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Justin Lock leaves CBS Atlanta

justin lock

“Better Mornings Atlanta” meteorologist Justin Lock has left Atlanta to spend more time with family in South Carolina, said Kenny Lawrence, director of programming at CBS Atlanta.

He joined WGCL-TV in early 2010 for weekend work, then was placed on the “Better Mornings Atlanta” team featuring Brandon Rudat, Tracye Hutchins and Jennifer Valdez.

Lawrence said he isn’t sure if they are going to fill his slot or not.

Here was the biography on the website for Lock when he first got there:

Justin Lock joined CBS Atlanta News as a weekend meteorologist in March of 2010.
Weather has always been a passion of Justin’s. Growing up in Ohio, he was no stranger to nasty weather and even ‘till this day, the excitement of severe weather brings out the kid in him.
Justin graduated from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology. From tornadoes and hurricanes to blizzards he has forecasted it all.
Justin began his career as a morning meteorologist in Hastings, NE. His next move took him to beautiful Charleston, SC anchoring the morning weather and also co-hosting a daily talk show called Lowcountry Live. He then moved on to Philadelphia, PA as the morning meteorologist for CN8, The Comcast Network.
Justin is a member of the American Meteorological Society and has earned his AMS Seal of Approval. He is very excited to call Atlanta home and can’t wait to find out all this city has to offer. He enjoys playing soccer, guitar, surfing, working out, cooking, and watching reality TV and college football. Of course, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife and their two dogs, Cooper and Maya.

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Mike Bell 790

December 15th, 2012
1:32 pm

Chuck Oliver

December 15th, 2012
2:16 pm

Em… Kang here.


December 15th, 2012
3:18 pm

So the braindeadtrust over at B98.5 has ‘ramped-up’ the Christmas music all the way to every 3rd or 4th song as of today, December 15.

Rodney, are you under some kind of Cox moratorium on asking about or commenting on the decision to completely go FUBAR on a long ATL radio tradition? It’s pretty obvious by looking at the comments on the station’s FB page that the decision was a dumb one…..hopefully one they’ll reverse next year.


December 15th, 2012
3:56 pm

Tom, why do you care about Christmas music on the radio? Get a CD. Or, in your case, I imagine a casette tape. Half of the comments on the Facebook page are from you.


December 15th, 2012
4:32 pm

tv boy

December 15th, 2012
4:51 pm

justin is my man crush, plain and simple


December 15th, 2012
6:17 pm

Justin was very good at forecasting weather… and had a likeable personality. I’m assuming that he’ll likely get a new TV weather gig at 1 of the 3 Charleston TV stations (WCBD, WCIV, or WCSC)… and I wish him and his family all the best.

I’m assuming Jennifer will likely do weather and traffic reporting yet again… unless 46 is considering hiring a new traffic reporter.


December 17th, 2012
8:05 am

Does 46 still have a news show?


December 17th, 2012
11:26 am

It seems kind of strange to want to leave a job in Atlanta to be with family in South Carolina. It’s a neighboring state. It’s not like he was in the Southwest or New England. I’d be happy if my family was only a state away.


December 18th, 2012
8:44 am

Justin was actually a likeable guy. Hopefully he will move on to bigger and better things.


December 18th, 2012
2:35 pm

I am going to miss him not to mention he is adorable.


December 18th, 2012
6:52 pm

He’s probably leaving because he’s tired of Brandon Rudat hitting on him.


December 22nd, 2012
11:40 am

Agree with the majority- like able, good meteorologist and reporter – eye candy. Will miss him.