to do to get a UGA degree is drive slowly thru Athens. Auburn is a great place to go to school, get a great education and to live….not to mention the great history and tradition. A young man from Atlanta could not do better than Auburn. War Eagle!!!


July 23rd, 2009
4:07 pm


Did you know that if it weren’t for our founding fathers there would be no constitution and no United State of America. Did you also know that people go to schools for different reasons other than just the football. I know its a hard concept to grasp, but people actually do care where they live. Another interesting development, people do actually care about the people they surround themselves with.

What a joke


July 23rd, 2009
4:08 pm

I get tired of people ragging on a school when a kid decides not to attend their favorite school. To many good athletes in Ga. for both Tech and UGA to sign. The kind of education they get is up to them. No matter where they go they can get a good education that lasts a lifetime. Work hard in the classroom and on the field and good things will happen. Best of luck.

Try selling out a 55,000 seat stadium......

July 23rd, 2009
4:14 pm

Some Pittsburgh Steeler that used to play for Georgia Tech was just on 680 The Fan (didn’t catch his name and didn’t care to), and he closed his interview saying that “Pittsburgh has the best fans on earth”. It’s no coincidence to me that every offseason interview you see Hines Ward, a Pittsburgh Steeler and UGA alum, he is wearing his UGA hat and has never said anything close to Pittsburgh having the “best” fans on earth. I promise this kid will one day say “Auburn has the best fans on earth”, and this would have been true for any SEC team he chose. The ACC sucks, and cannot recruit in their own backyard, and submits absolutely NO pride in its players. TO HELL WITH TECH, TO HELL WITH AUBURN! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 23rd, 2009
4:17 pm

Hey Rick… what’s the 2nd closest SEC school to Atlanta? Look at a map, pup. Tell me, are you a Bulldog FAN or Bulldog GRAD? I’m guessing just a fan since UGA has such a renowned journalism program and you can’t figure out that your post should have ended in a “?”. Since you brought up grades… here’s a reminder from the final exam for UGA’s “basketball class”: “How many points is a 3-point shot worth?”

Another Dawg

July 23rd, 2009
4:21 pm

You’re right… A young man from Atlanta can’t do better than Auburn.

(with those kinds of grades)


July 23rd, 2009
4:32 pm

Antonio will be a nice addition to what is turning into a very good recruiting class for AU in 2010. Now all we need is to focus on getting a little deeper at linebacker and on the line. WDE!

“When you talk about the epitome of what the college football experience is all about … that’s it. Auburn is the epitome. You couldn’t possibly be unaware of the spectacle, even if you were trying to be unaware.” …


July 23rd, 2009
4:33 pm

As an Atlanta native and Auburn alum, I wish this kid the best at AU. I can only he hope he enjoys his time at Auburn as much as I did. Like many Atlantans, I chose AU over UGA because I enjoyed the atmosphere/people there and UGA did not offer my major. Athens is a great place and so is Auburn. Unsure why any kid would choose to stay in the ATL over those two towns.

Bank Walker, Texas Ranger

July 23rd, 2009
4:34 pm

Glad to see Auburn pick up our loose change. Of the five they picked up from Atlanta, Goodman’s the only one we will miss but heck we are already stacked at the position. I’m sure these five are going to have Auburn back in the top 50.


July 23rd, 2009
4:42 pm

What does Georgia and Auburn have in common? They both lost to Tech the last time they played them. In all seriousness, good luck to this kid, he made a good choice.

Bank Walker, Texas Ranger

July 23rd, 2009
4:43 pm

AUinATL, you misspelled enema, it is not spelled e.p.i.t.o.m.e. Or were you going after enigma?

no excuses

July 23rd, 2009
4:44 pm

Yeah, but who’s going to throw him the ball?


July 23rd, 2009
4:52 pm

I love how bulldogs have suddenly become so arrogant about academics – when those guys were in school, every idiot in the state could get in Georgia.

Bama Aaron

July 23rd, 2009
4:56 pm

Heck they had to go to the Atl to get their 4star. Because Bama just took the 4star RB that lived 10miles from their campus..LOL.


