The View from The Vent: What YOU’RE saying about UGA, Georgia Tech, SEC and ACC sports on

Every so often we like to check our daily UGA and Tech Vents as a way of getting a feel for what AJC readers REALLY think about sports life Between The Hedges and / or On The Flats.

And, boy, do we feel you.

You Venters are going off on everything from football to hoops to baseball to recruiting to Lane Kiffin to Paul Hewitt to Herschel Walker. Us? We’ve got a migraine now from trying to keep track of it all.

Let’s get the weekend started early this Wednesday with this View from The Vent of what’s all the rage – like, literally – in the AJC Vents. Check this sampling and then vent further on these Vents.


  • Jarrett Jack should get at least half of Hewitt’s salary. But that would mean we live in a fair world.
  • Seems the people who post on this vent would rather bemoan a basketball season that’s over than celebrate a baseball season that’s off to a super start. Why?
  • Hewitt is our version of AIG. The fact we are paying him for his performance is just about as stupid as paying those bonuses.
  • It has been almost 48 hours and Kiffin has not been reported saying anything stupid.
  • Marvus Lattimore will be the next “Herschel Walker” in a long line of “next Herschel Walkers” …. there is only ONE Herschel Walker just like there is only one true God. GET IT?
  • UGA’s offense will be good this year – the defense and special teams will be the problem.

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Boston Williams

March 18th, 2009
9:31 pm

According to LV odds for 09 FB Champs, UGA is tied for 13th place with UNC in terms of odds (50/1) to win championship.