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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (’This Donkey Kicks’) recap: season 5, episode 11

Kenya Moore may have lost Walter but she has no trouble finding her hundreds of insecurities. CREDIT: Bravo

Kenya Moore may have lost Walter but she has no trouble finding her hundreds of insecurities. CREDIT: Bravo

In the real world, as opposed to reality TV, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks would never ever do business with Kenya Moore knowing that Kenya has the hots for her husband.

But since these characters have to interact and since Kenya does video production, the producers surely “suggested” Phaedra use Kenya to produce her “donkey booty” exercise video.

No shock: it doesn’t go smoothly.

We clearly do not see the entire negotiation process. Kenya offers a $100,000 budget but I don’t know if she includes a “fee’ for herself or simply pads the budget to ensure some profit. She also appears to spring a back-end (no pun intended) fee on the profits of the video sales well into the process. She asks for what appears to be a reasonable 10 percent cut, especially since she sealed a distribution deal for them.

Phaedra, who felt the $100,000 budget was too high, acts all offended and says Kenya deserves no back end whatsoever. Apollo, more reasonably, said they could negotiate a lower fee perhaps in exchange for back-end profits.

“I handle multi-million dollar films,” Kenya said. “This is a drop in the bucket.”

Later, Phaedra retorts to the cameras, “She produces multi-million dollar films? I’ve never see any of them!”

Kenya also gets annoyed when Phaedra says she checked with Kandi Burruss‘ boyfriend Todd about the video since he also does production.

So Kenya, thinking Phaedra was the problem, goes to Apollo during Todd’s 39th birthday party. Apollo says things are okay, tries to mollify her. Phaedra keeps giving Kenya shady looks but being the classy woman she is, doesn’t confront her publicly – or at all.

When Kenya tries to get more info about Todd’s discussion with Phaedra, he begs off. Kandi is especially peeved, saying this is not the time and place to discuss business.

Next scene, we see Cynthia Bailey at her Bailey Agency, where she had cancelled a casting call for Phaedra’s video because she hadn’t been given enough information. She is not happy with Phaedra about Tweeting about the casting call when she had planned to nix it.

Kenya shows up, too, to tell Phaedra she is not comfortable with the situation. “I don’t work for free,” she said. Phaedra tries to spin it, saying she didn’t intend not to pay Kenya but wasn’t keen on a back-end deal. Kenya decides to bow out and walks out. No twirling this time, though.

“How am I supposed to work with someone who doesn’t respect my 20-plus years in this business?” Kenya says.

Congratulations Kenya, by the way, for keeping yourself in the A story – again. You’re virtually single-handedly keeping the season alive.

In other storylines:

- Kandi: she gave Todd a sweet 39th birthday, one year after they met. “He’s the teammate that I have always wanted,” she said. Awww…

- Porsha Stewart? No story line except for a pointless 30 seconds where she and her hubby talk again about babymaking. My wife noted that Porsha supposedly “just woke up” but is in full makeup.

- Cynthia: Besides what happened between Kenya and Phaedra and more or less forgiving Kenya, nothing at all for Cynthia.

- NeNe Leakes. She’s out in Hollywood trying to adjust to life there as a regular on “The New Normal.” She tells her ex-hubby Gregg she needs his support so she can focus on work. He said she has to let go and not be so hands on and give him a chance to do some of the stuff and take the stress off of her.


“I’m sure there are a lot of people in Atlanta who would want to ride you. Welcome to Atlanta.”Aunt Lori, to Kenya Moore, licking her wounds after the end of her “relationship” of Walter Jackson

“Do you have a butt cam?” – Phaedra to Kenya about the video

“She keeps insinuating we’re doing something for free. We are out of slavery. This is the normal course of business. You negotiate.” - Phaedra on Kenya

“You can barely buy a pair of shoes with their budget? And I only wear $1,000 shoes.” – Kenya, after getting jilted by Phaedra for back-end profits on her production deal.