July 23rd, 2009
5:02 pm

BamaAaron, Auburn is pushing hard and is very high on the list for two of the top five running backs in the nation. Grant is a good one who would have fit in better at UF. I think he knew he was not the back Auburn wants. War Eagle!

Sick of you too

July 23rd, 2009
5:51 pm

Look at all these Georgia Dawg fans on this “Auburn Tigers” blog. Why don’t you all go to your own blog sites. Don’t you have your own blog sites? Why do you have to come on “our” sites? Sorry, I just can’t help myself.


July 23rd, 2009
6:08 pm

37th on Rivals? Way to go Coach Cheetohs


July 23rd, 2009
6:21 pm

Great article ….. by Rivals. The AJC should hire Rivals for all recruiting stories.

James T Dawg

July 23rd, 2009
6:29 pm

Who cares. Most of those guys are mid level guys. Good luck.


July 23rd, 2009
6:59 pm

So GT beats UGA once or twice a decade and you’re talking smack? Oh what it must be like to pull for such mediocre program.


Chip Towers

July 23rd, 2009
8:31 pm

I would love to make this a more interactive blogspace but it seems all anybody wants to do is bad-mouth each other in here. So if you have any questions or story suggestions, I’ll respond to them tomorrow (if not tonight).


July 23rd, 2009
8:37 pm

If Auburn is back to depending on the state of Georgia to being the focus of thier recruiting then they are in trouble and Saban should be having a field day within the state of Alabama.


July 23rd, 2009
8:49 pm

Where did Roswell Ed go?


July 23rd, 2009
8:58 pm

Auburn sits 40 miles from Columbus. Auburn has always recruited well in the Columbus and LaGrange areas. Pulling a few out of Atlanta should be no surprise.


July 23rd, 2009
9:53 pm

Know-It-All, Auburn historically has some of its best eras when they recruit well out of the state of Georgia.

Coach Richt does a good job “fencing in” the state for the Bulldogs, but even the best fences have their holes. Auburn is always, ALWAYS happy to pick some of the best high school players out of the state of Georgia since the quality of Ga high school football is so high.

Back when I was in school at Auburn (the early 1980’s), Georgia was on one of its best runs ever with Coach Dooley and Herschel, but Auburn was still picking a top-notch athlete out of the state of Georgia every now and again (Tracy Rocker, Ron Stallworth, Stacy Searels, Jeff Burger, etc.).

Welcome to Auburn, Mr. Goodwin!


July 23rd, 2009
10:12 pm

Grats on the pickup AU. My buddy (AU fan) called me tonight and was talking about this guy.


July 23rd, 2009
11:43 pm

Funny I heard that they called the Au coach Chiz-Zook today. It will be along time before ALbarn is relevant in football. This WR needs to think about championships rather than Barn animals.

Chuck Uga

July 24th, 2009
12:23 am

You are clueless. UGA is way more advanced academically than either Auburn or Bama. Everyone but you knows this. Also, how is Auburn going to suprise people this year with this WR? He cannot enter school until Fall, 2010.

The kid is smart. He sees Marlon Brown and AJ Green at UGA, two WRs that are going to start no matter who else signs. UGA will get their share of players (as usual). They are cleaning up already for 2010 in South Carolina, Florida and (of course) Georgia.

[...] now, Auburn has more commitments for its 2010 class from the metro Atlanta area than it does from the entire state of Alabama.  Sounds like it’s [...]


July 24th, 2009
6:34 am

Look out GEORGIA FANS AUBURN is coming your way!!! WAR EAGLE!


July 24th, 2009
6:37 am

tech has ugly women


July 24th, 2009
6:39 am

Chuck Uga — I believe AUBURN is known for it’s ENGINEERING DEPT. Hmmmmmmm what is Georgia known for ??????.

Ga Boy

July 24th, 2009
7:12 am


UGA is known for there Pharmacy school, Law School, and Business School. I am currently working for the Design department at MARTA. All of the engineers around me come from Clemson, GT, hell even Southern Tech. They usually laugh when they discussing Auburn’s program. Was in not Au that was providing grades for their football players recently? Don’t bring a stick to a gun fight. It won’t turn out well for you.