Georgia Tech is first offer for Loganville OL Morgan Bailey



Georgia Tech is offer No. 1 for Morgan Bailey

Georgia Tech is the first school to offer Loganville offensive lineman Morgan Bailey. He got to sit down and talk with Jackets coach Paul Johnson.

“[Johnson] said they were ready for me to have the scholarship offer, and that they think I can play there,” Bailey said. “He told me to take my time to think about it. He didn’t pressure me into anything. He told me how the scholarship works. I’m excited.”

The 6-foot-5, 283-pound Bailey wants to see a few more places before making his college decision. He attended UGA’s Junior Day, and has also attracted attention from Auburn, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Georgia Southern. Bailey visited Georgia Tech on Friday for practice, but it got rained out and he ended up talking with Johnson for around an hour.

Bailey will be a key blocker for Loganville teammate Storm Johnson, one of the state’s top tailbacks.



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  • 18 comments Add your comment

    Jim Breen

    March 30th, 2009
    7:54 pm

    Any School would be lucky and proud to have this fine young man.

    North Gwinnett boyz

    March 31st, 2009
    2:03 am

    If you see want to see the best O-line in the state, then look at North Gwinnett, not Loganville or Brookwood or Peachtree Ridge. JJames and AShephard set a county record for pancake blocks last year.

    Dawg Phd

    March 31st, 2009
    2:04 am

    Georgia Tech also may the last offer for this kid. He better commit to CPJ yesterday. If UGA hasn’t offered him, he can’t be good.


    March 31st, 2009
    7:44 am

    Dawg Phd



    March 31st, 2009
    8:14 am

    can you believe it there is a tech fan somewhere that can actually count? i thought all they could say was “to hell with ga”.

    Not Disappointed

    March 31st, 2009
    10:27 am

    This young man is going to start somewhere. I wish him the best of luck. “Ramblin Wreck!”


    March 31st, 2009
    10:46 am

    We know how UGA recruits O linemen. That’s why they let two of the best in the state get away to Tennessee a couple years ago. That is also why their downfall the past couple seasons has been O line. They should offer this guy and any other O linemen in the state to get over the bad o line excuse.


    March 31st, 2009
    12:06 pm

    March 31st, 2009
    8:14 am

    can you believe it there is a tech fan somewhere that can actually count? i thought all they could say was “to hell with ga”.

    Are you serious? Usually it’s the Tech fans that applaud at the accomplishment that UGA fans can count. Get it right.


    March 31st, 2009
    2:17 pm

    i really do think engineers can count moron….

    count this….. 45-42!!!!!!


    University of Gay Athletes

    March 31st, 2009
    3:48 pm

    I think UGA was about 45.42 spots too high in the ‘08 preseason polls. LOL


    March 31st, 2009
    8:32 pm

    Why all the hubbub about a kid landing a 1-AA scholly???

    University of Gay Athletes

    March 31st, 2009
    10:19 pm

    I-AA 45

    I-A 42

    Suck on that.


    April 1st, 2009
    7:38 am

    University of Gay Athletes? Surely you can come up with a better moniker than that!!? What are you gonna do when we mop the field with you LOSERS next year? Probably slink back down to the basement and watch reruns of Battlestar Gallactica.Oh yeah, and the sucking part, your sister will handle that for you!!


    April 1st, 2009
    9:05 am

    SugarHillDawg, you are a disgrace to UGA for your comments. I wish you could meet my brother, UGA accounting graduate, who can cut people down with humor, not stupid sophmoric statements like yours. Go back to your own board if you can’t play nice.

    Nerd fans from other colleges

    April 1st, 2009
    5:57 pm

    2000: 15-27
    2001: 31-17
    2002: 51-7
    2003: 34-17
    2004: 19-13
    2005: 14-7
    2006: 15-12
    2007: 31-17
    2008: 42-45

    Last 9 years UGA 252 – GT 162


    April 1st, 2009
    9:01 pm

    Texaswreck! Don’t hate,APPRECIATE!


    April 2nd, 2009
    9:11 am

    hey I need one you nerds to come fix my Flat Screen…


    April 3rd, 2009
    10:15 am

    Dawg PhD? Is that like being the smartest kid in kindergarten?