Kenya, knowing that she needs to keep sowing drama, decides to do her own exercise/booty video, well aware this will get Phaedra’s goat. Phaedra’s response: “Her booty is as lumpy as a bad bath of gravy.”


Go figure: last week’s 10th episode, the dullest to date this season, pulled in the season high number of viewers: 3.67 million viewers with a 1.8 rating for 18-49 year olds, doing far better than “Honey Boo Boo” at 3.08 million and 1.3 18-49 rating. Last year’s 10th episode drew 2.77 million viewers. The show is now averaging 3 million viewers this season. It is virtually even in total viewers to season four’s first 10 episodes.

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antreena wicks

January 14th, 2013
1:49 am

I totally agree with Kendra’s cousin about Walter, I too think he’s gay, he is very arrogant and for him to not an attractive man makes it worse..Who turns down a beautiful woman like Kendra, she can do so much better.


January 14th, 2013
2:24 am

Kendra is way too rude and arrogant. She is not a likable person. All the wives need to avoid her as if she had the plague. She is an ugly person, both physically and socially. Even with the cameras rolling, her bad skin shows through. You would think that with all her supposed “monies” she would get better skin care.

A. Johnson

January 14th, 2013
8:05 am

Didn’t you hear that Kenya staged this with Walter and they are not really a couple. Walter is acting this way because he already has a girlfriend, but Kenya begged him to PRETEND that they were a couple. He said that he can’t continue to go along with this anymore. Kenya is a fake.


January 14th, 2013
8:12 am

@Lydia, just wow! Kenya may not be the most likable person, but to call her ugly physically…honey please tell us where we can see a picture of you so we can judge. Please! Kenya Moore is gorgeous! Her body, even if some parts are bought, is the truth. She works out regularly, which you can see. I’m no Kenya fan, but I am able to give credit where it is due. She didn’t win Ms. USA cause she’s ugly sweetie.

I haven’t even seen last nights show, but I can’t wait to see it tonight. Kenya is keeping the ratings up for sure.


January 14th, 2013
8:44 am

I believe Kenya. she was also on watch what happens live and was VERY believable. She even did her new single LIVE. Walter is typical lying and gilted Atlanta black man. The black men in Atlanta are a hot mess. Kenya made a big mistake moving there. Phaedra has SOME nerve thinking someone will give their time and energy for free. I see her through very DIFFERENT eyes now. The only people WORTH watching on this show are Kenya, NeeNee and Cynthia. The others can leave the show and will not be missed. Phaedra is one ignorant and silly lawyer..I mean LIE-wyer. Apollo knows who butters his bread, LOL! Someone that calls Kenya ugly, needs to look in the mirror. that woman is successful and beautiful and made the mistake of going on that show with a man that is not a man.


January 14th, 2013
8:55 am

Kenya is coarse, self-serving, and obnoxious. Phaedra should stay away from her, Kendra has no class! Her comments about Phaedra ‘upping her game’ in her sex life with Apollo was one of the most disgusting things I’ve heard on a show where there is plenty from which to choose.


January 14th, 2013
8:57 am

First of all her name is KENYA. Second, I think she’s disgusting. Everything about here is ugly, inside and out. The whole Walter relationship was a farce because RHOA needed her to have a boyfriend. She’s an embarrassment to women and this whole Miss USA title. She’s fake and gross and she needs to just go away. Anyone of those other women who choose to do business with her are fools.

Canac the Magnificent

January 14th, 2013
8:58 am

Answer – Rodney and these “people”

Question – Name 8 Ho’s that like this show…


January 14th, 2013
9:09 am

Walter did act gay. The pink shirt did not help. Speaking of gay, I know Kordell Stewart was a football player but they ever adress his rumored golfing activities- putting from the ruff?


