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Atlanta radio stations list, links

As of March, 2014, I have moved this listings here with updated information. What is below may be out of date.

FM Atlanta Radio Stations (please email me at if you see any discrepancies with formats, call letters or URL addresses.)

88.5 WRAS Diversified rock Georgia State University
89.3 WRFG Jazz, blues, Afro-pop, bluegrass, folk, Latin, Indian
90.1 WABE NPR news/classical
91.1 WREK Diversified Georgia Tech
91.5 WWEV Christian
91.9 WCLK Jazz/soul Clark Atlanta University
92.1 WJGA Contemporary/oldies
92.3 WGST simulcast from Hispanic sports talk at AM 640
92.5 WEKS The Bear Country
92.9 WZGC The Game: sports talk
93.3 WVFJ J93.3 Contemporary Christian
93.5 WRSM Life 93.5 Contemporary Christian Rome, GA
93.7 WCNN Simulcast of sports/talk 680/The Fan
94.1 WSTR Star 94 Hot AC
94.5 WSTR-HD3 Streetz 94.5, hip hop
94.9 WUBL The Bull Country
95.5 WBTS simulcasts 750/WSB-AM
96.1 WKLS Power 9-6-1 Top 40
96.7 WWLG simulcasts Radio 105.7
97.1 WSRV The River Classic Hits
97.5 WAMJ Majic simulcast R&B with 107.5 at
97.9 Q100’s 20 at 97.9 (top 40 format)
98.5 WSB B98.5. Soft rock from the 80s, 90s and today.
98.9 WWWQ-HD2  True Oldies
99.7 WWWQ Q100 Top 40
100.1 WNSY in Jasper. Mexican pop
100.5 WNNX Rock 100.5 Rock
101.1 WLJA Southern Gospel
101.5 WKHX Kicks Country
102.3 WLKQ La Raza – Spanish
102.5 WPZE Gospel
102.9 WMJE News/talk simulcast of AM 550/WDUN
103.3 WVEE V-103 R&B/hip-hop
104.1 WALR Kiss 104.1 R&B  from the 1970s until today
104.7 WFSH Fish Contemporary Christian
105.3 WBZY El Patron Regional Mexican
105.7 WWVA Alternative rock Radio 105.7
106.1 WNGC Country out of Athens
106.7 WYAY all news
107.1 WTSH South 107 in Rome Country
107.5 WAMJ Majic simulcast R&B with 97.5 at
107.9 WHTA Hot R&B/hip-hop

AM Radio Stations

550 WDUN News/talk
590 WDWD Radio Disney
610 WPLO La Bonita Spanish
640 WGST talk radio
680 WCNN Sports/talk
750 WSB News/talk
790 WQXI Sports/talk
860 WAEC Christian
920 WGKA News/talk
970 WNIV Christian talk
1010 WTZA Old School 1010 R&B
1040 WPBS Korean
1080 WFTD Spanish Radio La Ley
1100 WWWE ESPN Hispanic sports
1160 WCFO news/talk
1190 WAFS Spanish contemporary
1230 WFOM ESPN sports talk
1260 WTJH Gospel

1340 WALR The Fan 2 Fox Sports Talk radio
1380 WAOK News/talk
1400 WNIV Christian talk (simulcast with 970)
1410 WKKP Classic country no url but you can call (770) 504-8410
1420 WATB Spanish during the weekend, variety on weekends including Carribean no url but you can call 404-508-1420
1430 WGFS Carribean (out of Covington)
1440 WGMI Southern Gospel
1460 WXEM La Favorita Spanish (simulcast with 1130 WLBA and 1600 WAOS)
1480 WYZE Gospel
1500 WDPC (Dallas, GA) Gospel
1520 WDCY Gospel (simulcast with WDPC)
1550 WAZX Spanish/Christian
1570 WIGO The Light Variety
1600 WAOS Spanish
1690 WMLB Eclectic

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[...] I have an updated list of Atlanta radio stations. Tell me at if you see any [...]

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March 12th, 2009
10:10 am

I think 1340 is actually the FAN 3 and 1230 is the FAN 2.

Fan 2 – All ESPN all the Time
Fan 3 – FOX sports for the most part, with Rome and Dan Patrick as well.

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April 28th, 2009
8:36 pm

99X is back!

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talk radio fan

June 18th, 2009
10:48 am

AM 1690 “The Voice of the Arts” is the best radio station in Atlanta. If you like good music, then you will love AM 1690!!!

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talk radio fan

June 18th, 2009
10:51 am

If you don’t want to hear the same song played over and over again, and if you love music, then listen to AM 1690!

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