January 14th, 2013
9:19 am

you people are writing about this like it is REAL.. are u kidding me. The whole thing is made up farce and a joke. Can not believe that people actually watch this mess,, much less write and discuss it like it is REAL

Andy Gump

January 14th, 2013
9:22 am

G-Belle-WTF are you talking about by saying Kenya is ugly?!?! Fake? Maybe. Gross? You must be crazy!!! She is fine as hell & if Walter was kinda man he woulda been tappin’ dat azz! Evidently he ain’t doin’ something right because if he was she wouldn’t be actin all crazy like she’s doing. I think she’s a helluva woman & the dudes in the A can’t handle her. Fakedra needs to go sit down somewhere. She know she’s wrong by trying to swindle somebody out of money-she knows better than that. Can’t stand Cynthia or black as night Peter. Only thing she has going for her are those fake breassasses of hers…


January 14th, 2013
9:26 am

Secondly, Walter is not gay. He just isn’t in to Kenya. Small minded people think it’s all about the sex but Kenya is always talking about she’s wife material, yet she’s arrogant, don’t cook, don’t clean, is not in touch with anyone feelings but her own. Yes she is a beautiful woman on the outside but when someone is trying to “prove” his/herself as a good mate and you see otherwise, He didn’t want to come home to that.


January 14th, 2013
9:31 am

Really can’t believe that people with any sort of intelligence level actually pay to watch this crap.

Who really cares?

January 14th, 2013
9:31 am

@ATLPeach…Kenya won Miss USA sweetie over 20 years ago. She might have been cute then but not now. Her skin is horrific. Most all of the females on the show has bad skin. They need to be really thankful for the discovery of make-up.

The show itself needs to end. I’m so tired of seeing females (regardless of race) belittle themselves on tv. All in the name of fame and a paycheck. I’m not sure what this society has come too. So many females have no morals on these shows, not only RHOA, but many reality shows.


January 14th, 2013
9:33 am

Kenya, is a woman that is beautiful and successful, but sad at heart! She has some long stemmed problems! Every woman knows that if you try to pressure a man to marry you, you’re going to catch some back lash! She pretty with an ugly heart!
I live in the Middle East, and if she wants to find a man to fall in love with her, and marry her in 2 weeks, she can come here and find plenty of them! She may be wife number 2, or 3, even number 4, but he will pump her up with some babies for sure and will put a ring on it!

TYB Beach Bum

January 14th, 2013
9:42 am

But since these characters have to interact and since Parks does do video production, the producers surely “suggested” Phaedra use Kenya to produce her “donkey booty” exercise video.

Don’t you mean since “MOORE does do video production”?

I’m sure there are a lot of peeple in Atlanta that would want to ride you. Welcome to Atlanta.” –

Did her aunt really spell “people” like this?


January 14th, 2013
10:05 am

@Who, yes, she won 20 years ago, and?! What is your point? She will go down in history and I have ALWAYS been proud of her for her accomplishment as a black woman. Your opinion on her looks is irrelevant. I can assure you more people find her beautiful than ugly. I’m not on the Kenya fan train, I was before the show but now she has changed my view. However, I won’t take anything away from her accomplishments. Dr. King fought for civil rights more than 40 years ago, does that now make him irrelevant?! Your arguement is flawed. A person’s accomplishments most definitely matter.

Her skin is something I’m sure she’s trying to correct. Who cares? Even with the bad skin she’s more beautiful than most. Get over yourself! And like I said, please show pics of yourself so we can judge. Please! I really want to see that flawless skin of yours with the banging body…ROFLMBO!


January 14th, 2013
10:06 am

Kendra is out of touch with reality, I don’t know anyone who goes into business deal without shopping around. Kendra stepped into the role of producer, and worked on the the video before Phaedra say yes go ahead with it, you are definitely our choice. I havnt seen anything Kendra has produced, and what year was she Miss America? Kendra go take some Prozac you ran Walter off only person who want to be with or around you IS YOU!!!! stop trying to come on to Phaedra’s husband Apollo, you aren’t even cute to try and use sex appeal to get a deal. I’m wondering if that’s how you won the 1, or 2 titles you carried in the 70’s?


January 14th, 2013
10:13 am

ATLPeach, DON928 – Kenya is that you?? sounds like it! LLH!!

Ms. Information

January 14th, 2013
10:18 am

Kenya is bitter, jaded and angry…no matter how pretty she is, she comes off ugly. Who would want to marry a woman who acts this way and gets along with no one? She is a sad case.

Ms. Information

January 14th, 2013
10:21 am

ATLPEACH…..dont compare a reality chick with Dr. King, that is tasteless.


January 14th, 2013
10:26 am

Kenya is crazy. No suprises there… Why on earth do Kenya KEEP TELLING PEOPLE SHE WAS MISS USA, AMERICA or what ever she was? That was over 20 years ago. It’s sad if that is the only she ever did in her 43+years on earth was win that pagent over 2 decades ago. Then Kenya brings all of this up at Candis’ boyfriends party…that and the fitness video she want to do. Why would you bring up business at a party? Then she had the audacity to pull Apollo to the side and call herself going aroun his wife to try to get her way with him. She is a snake in the grass. I don’t trust or like Kenya. NeNe need to watch out. I wouldn’t use her furniture if she paid me to do so! Phaedra is so funny. :) She said “Kenya has more lumps in her bootie than a bad batch of gravy”…hahahahahahahahahaha! Classic Pahedra! :)


January 14th, 2013
10:29 am

ATLPeach…we all know that you are Kenya! Get real…wow you are REALLY out of touch! too funny! :) You are crazier than a soup sandwich! :) hahahahahahaha!

This Broke Down women

January 14th, 2013
10:31 am

Here is the real deal about Kenya……..she is a money hound!
@DON928 ……………”Walter is typical lying and gilted Atlanta black man. The black men in Atlanta are a hot mess.”
That almost sounds as bad as alot fo the brothers here saying the same thing about Black Woman! Please STOP IT! That comment is way off base. How about this women date a real man that works a 9-5 M-F, and stop dollar chasing! I guarantee she would not date a brother who makes $75,000 a year! BET on it!. This much I can say, she is so swollen and fine that she looks like she just stepped off the magazie cover again, but that attitude makes her look like a 400lb chick with bad skin……just saying! Calm it down and let us see the real chick who has some passion like when she was getting dissed at the lake. He dont want it because of a few reason:
1. He already had it and it was not good!
2. He might be a receiver! That is one thing you dont know now in the ATL!!!!
3. She has nothing to offer and is looking for the free ride.
4. Who cares about $1,000 shoes………shallow as heck, what man wants that?

de depaul

January 14th, 2013
11:04 am

good god girls and guys get a freakin life. good skin bad skin…really! there are people starving.


January 14th, 2013
11:09 am

Big up’s to Kandi she stopped Kenya in her Tracks now that is what’s up. Kenya is out of her mind to think she should get paid after she is paid who dose that? Please let her to go Love and Hip Hop Atl Stebbie is looking for her.


January 14th, 2013
11:24 am

Kenya, stay in the circle of drama. You are the only one keeping this sad show alive.


January 14th, 2013
11:52 am

I agree with Lydia to a certain degree about Kenya’s physical appearance. On a scale of 1 to 10 Kenya is about a 6 or 7 when it comes to attractiveness. She is not ugly but she is far from being gorgeous.


January 14th, 2013
11:54 am

I’m so sick of phedra talking about her donkey booty, enough is enough. That booty did not come from working out, you and your booty are fat, there’s a big difference between being fat and having a nice firm butt. I’m not a big fan of Kenya, however she does have a nice toned booty.


January 14th, 2013
12:28 pm

Wow! I am Kenya! Really?! We look nothing alike and are a few years apart, but I’ll roll with it. Like I said, the chick is gorgeous and the body on point. I’ll take that:)!

@Ms. Information, there was no disrespect toward him at all. Your opinion that it is, is just that, your opinion. If you can’t get the gist of what I’m saying then I will move on. It’s a wasted argument. This show is NOT reality. It’s all scripted. But hey, it’s fun right?!


All I'm Saying Is....

January 14th, 2013
1:04 pm

“G-Belle-WTF are you talking about by saying Kenya is ugly?!?! Fake? Maybe. Gross? You must be crazy!!! She is fine as hell & if Walter was kinda man he woulda been tappin’ dat azz!” —- NOW THAT’S THE TRUTH!

Kenya is also the ONLY reason to watch this show. BORING without her.

And on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the best, in terms of physical appearance , Kenya is a 9 especially given her age. I would be all over her, drama queen act and all, due to her delicious physique. Come on over this way, Kenya baby, and I’ll make everything alright!


January 14th, 2013
1:05 pm

I have to say that despite all Kenya’s flaws, I think she carries herself in a very professional way when it comes to business. I admire that aspect of her. I have never been a fan of Phaedra. She is witty and has some good comebacks but she is not honest and I find her to be very hard core underneath. I always remember her lies during her pregnancy and the stripper she hired for Cynthia’s BP. Now I see how even more shady she is. She would not do anything for Shere until she received a check but expects Kenya and Cynthia to work for nothing. She is a trip and indeed full of S..T. It is only time before Apollo dumps her donkey butt.


January 14th, 2013
1:09 pm

Okay PEOPLE… Walter went on V103 and explained that Kenya needed a man in order to be on the show and Kenya convinced him to “act” as her man. Remember…Kenya hasn’t done anything relevent since her crown. So Bravo offered him MONEY if he would propose to her and allow them to film the wedding and he told them “heck” no. She so started calling him “gay”. I don’t know him but he’s clearly not desperate enough for money to play the game. Kenya’s family should be ashamed for co-signing for this drama. The more she explains about her mom…I’m beginning to think that she wasn’t interested in this mess either. Kenya is as fake as the rest. No MAN in his right mind would want a woman with no morales—Gay of Staright fo rthat matter.


January 14th, 2013
1:14 pm

Why is it that that Kendra cannot be recognized for her past achievements when Cynthia is recognized for her past as a model. I don’t see any of the other housewives having put themselves out there winning an award like Kendra! You go girl. And Posha u ra an airhead.

Tim in Louisville

January 14th, 2013
1:15 pm

Kenya is CRAZY!! But I agree she should be paid for the work and effort in attempting to try and put together a distribution deal for Phaedra and Apollo’s video. Phaedra is full of $&%# if she believes Kenya should put in the work and effort to put together the video and a distribution deal for the video and only receive $5K for her efforts, when the video has the potential to make millions! I was very proud of Kenya for walking away from the project and which she will now try to put together her own video, which I believe will be successful given her boxing and other exercise routines. If nothing else, Kenya seems to have a knack for putting herself right in the midst of where the action is. This issue with the exercise video will probably bring a lot of mileage for Kenya being the new “Kim” on the show. She’ll definitely be back next season!

Mrs. Thomas

January 14th, 2013
1:17 pm

Kenya skin is bad, but it’s how she acts make people really see how bad her skin really is. If she was nice maybe her skin won’t be the topic. I have bad skin I hate it and I have tried everything, it gets worst when I am stressed, I think Kenya is holding on to her past and it’s coming out on her face.


January 14th, 2013
1:20 pm

No fan of Kenya, I think she is misunderstood, My verdict is still out on her and Walter, I dont know what reason he would have to go onto radio and blast her that way, maybe to disperse the “gay” rumors dont know……RHOA needs a make over next season.

Kandi is nice but should leave the show
Sister Phereda I wanted to see you practice more law and bring more professionalism to the show
NeNe is looking like the angel this season; kukdo’s to you
Cynthia is boring
Porsha is very boring
RHOA needs a MAKE over


January 14th, 2013
2:06 pm

@Lisa So Lisa, you did not think Phaedra saying, and I quote, I know a man who can blank his own blank,disgusting..Because, when I heard that, my mouth dropped. Granted, Kenya saying Phaedra needs to up her sex game, was rude and immature. I find that Phaedra showing her “donkey butt” in the string bikini was rude to the other girls who were there with their husbands. I actually like Phaedra as I do all the ladies. But, some of the things they think need to stay a thought,and not come out of their mouths.


January 14th, 2013
2:06 pm

I am not sure what to think, though I’m likely to side with Phaedra. I can’t stand either one of them, though I find Phaedra more tolerable than Kenya. Sorry, but $100,000 to produce a workout video does seem a bit steep. And what person wouldn’t consult his or her lawyer – and perhaps a second opinion? I am also so sick of Kenya saying how wonderfully great she is, but we have seen nothing of that. Her time is valuable so in her talking head she gets pissed that Phaedra and Apollo are discussing things. I thought YOU were the expert, Kenya? Why did THEY have to have ANYTHING decided before you got there then? And you have been supposedly working on this for…wait, first it’s 6 weeks, then it’s 4 weeks…whatever, I don’t believe you. And btw, Kenya’s video will flop, if it hasn’t already. Phaedra’s video will sell – I might even buy it if it pisses off kenya! lol

Mrs. Thomas

January 14th, 2013
3:13 pm

Enter your comments here

No One Important

January 14th, 2013
3:26 pm

As far as whether or not Walter is gay, remember this old saying, “For every beautiful woman, there is a man tired of her ish!”

That might be Walter.


January 14th, 2013
3:30 pm

Hey y’all! I missed part of last night show due to my DIRECT TV cable box messing up but they are CRAZY! Why on earth is Kenya asking for 10% since she is getting 100K? That’s out of control to me. Sorry, I would have to find someone else to produce my workout video and be “Gone With the Wind”. BYE!!!! I think Kandi and Todd make an cute couple…she seems so happy.
NeNe looking good and very rich but that blue and black dress she had on, look just like this dress in DOTS. LOL

Po' Diddly

January 14th, 2013
3:34 pm

Why is Phaedra so fascinated by fat rumps?


January 14th, 2013
3:51 pm

Since when did black women need help (butt pads) for their fine behinds…….can you say K Kardashian.


January 14th, 2013
3:51 pm

Since when did black women need help (butt pads) for their fine behinds…….can you say K Kardashian.


January 14th, 2013
4:55 pm

I’m not impressed with Kenya or Phaedra.
I agree with Apollo, Kenya come down of price to produce THEN consider 10% back end. Kenya looked like a fool once Todd stated he could produce for $25,000. She does not deserve $100,000 plus 10% on life of project.

Phaedra was caught in a lie after tweeting come to Bailey Agency for casting and told Cynthia she thought casting arrangements had been arranged with Cynthia . BY WHO??? Kenya even tho proceedings with Kenya on hold? That was dirty and I’m glad Cynthia checked her on this. Phaedra’s CHEAP!! I can’t believe she expected to use Cynthia’s place BEFORE ever discussing money. She never would have paid Cynthia either!


January 14th, 2013
5:01 pm

Rodney, please add “Spell Check” to your blog…..Clearly, these “Chicken Heads on here can’t spell a lick” LMAO at the spelling of these people……I digress.

Blues in Brooklyn

January 14th, 2013
5:11 pm

Phaedra is an entertainment attorney…and Kenya Moore, clearly was ‘thirsty’ for work. The difference between Cynthia and Kenya? Class, Tact, Intelligence, and having a head for business. Phaedra tried to cleverly, underhandedly get over on Cynthia, but to much of her disappointment, Cynthia cancelled the casting call because the fees were never discussed or finalized. A smart move on Cynthia’s part. Ms Moore harassed every individual at Todd’s party, complaining that she felt cheated. Newsflash Kenya, never bring a knife to a gun fight. Cynthia was prepared. Why weren’t you, Kenya? Who begins work on a production for some low-rate exercise video without an attorney present, fees negotiated, or a signed contract? May this be a lesson learned!


January 14th, 2013
5:21 pm

Phaedra, DO NOT have a BIG DONKEY BOOTY!!!!! It’s just BIG and FLAT. Some of the clothes she wears, make it look big. That’s why she is creating a video, so her BOOTY can be BIG!!!!!

Perma Fern

January 14th, 2013
6:47 pm

Betty want a donkey booty, that’s all I’m sayin’